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Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: August 21, 2019, 11:16:08 PM »
Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

“I am not leaving her!”

The Major tersely replies, "4 minutes, 45 seconds."

“I am not a traitor,”

Khumirran makes a spitting action and sound at the camera, and fires 4 BML-02S micro-missiles at Kaumirran.

"What are you doing girl..." the Major incredulously says to himself.  He then fires the remaining 6 rear-facing HMMM-18's at Khumirran.

“I do not own them anything, and neither do you. They are not your commanders. They are your slave masters. You do not have to obey them.” says Kaumirran while she releases a burst of flares.  Khumirran's micro-missiles explode harmlessly in them.

Khumirran deftly puts her Variable Gurāji in a spin while releasing a burst of countermeasures.  Concurrently she fires the front Anti-air Laser Pulse Guns at the Major's first volley of missiles—destroying them all.  Kaumirran cannot help but be impressed by her skills.

"Goddamnit!" the Major says under his breath.  "Björn, any time now!" he adds, while firing a single AMM-7 at Khumirran.  Unlike the rear-facing micro-missile launchers, this missile fires forwards, and is going to take time to turn around.

“They don’t care about you. You are nothing but an ablative shell to them, something to be thrown in to on-coming fire and burned away. They won’t mourn you. You don’t matter to them at all. You matter to me.

Khumirran transforms to Battroid, and fires an angry burst of forearm Charged Particle Beam Gun shots at Kaumirran—who just barely avoids them.

The Major fires another single AMM-7 at Khumirran.  "You're on your own now, Kaumirran!" he yells into the mike.

"There is a better way, a better life.  Leave them, and all that they do to you, behind. You can be free. I can show you how. Come with me."

"Lies!" Khumirran bellows at Kaumirran, as she turns her attention to the Major's micro-missiles.  In a stream of charged particle shots, the 6 missiles explode.

Something catches Kaumirran's attention near the airfield.  She instinctively jinks, and almost avoids the Heavy Quantum Beam Gun shot that hurtles from that direction.  It takes off the tip of a wing (later, when Kaumirran mentally reviews the battle, she'll realize that that was never meant to be a killing shot—it was intended to take the wing off and cripple her fighter).

Khumirran continues focusing on the Major's missiles.  Another burst, and the Major's first AMM-7 is destroyed.

A new voice and visage crackles to life on Kaumirran's comm screen: Jozua Rasmussen!
"I always knew you'd show up on my doorstep again.  Do you still do that thing with your tongue?"

He punctuates his line with a Heavy Quantum Beam Gun shot at Kaumirran—that goes wide of the mark.

Major & Björn (fighter)
approx. 10 km behind: Kaumirran (fighter) & Major's 1 AMM-7 missile
approx. 500 m behind (10.5 km behind Major): Khumirran's Variable Gurāji (battroid)
approx. 8 km away (13.5 km behind Major): Jozua's Variable Gurāji (fighter)

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: August 20, 2019, 11:08:10 PM »
Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

The Major's and Björn's fighters begin accelerating at even higher speed away from Raimonds and Khumirran, on their previous heading.

The Major starts sharing data from the radome with the Steel Valkyrie's pilots.  The transponder on Khumirran's vehicle identifies it as a Variable Gurāji.

“I'm the pretty one.”

"Traitor" Khumirran screams in response, as she fires the Heavy Quantum Beam Gun again—this time at Kaumirran's Thunderbolt.

It's a good thing that Kaumirran is already dodging and changing course away from the Major and Björn and back toward Raimonds, as it helps her easily avoid the shot.

 The Major yells, "we're not waiting for you this time!  Our rendezvous with the ship is in 5 minutes in low orbit!"

With that, he fires 4 HMMM-18 micro-missiles from the leg rear launchers, and points his Valkyrie's nose skywards.  Moments later, the rocket motors on the dorsal Super Parts roar to life, and his Thunderbolt begins to go ballistic.

