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Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: July 30, 2020, 12:54:09 PM »

"you do realize that you're talking about insect herders who supply kit for ground-pounders... I'm not sure how that'd work... in outer, frikken, space!"

Kaumirran made a face. It was the kind that said she was confused as to how that was her fault. She felt that way a lot. Granted, most of the time it was her fault, but that didn’t mean that she saw a reason as to why she ought to take the blame for it. “Not everything can be as useful in long distance combat as shovels and chainsaws.”

Mr. D gives Kaumirran an alarmed look.

“What?” Kaumirran lifted her head just enough to be able to return the gaze. “I’m not the one doing it.” That time it actually wasn’t her fault. Or so she believed. She could have been wrong, but she did not remember attacking anyone, not in a way that would raise an alarm.

"Code one-one-nine?" Mr. D mouths at Kaumirran, silently asking her if she understands what it means.

Kaumirran knew what that meant. Everyone did.  It was a famous set of digits. “That’s an old number that people used to use to call the police and fire-guys.” She was going to say more, possibly on her opinion of hot fire-guys, someone --who was also not her-- decided to start driving recklessly. So, instead of continuing her discussion on said topic, she mainly just squealed as she was bounced back and forth in the seat.

OOC: I'm not sure what's going on with Nur. 

OOC:  Just now? That would imply that you did understand before.

   I probably missed the hover part. Maybe she hopped over from another one. Maybe she is not even there but she is so dear to Putri's heart that she just likes to imagine that they are always together.  Who knows?  Not I.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: July 26, 2020, 06:02:08 AM »

"You do not want any of that trash from De Moins on this ship!"

“Uh, well, Duh!  Why would we?” Kaumirran asked sarcastically. “No one wants them here with their better equipment, more money, fancier crafts, and excessive talent. I mean, that would only improve the quality around here and no one wants that!” She rolled her eyes so hard it hurt. "I mean, we might actually win and battle and then we'd be so confused that we'd have no idea what to do with ourselves."

"If you still have something to say, I think Nur would like the company on latrine duty—I heard Amina assigned her to it for disobeying orders!"

Kaumirran did not know who that was. Either of them. She also did not care. It did not affect her one way or the other. The threat, on the other hand, did have an effect.

“Okay, first of all,” she held up a finger so that they could both be clear as to which number first represented. “You’re not the boss of me. I am here because it temporarily suits me to be so. If you want to assign me to the latrines, then you’ll have to me extra for that and we both know that you don’t have that kind of money. How do we know that? Because you live in a junky trailer on a junkie ship currently sitting in the middle of a junkyard. And also because we’ve both met you.”

She let her hand drop. Her demeanor shifted along with it, the self-important arrogance melting away. “And I’m really only here until I can figure out a way to rescue my sister. She’s been so brainwashed that she doesn’t even realize that she needs saving. But she’s going to get it whether she likes it or not.”

In case there was any doubt, rest assured that Nur most definitely did not enjoy having to spend her time doing does sewage maintenance. In fact, she spent a good portion of it complaining. That was not particularly effective as pretty much everyone else avoided going down there. I did make her feel a bit better, but only a little. Verbally crafting fine plans, such as redirecting a PooPooTube to flush through a vent in A-Meanie’s quarters did a better job of improving her mode. She would have probably liked that, since she was a PooPooHead anyway, and it would be like a homecoming for her. No one else would probably even notice, since it would not do a thing to make that trollop smell worse than she already did.

Nur then screeched as she dropped a tool on to her foot.

Kaumirran takes pride in replacing the damaged wingtip—nevermind what Björn has to say about the missing wingtip on his VF-11D!

Poor Björn. Kaumirran felt bad for him. No, she didn’t. If one of them had to have a missing cover of a few power cables, it was not going to be her. It there was one thing that she had learned from Galaxy Truckers, it would be that exposed conduits were bad. He was just going to have to deal with it, because she was not.

Everyone piles into the jeep, with the Major sitting in the passenger seat.  He activates the vehicle's radio, and calls the bridge, "Melika!  This is Andurven.  What's the sitrep?"

