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Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« Last post by InfernosCaress on June 23, 2020, 06:21:55 PM »
My net in the new place is up now.
Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« Last post by InfernosCaress on June 14, 2020, 07:42:30 PM »
I am moving on Saturday.  So after that, I won't have internet for a little while until I get caught up on the moving expenses.
Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« Last post by InfernosCaress on June 14, 2020, 07:37:14 PM »

"/z/ you say something stupid like that again, I'll shoot you myself! /z/"

Nur did not let the threat of violence get her down. She was bred for that kind of thing. Having it come from Amina made no real difference in her mind. Well, maybe a small difference in that she thought it to be an unlikely occurrence to realize. Another thing that it had little effect on was its goal in preventing her from talking. She simply directed her next comment over the team channel to Putri. “Pootyyyyy,” she said as she let rip a flaming round of her chest cannons at one of the annoying drones. “/z/She’s being a A-Meanie agaiiiin./z/”

She probably should have spent less time running her mouth as she was a bit too slow to avoid a laser shot. The stuttering beam carved a gash across her powered armour. The armour plating flared away, as did some of the mechanical components underneath. Along the deepest part of the hole, her vacuum suited forearm was exposed. That, thankfully, remained intact.

"/z/ The convoy line!  Quickly! /z/"

“/z/On it./z/”

Nur pivoted around. That exposed her back to the surviving Drones, but there was something more pressing at the moment. Besides, with her front armour damaged, her backside is actually better protected. Plotting a course ahead of the flickering dots on her HUD, she kicked her thrusters up to full. She could not outrun the missiles, of course. They were much faster than she was. She could, however, attempt to bring herself within firing range.

Nur watched as the numerals marking their intervening distance ticked down. It took several seconds but there was nothing that she could do to speed things along. Soon, though, the hundred dropped to tens, and then to singles. Once she crossed in to range and the icons representing the missiles shifted in color, she raised her arms. Nur let fly a burst of lasers first her left and then with her right cannons toward the deadly cluster.

1)  Impact Cannon Shot at Drone when it comes within range
2) Intercept Course toward the Missile Cluster
3) Single Arm Laser Burst at the Missile Cluster
4) Single Arm Laser Burst at the Missile Cluster

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« Last post by InfernosCaress on June 14, 2020, 07:34:55 PM »

"And she can fly rings around you.”

“Well, I am sure,” Kaumirran paused to make a face at the fighter piloted by Mr. D as it zipped around her. It looked like crap. That was not entirely due to the fault of the pilot -but that did not help, either- but because of the second (third?) -hand nature of the craft, itself. She felt a pang of jealousy for the Meltrandi and their battle suits. They were also normal height and not midget-ified like she was. The lucky bitches. “That she envy of all of the local hedgehogs.”

"What are you doing!?!  Match our velocity!"

“You’re not matching mine.” Kaumirran retorted. “Maybe you’re the one out of sync. I’m slowing down to get a better aim. That’s what all of the cool kids do behind their school buildings.”

She ends up hitting all 4 enemy Valkyries!  However, the damage is negligible...

“Seeeee,” Kaumirran adds smugly over the com-net. “That’s how you do it. Take note, losers.” So what if her shots had not actually put down the enemy? She had hit them. That was good enough.  At least, it was in the short run. In the long run, she had better start killing them or they would kill her.

The Major yells at Kaumirran, "conserve ammo!" as he lets loose a 10 r burst—and hits!

Kaumirran bounced around in her cockpit. Her head bounced off of something hard. She did not catch what it was because all that she saw stars for a second. Thankfully, her helmet took the majority of the impact.

She shook the cobwebs from her head. “I am.” Her words came slower than normal as she recovered from the stun. “I’m collecting the ones that they generously offered me.”

"Let 'em go!" the Major grumbles.

Kaumirran, now somehow in the lead, made a rude comment about people not matching her velocity. She doesn’t pay much attention to any reply that she receives. Instead, she lets off a burst of ammunition at the engine of one of the retreating VF-14s. She released the trigger as the order came in. Grimacing, she repeated her attack.