Major & Björn (fighter)
approx. 1 km behind: Kaumirran (fighter) & Major's 4 HMMM-18 missiles
approx. 3 km behind (4 km behind Major): Khumirran's Variable Gurāji (fighter)

Sample Character
Note: game mechanics only.

Character's Name: Drakenstein van de Merwe
Occupation: mercenary
Rank: junior partner (2nd Lieutenant equivalent)

Attributes: (archetype: general endurance)
IQ: 10
ME: 20
MA: 11
PS: 13
PP: 11
PE: 26
PB: 15
Spd: 21

Derived Attributes
Luck = 11
Base Loyalty 55%
Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 125%

Derived Attribute-like Skills
Charm/Impress/Seduction 32%
Get Noticed 82%
Perception 67%
Sense of Balance 18%
Trust/Intimidate/Leadership 12%

HP: 38
SDC: 47

Non-combat focus
Level equivalent: (optional. To be filled by a GM)
Education Class: college

Base Skills
Math 73%
Computer Operation 71%
Language: English 111%
Language: Zentraadi 78%
Language: Afrikaans 63%
Hand to Hand: None 43%

Skill Programs - UN Spacy Basic
Climbing 63%
Running 63%
Zero Gravity Movement 63%
WP Pistol 43%

Security MOS
Prowl 43%
Pilot Wheeled Vehicle 43%
WP: Rifle 43%
Hand to Hand: Expert 43%

Variable Fighter Pilot MOS
Radio 63%
Pilot Aircraft 43%
Pilot Variable Fighter 46%
Mecha Combat: VF-1, VF-171 43%
Navigation 63%
Read Sensory Instruments 63%
Weapon Systems 43%
Pilot Power Armour 43%
Mecha Combat: EX Gear 43%

Mechanical Skill Program
Basic Electronics 63%
Mechanical Engineer 63%
Over Technology (mecha) Mechanics 63%
Aircraft Mechanics 63%

Play Musical Instrument 57%
Gambling 57%
Streetwise 57%
First Aid 57%
Athletics 37%
Pilot Boat 37%
Wilderness Survival 57%
WP Knife 37% ROF = 3

Additional Skills

Combat Bonuses:
2 actions

Mecha Combat Bonuses:
VF-1/171: 5 actions, Booster Punch 1 action
Others: 4 actions

Character sheet and creation notes:
Use the Palladium column in these character creation instructions.

  • also include an Alignment (as per standard Palladium rules)
  • before rolling attributes, choose your character archetype
Creation Notes:
You have a choice of either creating the PC's game mechanics using the indicated rules, OR requesting that the game mechanics be pre-made for you [or semi-pre-made - all the skills you need to play are included, with room for some customization by you].

They are being interpreted as vague and only loosely defined (with some exceptions.)  If there are any skills you feel your character must have that's not in the master list, create it using Lore: (skill name).

The job description for the Steel Valkyries PMC includes being able to:

  • pilot Valkyries
  • speak Zentrādi
  • pilot Zentrādi Mobile Weapons and/or have mechanical/repair abilities
Experience and local knowledge is preferable, but not necessary. Only honourable soldiers of fortune need apply.

Following is being saved for later editing (ignore for the time being):

Savings: ¥1D10x10,000.
Wage: ¥ (based on rank)

ID/Security Badge, 2 to 4 Work/Camouflage Uniforms (DPM Uniforms with 1 x Kevlar Vest & 1 x Kevlar Helmet), 2 Dress Uniforms, 1 Mess Uniform, First Aid Kit: 5 uses

CSW (Combat Survival Waistcoat): Rescue Radio/Emergency Locator Beacon (Encrypted), universal direction finder, Small packet of water (1 pint), 2 Signal Flares, Pocket Flashlight, Combat/Survival Knife.

Variable Craft, Armoured Flightsuit, Semi-Automatic Pistol, Flotation Vest (UN Navy VF pilots only).