Kaumirran climbed in to the rear of the jeep. She flopped down, allowing her head to drape against the top of the seat. “This had better be important,” she groused. “I was just laying down for a nap. I need all of the beauty sleep that I can get.”

Nur, already in her pressure suit, ran up and snatched Putri by the arm. She used her momentum to spin herself around backward and allowed it to get her that extra bit of tugging force to pull the other woman along with her. “Di’n’cha  hear? We gotta goooo. Come on, Pooty, it’s time for zoomies! ”

OOC: as it appears that we've lost Buran, would you be interested in taking over his PC Björn "Scotsman" Eriksson?

OOC: I would not. Playing too many characters in a game makes it difficult for me to keep all of their personalities and habits straights. Then I start feeling stressed and that leads to burn out. I just recovered from that. You shall just have to recruit other people.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: July 14, 2020, 09:26:43 AM »
I wear a mask every time that I leave the house. They only protect other people and not wearer, but I do my part anyway. If only everyone else would, we would be in much better shape.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: July 14, 2020, 05:38:53 AM »
These things happen. It is not like there isn't a lot of distractions going on. I mean, things are not great here in the US right about now.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: July 14, 2020, 05:36:52 AM »


"Try harder to do it the right way!"

Kaumirran made a face at the camera. She was wearing a helmet and was not sure if anyone noticed. Plus there was that whole life-or-death exchange of gunfire going on serving as a distraction.

“We can still use these,” she added in case no one had been looking her way during her first rebuttal. “Pound out the dents, add some more powder, and they’ll be good to go. Bullets are like that.” Debatably.

"What are you doing?!"

“They shot me!” Kaumirran returned. “Do have any idea what’s that like? They hit me. With a bullet and it’s friends. That is very disruptive to this snowflake’s mildly egoistical nature.”

After her damaged suit touched down in the bay, Nur unsealed the front plate. She chest compartment hissed open. It was a bit slow to respond thanks to the damage that it had sustained. She slipped her arm free of its control nest and added a bit of her own strength to get the hatch completely open, then she climbed out and dropped on to the deck.

There were a lot of things that could have happened. Pooty could have backed her up and told a A-Meanie to get off her case. They could have flown together. The missiles could have been intercepted and a lot of people may still have had their lives. But, no. She had been sucker punched by her own team mate. The missiles had not been intercepted. A bunch of people died. Well, A-Meanie was going to get an earful about it and at least one really hard shove for being a two-faced, backstabbing, teammate-shooting trollop.


"What would have happened if Purple Squad pressed their attack when you were alone?!  You'd be smeared on the side of the scenery right now!"

“We weren’t moving as a team. You ran off!” Kaumirran countered. She did not like being called out. She especially did not like it when there was a very real, very tiny chance that she may have been at fault. “I was trying to stop them! You ran off and they got away!” She began to poke a finger down against her palm as if she were pointing to an illusory sheet of paper. “We could have disabled one of their fighters. We could have taken one of their pilots prisoner. We could have gained a whole mess of intel about who they were, where they’re based, what their numbers are, and where they keep their cash.”


Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: June 23, 2020, 06:21:55 PM »
My net in the new place is up now.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: June 14, 2020, 07:42:30 PM »
I am moving on Saturday.  So after that, I won't have internet for a little while until I get caught up on the moving expenses.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: June 14, 2020, 07:37:14 PM »

"/z/ you say something stupid like that again, I'll shoot you myself! /z/"

Nur did not let the threat of violence get her down. She was bred for that kind of thing. Having it come from Amina made no real difference in her mind. Well, maybe a small difference in that she thought it to be an unlikely occurrence to realize. Another thing that it had little effect on was its goal in preventing her from talking. She simply directed her next comment over the team channel to Putri. “Pootyyyyy,” she said as she let rip a flaming round of her chest cannons at one of the annoying drones. “/z/She’s being a A-Meanie agaiiiin./z/”

She probably should have spent less time running her mouth as she was a bit too slow to avoid a laser shot. The stuttering beam carved a gash across her powered armour. The armour plating flared away, as did some of the mechanical components underneath. Along the deepest part of the hole, her vacuum suited forearm was exposed. That, thankfully, remained intact.