Kaumirran rolled her VF-11 on to its side. That positioned its top-mounted laser to be able to take a shot at the missiles that were streaking toward their mother ship. Once it was away, she followed through with the turn. She chased after the missiles but the laser bolt moved a lot faster than she did.


1) 25 Round Burst at VF-14 Engines
2) 25 Round Burst at VF-14 Engines Again
3) Head Laser Shot at Missile Cluster
4) Attempt to close the distance between herself and the Missiles

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« Last post by Sketchley on June 13, 2020, 11:41:10 AM »
Nur keeps glancing at her sensor screens until she realizes that her, her wingmates, and her targets are all unaffected by the jamming.  Only those Valkyrie-riding humanized Zentrādi currently off of her left side are disappearing into the sensor disruption.  On the other hand, the beat-like pulsing to the jamming static is kind of catchy.

“/z/ I can’t see no nothin’, ‘Mina! It’s all sparky-sparky, buzz-buzz! /z/”

"/z/ The hell...? /z/", both Putri and Amina echo each other, briefly confused by Nur's transmission.

The Ghosts all sharply bank to the Quadoran-Rō team's left.  Concurrently, they all launch half of the missiles in their belly weapons bay.  39 missiles rocket toward the cargo transfer line.

Nur launches 48 micro-missiles at her target QF-4000.  Putri and Amina do the same, however, they're a bit more conservative: 24 and 36 missiles.

The Hamekahame launches a volley of 4 anti-air missiles at the closest QF-4000.

The QF-4000 all fire 2 missiles from their belly weapon-bays at each of the Quadoran Battlesuits to cover their retreat.  While they're accelerating in a large arc back toward the direction they came from, they also start jinking to avoid the incoming missiles.

Nur maintains formation with the other two, and yells out, "/z/ Oh, hey-heeey! I can see again! So, uh, never mind all that other stuff. /z/”

Her target Ghost releases a burst of flares, and would be smiling smugly if it had a pilot, as all the micro-missiles explode in fratricide.

Putri takes advantage of the QF-4000 dipping back into gun range, and fires her forearm pulse laser.  The Ghost just barely avoids the shots, as it is focused on getting away from her 24 micro-missiles.  It echoes Nur's target Ghost and destroys her missile volley, too.

Amina—being the only one of the 3 in a Quadoran-Rō AND with disabled arm guns—fires a further 18 micro-missiles.  Just like Nur's and Putri's, Amina's target Ghost destroys her first missile volley.

As she watches in dissatisfaction, she yells at Nur, "/z/ you say something stupid like that again, I'll shoot you myself! /z/"

The sky lights up with the bright neon bolts of ship mounted beam cannons firing.  The shots are almost too close for comfort to the Quadoran team.  Thankfully (or not) they are aimed at the Hamekahame.  Instantly explosions and showers of sparks erupt from its armour surface where the fusillade hits.

The Hamekahame returns fire with its Standard Guided Converging Beam Guns, and space is crisscrossed with fiery beams of instant death.  It's hard to see if the Hamekahame is giving as good as its getting, as its target is still mostly concealed by the 5 Sisters wreckage that the enemy ship has been hiding behind this whole time.

The Hamekahame fires a second volley of missiles at the Ghosts, while its first volley goes up in smoke as the missiles ram into a burst of flares released by the trailing Ghost.

The Ghosts briefly flit their noses around, and fire their beam guns at the Quadoran Battlesuits, before resuming course.  Nur is hit, and suffers major damage.  Putri dodges the shots, but Amina is also hit—her suit's also majorly damaged, but Nur's is even worse.

Nur yanks hard on the control columns as she releases a burst of flares, and can't help but feel satisfaction as the 2 missiles the Ghost fired at her explode harmlessly.

Putri's arm beam gun burst is avoided by her target Ghost, and then she's forced to repeat Nur's missile avoidance move.

The Ghosts are close enough for Amina to use the Impact Cannons, however the Ghost avoids the shots.  She also evades the missiles the Ghost fired at her.  On the other hand, her missiles hit and annihilate her target QF-4000!

The enemy ship and Hamekahame continue trading shots.  The Hamekahame fires another volley of 4 missiles at the retreating Ghosts.