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: August 19, 2019, 04:58:56 AM »
Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

Both Engrish and Worsh fled even faster after Kaumirran lurched at them.

"Hey!  Where are you going? You promised that we were not leaving until I had my sister."

Before the Major can reply, the helmeted appearance of Khumirran appears on their comm screens on a general radio channel—different from the encoded one that the Steel Valkyries are using to communicate.

"Thunderbolt pilots, identify yourselves!" she barks in an authoritative voice.

The Major, Björn, and Kaumirran are all too flabbergasted to reply—some from shock, some from seeing Kaumirran's face on two different people on two communication channels at the same time.

A powerful quantum beam gun shot slices past the trio of Valkyries at an uncomfortably close distance.  It emanated from somewhere behind them, closer to the ground.

"Final warning!" Khumirran barks.  "Transform and land immediately!"

The Major gets busy initiating the radome and other recon equipment on his VF-11.  Concurrently he yells, "punch it!"

He adds, "Kaumirran, here's your chance!  Don't fall too far behind us!"

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: August 12, 2019, 12:59:04 AM »
Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

"Iiiii think that you underestimate the power of our engines."

Engrish and Worsh are carrying what looks like a metal pipe (Engrish) and rope (Worsh) in their hands.  While they may have been raised in a threatening or 'ready' position when they approached the hangar, their arms have lowered considerably from the shock and surprise from the manner that the door was opened, and the 3 Battroids stepping outside.

"I'll take that as a 'no'." the Major directs at Björn.

"Light 'em up!" he bellows over the external speakers.  It's not clear if he's referring to the engines, or immolating Engrish and Worsh.

Engrish lets out a high-pitched squeal, and makes a run for the nearest shelter from the jet exhaust.  Worsh soon follows.

The Major's engines whoosh to 25% throttle, as he leaps into the sky.  On the way, he transforms to GERWALK, and continues to gain altitude while starting to accelerate forward toward the "West" as he gradually raises the throttle to 50%.

The highest buildings are about 5 storeys tall.  When the Major gets above those, and confirms the other two are airborne and following him, he'll transform to Fighter, and test his engines through 75% up to 100% throttle.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: August 03, 2019, 09:03:04 PM »
"Who cares who they are?  We'll roast them as we slide by.  Problem solved, yo."

"Now, now," the Major lightly chides her.  "We can't roast them if they're his friends."

He also smiles in a naughty way, indicating that he tacitly agrees with her idea.

Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

“They could have a security system.  One that monitors the states of the windows. The kind that tells those nice people with the big guns if someone breaks them. So that they come here, and shoot the people that break the windows.”

"Do our business quickly, then," the Major curtly retorts.

“You don’t want to just punch down with your wee tool?”

"Hahahahah!" the Major belts out a surprisingly loud belly laugh.  "My pee tool would definitely punch this down!"

With that, they finish poking enough holes in the shutter edges to easily kick it out of the frame.

The shutter door collapses noisely in a pile just outside the maintenance hangar door frame.  If anybody within earshot wasn't aware of what they were doing from the noise of the turbine engines, they were definitely aware from the clatter of the metal shutter!

Outside, just off to the left, are a fat guy and a skinny man.  It's Engrish and Worsh!

While they don't look like security guards (they're definitely not dressed the part), Kaumirran and the Major recognize their silhouettes from the front gate.

"Friends of yours?" the Major asks Björn, as he casually steps his Thunderbolt over the pile of metal that is the ruined shutter door.

Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

As they scramble up the ladders and stairs on the maintenance platforms behind and to the sides of the standing VF-11D, the Major yells out, "don't turn on the turbines until I give the order!"

As they climb up, everyone gives the exterior of their VF-11 a quick once over: while obviously old and used, they are in a really good state.  From the current markings and the older markings that have either been painted over or peeled off (visible from paint fade due to direct sunlight) the Thunderbolts appear to be UN Spacy units that were sold off, and used by a local or regional defence force, before ending up where they currently are.  There's no telling how long they've been in this maintenance hangar, however, there is a bit of dust buildup on the flat upper surfaces.