"/z/ The convoy line!  Quickly! /z/"

“/z/On it./z/”

Nur pivoted around. That exposed her back to the surviving Drones, but there was something more pressing at the moment. Besides, with her front armour damaged, her backside is actually better protected. Plotting a course ahead of the flickering dots on her HUD, she kicked her thrusters up to full. She could not outrun the missiles, of course. They were much faster than she was. She could, however, attempt to bring herself within firing range.

Nur watched as the numerals marking their intervening distance ticked down. It took several seconds but there was nothing that she could do to speed things along. Soon, though, the hundred dropped to tens, and then to singles. Once she crossed in to range and the icons representing the missiles shifted in color, she raised her arms. Nur let fly a burst of lasers first her left and then with her right cannons toward the deadly cluster.

1)  Impact Cannon Shot at Drone when it comes within range
2) Intercept Course toward the Missile Cluster
3) Single Arm Laser Burst at the Missile Cluster
4) Single Arm Laser Burst at the Missile Cluster

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: June 14, 2020, 07:34:55 PM »

"And she can fly rings around you.”

“Well, I am sure,” Kaumirran paused to make a face at the fighter piloted by Mr. D as it zipped around her. It looked like crap. That was not entirely due to the fault of the pilot -but that did not help, either- but because of the second (third?) -hand nature of the craft, itself. She felt a pang of jealousy for the Meltrandi and their battle suits. They were also normal height and not midget-ified like she was. The lucky bitches. “That she envy of all of the local hedgehogs.”

"What are you doing!?!  Match our velocity!"

“You’re not matching mine.” Kaumirran retorted. “Maybe you’re the one out of sync. I’m slowing down to get a better aim. That’s what all of the cool kids do behind their school buildings.”

She ends up hitting all 4 enemy Valkyries!  However, the damage is negligible...

“Seeeee,” Kaumirran adds smugly over the com-net. “That’s how you do it. Take note, losers.” So what if her shots had not actually put down the enemy? She had hit them. That was good enough.  At least, it was in the short run. In the long run, she had better start killing them or they would kill her.

The Major yells at Kaumirran, "conserve ammo!" as he lets loose a 10 r burst—and hits!

Kaumirran bounced around in her cockpit. Her head bounced off of something hard. She did not catch what it was because all that she saw stars for a second. Thankfully, her helmet took the majority of the impact.

She shook the cobwebs from her head. “I am.” Her words came slower than normal as she recovered from the stun. “I’m collecting the ones that they generously offered me.”

"Let 'em go!" the Major grumbles.

Kaumirran, now somehow in the lead, made a rude comment about people not matching her velocity. She doesn’t pay much attention to any reply that she receives. Instead, she lets off a burst of ammunition at the engine of one of the retreating VF-14s. She released the trigger as the order came in. Grimacing, she repeated her attack.

Kaumirran rolled her VF-11 on to its side. That positioned its top-mounted laser to be able to take a shot at the missiles that were streaking toward their mother ship. Once it was away, she followed through with the turn. She chased after the missiles but the laser bolt moved a lot faster than she did.


1) 25 Round Burst at VF-14 Engines
2) 25 Round Burst at VF-14 Engines Again
3) Head Laser Shot at Missile Cluster
4) Attempt to close the distance between herself and the Missiles

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: May 30, 2020, 11:40:26 PM »
We here in the USA are in the middle of nation-wide protests. A police officer killed a guy the other day. The guy was cooperating the officer and laid on the ground at request, but then officer put his knee on the guy's neck. The guy kept wheezing that he couldn't breathe, but the cop kept kneeling on his throat until he passed out and for, like, another seven minutes or something thereafter. Then he died. It was caught on security cameras. People here are angry, and rightly so.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: May 30, 2020, 08:10:38 PM »
After having taken a couple of months off from RPing, I am feeling much better, now. Thank you for your understanding in that, by the way.  If you want to start playing again, we can.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: April 27, 2020, 08:12:02 PM »
I suggest that you look for more players to join the game. You shouldn't have to wait for me to get to feeling like playing in order to continue. There are plenty of people who hang out in that discord server.  I am sure that if you told them that you are currently out of players, someone will join.