The Ghosts really start putting on speed to evacuate the area.

Putri's arm beam gun burst nails her target, and it starts to loose acceleration performance as smoke and sparks begin streaming from the holes in its armour.

Amina makes one last attempt with the Impact Guns, and successfully tags her target.  It is vaporized in the ensuing explosion.

The two ships continue trading fire, and the Hamekahame fires another salvo of missiles at the Ghosts.  It's preceding volley annihilates its target Ghost.

Amina yells at her wingmates.  "/z/ The convoy line!  Quickly! /z/"  She twists her Battlesuit around, and rockets after the Ghost's 39 missiles rapidly approaching the convoy.

3x 13 MRM at cargo line
Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« Last post by Sketchley on June 13, 2020, 11:34:45 AM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, 5 Sisters (deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems)

Who names their kid Putrid?”

"That's Putri," the Major grumbles back.  "And she can fly rings around you.  So watch what you say!"

Ignoring their relative skill levels for a moment, Kaumirran can appreciate the logic behind his statement—as far as she knows, Putri's Quadoran-Rō is fully repaired and operational, and her VF-11 can be described as run-down and well-used at best.  Humans just don't make their machines to last, totally unlike Zentrādi equipment, which can operate for decades, if not centuries, with almost no maintenance!

Before any of the Steel Valkyries can react, the mystery flight of purple Valkyries disengage their jamming.  8 large missiles launch out of the engine nacelles of the lead purple Valkyrie—they rapidly accelerate toward the Zentrādi transferring the cargo containers into the Hamekahame.

The second, third and fourth enemy Valkyries all also launches 8 large missiles each at the same target area.  If they weren't enemies firing at friendlies, it would be a pretty impressive scene!

Kaumirran deploys her Valkyries legs, and space in the direction of the mystery VFs is lit up by the flare of her engines as she puts the brakes on.

Mr. D jinks to avoid smacking into the rear of Kaumirran.  "Hey!  Watch it!" he cries in protest.  He regains alignment, and fires off a 10r burst.  Being Mr. D, his shots are mostly off the mark, and his target easily—and gracefully—does a barrel-roll through his incoming shots.

Bah also fires a 10r burst.  Despite being out in front and not having anyone block his path AND firing at his target's center mass, his target also avoids the shots (nothing as slick or as fancy as Mr. D's target, of course.)

The Major barks at Kaumirran, "What are you doing!?!  Match our velocity!"  He also fires a 10r burst.  Unlike his subordinates, his shots hit.  And unlike the VF-11's 30 mm gun pod, the VF-1's 55 mm GU-11 has some serious bite!

About this time, data from Mr. D's radome pack, as well as visual sensor reading confirm that the enemy Valkyries are the same purple VA-14's that the squadron tangled with in the rings of the gas giant!

The lead enemy VF transforms and returns fire at Mr. D.  Mr. D struggles, but just barely avoids the incoming bullets.  They're close enough that some scrape off bits of paints as they ricochet off his armour.

Kaumirran transforms, and fires a 50 r spray in a circular pattern.  She ends up hitting all 4 enemy Valkyries!  However, the damage is negligible...

The second enemy VF also transforms, and returns fire at Bah—and hits!  Bah incurs major damage.

Mr. D seems to have found his fight as he comes out of his dodge screaming a war cry, and neatly fires a 20r burst that catches his target's center mass—dishing out a lot of damage.  That VA-14 begins streaming smoke and sparks, and doesn't move as well thereafter.

Bah looks over his damage displays as he lines up a shot.  He depresses the trigger and... there's nothing other than the clicking sound.  "Crap!" he curses.  He puts on the brakes—just like Kaumirran moments before—and yells over the radio channel, "gun pod jam!"

The third purple VA-14 fires a 10r burst at Kaumirran—and hits!  She takes significant damage, but still has approximately 3/4 of her armour remaining.

The Major yells at Kaumirran, "conserve ammo!" as he lets loose a 10 r burst—and hits!  His target fires haphazardly, something that even Mr. D could easily dodge.  However, perhaps because the Major is distracted by Bah's predicament, he practically walks right into the burst!  His VF-1 is now in as bad a shape as the VA-14 that Mr. D just pummelled.