Settling into the pilot's seat, the Major turns the electrics on in the radome-equipped VF-11D.  He notes with a smile that the Thunderbolt is fully equipped with armaments: a full load of micro-missiles in the Booster and Rear-facing Leg Super Packs, and 2 AMMM-7 missiles in both the leg and leg super part internal pallets—all in addition to a fully-loaded gun pod!

The electronics all appear to be fully functioning, too.  However, the fuel situation is bleak—the Thunderbolt's tanks (both airframe and booster pods) are nearly empty.

The Major quickly radios the others, "What's your fuel situation?"

The condition of their Thunderbolts is the exact same as the Major.

Hearing that everyone's Valkyries' tanks are nearly empty, the Major quickly scans the maintenance room for fuel—there is none!

He then does some quick math, and radios the others:  "alright, we've got just enough to get to a low orbit.  HOWEVER, it means that we can't go ballistic and launch straight to space!  We're going to have to fly low and level until we get enough speed, and then launch to orbit at a 45 to 60° angle—using the atmosphere for as long as possible to gain speed should maximize our fuel.

Use the head laser on the doors.  Kaumirran: left, Björn: right, and I take the top.  Once we leave the hangar, let's head "west".  Any questions?"

After pausing a beat, he yells out, "turbines on!"

With that, their 6 thermonuclear reactor turbines noisily activate and throttle through the initial throttle speeds before settling on idle.  Anyone within a couple of city blocks will be well aware of what they're doing.

The Major starts walking toward the hanger door, firing the head laser in a row along the top.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: July 14, 2019, 10:28:55 PM »
I'm in the process of moving to a Win 10 PC, which involves updating to the latest web browsers, architecture, etc.
Now, the MRC is fast (not as fast as this site, but lightning fast compared to what it was!)  My best guess is that the MRC is bleeding edge advanced with piss-poor backwards compatibility!

Not going to go back now that everything has been imported here (not to mention our other users experiencing difficulties).

Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

The Major looks at Björn for a moment, then he kneels down, and removes his helmet from its carrying bag.

He puts his helmet on, and pulls the Leatherman utility knife out and readies one of the screwdriver heads.  The Major then wraps his right hand in the helmet's carrying bag, and—winking at Kaumirran—smashes a hole in the door's window with the Leatherman.

The Major quickly "punches" out the rest of the glass, and after placing the carrying bag along the bottom of the window frame to protect his hand, he reaches in, and unlocks the door.

Within moments, they are inside the room.

The Major dashes for the Radome Super Pack equipped VF-11.  "Dips on the Recon pack!" he yells out in hushed tones.

by InfernosCaress » 2019 Jun 16, 13:39
OOC: My laptop has a first gen Celeron processor. I push the browser icon and it takes, like, fifteen seconds to open. Not to load the homepage, mind you; just to open the browser. To open Gmail takes, like, an additional minute and a half unless I use the Basic HTML option, then it is only twenty-five seconds. I don't want to try to load this site even on the site's very best lightning speed day.

BIC:  Kaumirran

No charge. That was an extra touch of luck. Some might consider that to be a good thing. Kaumirran knew better. She only had a reserve of luck that was so deep. She had gotten by with losing a chunk of hair instead of her head --which she was none too happy about,-- found an opening to bypass the guards, a fence that was safe to touch, and a patch of worn grass denoting the way to the door. That was great. It also meant that her well was running dry. Things were going to turn sour soon. It was as inevitable as a sunrise. A sunrise on places that had those things, anyway.

When they were indoors, Kaumirran adopted her normal stride. They were within a corridor. Walking with a hunch was not going to make her any less notable. Besides, it was dark.

They reached the door to the hanger. And of course, it was locked. The sourness had begun. They were stuck on one side of the door and their soon-to-be rides were on the other. There was only one thing that could be done.