For the record, this is not because of anything that you did or didn't do. I am not doing any RP-ing, right now.  There is a group that I have been GM-ing for about a decade and I passed that off to someone else, too.  So, don't take it personally. It is just not a good time for me.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: April 13, 2020, 09:08:01 PM »
Oh, is it your birthday?  Happy Birthday.  Allow me to ceremonially get off of your lawn.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: March 23, 2020, 11:58:31 PM »
I made a post for you. Now, you need not wait forever to get something.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: March 23, 2020, 11:55:57 PM »

"No!  Grapes!"  Bah retorts, obviously displeased at Kaumirran's interruption. 

Kaumirran was a little too distracted at the moment to forth much brain power toward bantering. There was a lot to deal with. She did not wish to get shot, rammed, blown up, or surprised by someone sneaking up on her if allowed herself to lose focus. That was why when she responded, her voice held the tint of distraction. “Isn’t that what they feed to goddess?”

Amina yells at her Quadoran-Rō team: "/z/ Putri, Nur!  Take them out with missiles! /z/"

Kaumirran’s face tightened briefly as the message came over the team channel. She was trying not notice things that did not directly relate to her, but something managed to slip through the mesh netting of her brain pan. “Who names their kid Putrid?”

"Short gun burst in 3... 2..."

Kaumirran sputtered a scoff. Now, while she was all for conservation of missiles --those things were valuable, after all; they could be sold for a pretty penny and there was one thing that she loved, it was pretty pennies. And ugly pennies. Really, any kind of penny was fine with her.

What was she thinking about again? Oh, right: missiles and not spending them.

Kaumirran hit the brakes, or the legs, as the swinging appendages may have been. Her velocity bottomed out. She converted to Battloid. The static on the sensor screen made it difficult to lockdown her target. So, rather than trying to pinpoint it, she let the bullets fly as she looped her metal arms in a small circle. The result was a ring of ammunition flying toward where she guessed the target was at. Once they were away, she switched back to Fighter in order to take back up her place in the formation.

"/z/ Fire Missiles!  NOW!  NOW!  NOW! /z/"

Nur checked her screen. The jamming was making it difficult to distinguish any one thing from another. She wanted to have a decent lock before she let her payload fly. She checked the screen again. There was not much of a change. So, she did what anyone in her extra large Nike’s would do: she checked the screen for a third time with the simple assumption that it would now be clear. Much to her dismay -and mild shock- it was not.

/z/ I can’t see no nothin’, ‘Mina! It’s all sparky-sparky, buzz-buzz! /z/

Well, that really only left one viable option. Nur set her missiles to proximity detonation.  Then, also as anyone would do, she squeezed her eyes shut and fired forty-eight missiles. That left her with fifty in reserve. She was not thinking about that. That was what the computer was for. It could keep track of the complicated mechanics and the math. She only needed to point in the correct direction and pull the trigger. The targeting was also optional. That was why missiles came with built-in boom-booms.

Nur opened her eyes when the vibration of the missiles rocketing out of her suit died down. Her screen was clear once again. That sort of thing happened when one moved out of a debris cloud, whether they were doing so intentionally or purely by luck. Naturally, she assumed that she had fixed it on her own. Boom-booms fixed everything.

/z/ Oh, hey-heeey! I can see again! So, uh, never mind all that other stuff. /z/

Kaumirran‘s Actions:

1) Quick Slow

2) Transformation to Battloid

3) Long Burst Spray

4) Transformation to Fighter

Nur's Actions

1) Throw 48 Boom-Booms and the Bad Zoomies

Also, I have decided that Nur is a dumbass.  You're welcome.

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