Kaumirran looked at Björn, waiting for him to do whatever that thing may be.

by InfernosCaress » 2019 Jun 15, 10:28
OOC: I am already in the process of moving things out of my place right now. My last day here will probably be Sunday or maybe Monday. It usually takes me a few months to get around to having enough spare money to get a fresh internet service at a new place. If you need something, you can send a message to my email ( infernoscaress @ gmail . com -- no spaces). I will probably pop by a library every now and again, so I could answer from there. I don't want to try to load this place on my laptop. I don't want to try to load anything on that brick, if I am to be honest.


Kaumirran was a bit taken aback that her idea was accepted just like that. She was used to getting flack. Granted, there was frequently a good reason for that. Even so, it was nice to be accepted so freely.

She got up and moved with a partially-ducked gait down the side of the road. She did her best to stay out of view. The last thing that she needed was a bolt up the bum. Even a stun bolt would have been bad. Well, maybe. If it was at a low enough setting, the tingling might not be so bad. But that, that was for some other time. Right now, she just wanted to complete this job. She would feel a lot more secure when she was in a nice, snug cockpit, even if it was only attached to farm equipment.

As they drew near the designated crossing point, Kaumirran crept closer to the road. she looked both way to make sure that it was safe, both from on-coming traffic and armed guards. Once she was satisfied, she hurried across the street. She crouched to lower her profile and moved slowly toward the fence. She kept an eye for any guards due mainly to the fact that she did not want to be shot. She happened to spot the opening by sheer chance.


She tapped a finger in the direction of the hole.

She crept closer to it. Before she tried to pass through it, Kaumirran picked up a small twig. She gave it a gentle toss toward the base of the fence. If the thing was electrified, she wanted to find out before she touched it. That would not be a pleasant tingling.

by studiootaking » 2019 Jun 16, 13:11
OOC: alright, looks like we're temporarily going to warp speed now! :lol:
I've fired off an e-mail to you (Infernos). Hopefully it's made it through the ether. I totally understand about not wanting to load this (or anything) on the old laptop.

BIC: Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life


The Major—who had been scanning the fence top for barbed wire and cameras—glanced over at her, then the hole in the fence.

"Nice!" he happily whispers.

There's no reaction from the twig Kaumirran tosses at the fence.

Moving closer, they note a semi-well worn path in the dry grass leading toward the closest door on the bland warehouse wall a few metres on the other side of the fence. It looks like the staff were using it—maybe it was even made by them—which speaks volumes about the security in the facility.

They squeeze through the fence (the hole's only big enough for a grown man, our team's carrying flight gear and other luggage with them), and in no time make it to the door.

Wordlessly, the Major checks to see if the door is unlocked... and it is!

Inside, the hallway is lit only by the lights from the illuminated exit signs. Björn notes that he's never been to this part of the facility before—he's always made a b-line from the gate toward the middle of the facility. This section, in the 'front right' of the yard, is on the opposite side of the human resources and accounting building; places he rarely goes other than to pick up his bi-weekly pay packet.

Sneaking down the corridor, they pass the entrance to a room that is better lit. While the door is shut, the light from inside spills out from one of those rectangular examination windows in the door just above the doorknob.

The Major pauses in front of the door to look inside, and then let's out a low, whispered whistle.

"I think you were being too modest when you described the 11's you work with, friend", he says to Björn.

The others look through the window, and see a relatively clean hanger-like room. Inside are 6 VF-11D in Battroid mode, with gun pods and Super Packs. 4 of them look like they're prepped and ready to launch—1 of which is equipped with a Radome Super Pack. 1 is in a seated position, and appears to be under repair (it's engine nacelle access panels are open and one of the feet has been removed). The other 1 is in a sorry state: off in the corner, and appears to be being used for parts.

The Valkyries—while dinged and scratched from being well used—are in an excellent state.

The Major tries the lock. This time, it's locked.

by InfernosCaress » 2019 Jun 14, 14:42

While some of them may have stopped for a wee bit of recon, Kaumirran had been doing that throughout the trip. She was on edge. That was, no doubt, a big surprise to everyone. While she was certain that the Major thought of her as being calm, cool, and collect at all times, that was not exactly the case. No, she was still quite worried that they would be caught by her former employers and would possibly have the skin flayed from her lovely bod.

That had thankfully not turned out to be the case. She was somewhat disheartened by that. Not the lack of skin removal, that she was fine with. She was had really been hoping to meet double while out on the road. It would have been so much easier to steal the woman away if Kaumirran knew where she was. Also, it lessened the chance of getting an unexpected dagger thrown in to her back while she was looking the other direction.

"we can take 'em silently, right?"

The Meltran looked at the Major with a blank expression for a few seconds. Finally, she raised a slow hand with a finger pointing away from the gate.

“We could just go down there and climb over the fence.”

Even at double the height, a chain-linked fence was not difficult to ascend. It would just take a bit longer.

by studiootaking » 2019 Jun 15, 09:54
OOC: apologies for the rapid-fire GM posts, Buran. Playing a bit of catchup + wanting to get in as much RPing before InfernosCaress goes offline for awhile. (not to mention take advantage of a relatively stable, working message board).

Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

“We could just go down there and climb over the fence.”

The Major had a concerned/alarmed expression as he watched Kaumirran dramatically raise her hand. It changed to a flabbergasted expression when he hears her suggestion.

"Good idea", he adds after a pregnant pause.

He then glances at the gate and the two "guards" laying in wait before glancing at Björn to see if there is a refutal to Kaumirran's suggestion. Seeing none, he takes a long look up and down the main road to confirm there aren't any more surprises.

"Let's go. Stick to the shadows, and we'll cross in the dark between those two streetlights," he says, waving his hand in the less well-lit direction.

In no time, they stealthily make their way down and across the street. Soon, they are around the corner from the main gate, and in a wide alley between two fenced in enclosures.

"What kind of security do they have on these fences?" the Major says. "IR sensors? Cameras?"

Kaumirran, being ever observant, spots what looks like a hole in the fence a couple of metres further down the alley./quote]

by InfernosCaress » 2019 May 23, 08:59

Kaumirran watched with tightening lips as her barricade was compromised. She had spent what felt like forever assembling that wall. It was the shield that would protect them to end. It was a true guardian.

It also went down in a hurry. That was the worst part. Her eyes followed it as it was pushed aside with relative ease. It did not even put up a fight. She had wanted to get out of the room, to be on the move. She just contrarily wanted it to take significantly longer to achieve that goal.

Kaumirran slid past Björn toward the hall. As she stepped passed him, she call him a “Dick.”

by studiootaking » 2019 Jun 14, 12:14
OOC: re name's. Let's presume that they filled the idle time between game posts with introductions etc. That, or his name's still on his old pilot suit that he's wearing. :lol:

BIC:  Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, Raimonds city - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

“Yeah... it’s mostly back alleys, although there may be a place or two where we need to cross a bigger road”

"Great," the Major replies, somewhat more enthusiastically than the situation calls for.

In no time (and with plenty of help from the extra shadows from the dusk gradually becoming night), they make it to the factory/warehouse district where Björn's former employer is located.

At the end of the last alley directly across a bigger road from the main gate, they pause to reconnoitre the target facility.

As expected—being nighttime—operations are closed down, and there are only a few security lights on. The fence around the facility is a simple chain-link fence (double height, to keep pesky full-sized Zentradi from stumbling in), and the main gate is a double door type; also made of chain-links. One door is currently closed, and the other is half open. There's a security cubicle with the light on, but the guard appears to be on a toilet break or something.

They overhear whispers coming from near the gate, and in the shadows, can make out a thin and fat guy trying to wait "stealthily".

The Major looks at Kaumirran, whispering, "we can take 'em silently, right?"

While that's going on, Björn realizes who he's looking at: it's Engrish and Worsh! The bastards are laying in wait for him!

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