The lead VA-14 fires 8 micro-missiles at Mr. D before turning sharply and accelerating back the way it came (toward the "?" on the map).

Kaumirran transforms back to fighter and has to accelerate to catch up to the rear of the Steel Valkyries.

The second VA-14 does the same as the lead VA-14, with the third VA-14 copying, and launching 8 micro-missiles at Kaumirran.  The last enemy Valkyrie does the same as the other 3, and begins its strategic retreat, too.

Mr. D tries to take advantage of the lead VA-14 turning tail, but his 10r burst is easily avoided.

Bah—taking advantage of the lack of jamming—opts to fight fire with fire, and launches 10 micro-missiles at his target.  The Major copies Bah, and also launches 10 micro-missiles.

The lead VA-14 accelerates even faster, and concurrently fires it's head lasers at Bah's missiles—he hits, and destroys the entire volley.

Kaumirran almost catches up with the others.  She begins slowing so she doesn't overtake them and accidentally put herself in the front.  She initially attempts to avoid the missiles with jinks and flares, but that doesn't work.  So, she opts to shoot at them with the head laser-—she hits, and destroys them all!

The second VA-14 attempts to copy the first and help the one that the Major lobbed his missiles at.  However, his head laser shots go wide.

Mr. D also shoots at the micro-missiles with the head lasers—hitting and destroying them.  Bah does the same, with the same results.

The third VA-14 successfully shoots down the Major's missiles, while the Major returns the favour.

The last VA-14 also accelerates quickly away, but it also starts emitting that strange jamming again.  Missiles are once more ineffective.

The Major shouts, "bastards!" as he fire a parting 20 r burst at the last VA-14—hitting it!  It hammers the VA-14 so hard, that not only is it trailing smoke and sparks (like it's squad-mate), but that strange jamming is interrupted in a stuttering form while the Major's shots are hitting the fuselage.  Even afterwards, the jamming doesn't return completely to it's former strength (missiles are still ineffective).

"Let 'em go!" the Major grumbles.

He overhears Amina: "/z/ The convoy line!  Quickly! /z/"  With alarm, the Major looks toward the supply line, and cries: "the missiles!"

OOC: full description of the Quadoran Battlesuit and QF-4000 battle below the blurb.

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.
Green triangle: Quadoran-Rō team
2 bluish-purple triangles: Fighter Pod teams
Light pinky-purple triangle: QF-4000 team
Purple triangle: mystery group
4x 8 MRM at supply line
Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« Last post by InfernosCaress on May 30, 2020, 11:40:26 PM »
We here in the USA are in the middle of nation-wide protests. A police officer killed a guy the other day. The guy was cooperating the officer and laid on the ground at request, but then officer put his knee on the guy's neck. The guy kept wheezing that he couldn't breathe, but the cop kept kneeling on his throat until he passed out and for, like, another seven minutes or something thereafter. Then he died. It was caught on security cameras. People here are angry, and rightly so.
Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« Last post by Sketchley on May 30, 2020, 10:56:10 PM »
Understood.  No problems about taking the time off.  Among other things, the world is anything but normal these past few months, so it's completely understandable.

I'll get a GM post up, hopefully within the week—we're (that's Japan) is in the midst of reopening, and things are a bit confused.  For example, my kids are going to be going to school daily starting Monday, however it's only for a half day: afternoons this week, mornings the following week.  Which is a bit less confusing then the once or twice a week for a morning for the past few weeks... 😕
Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« Last post by InfernosCaress on May 30, 2020, 08:10:38 PM »
After having taken a couple of months off from RPing, I am feeling much better, now. Thank you for your understanding in that, by the way.  If you want to start playing again, we can.
Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« Last post by InfernosCaress on April 27, 2020, 08:12:02 PM »
I suggest that you look for more players to join the game. You shouldn't have to wait for me to get to feeling like playing in order to continue. There are plenty of people who hang out in that discord server.  I am sure that if you told them that you are currently out of players, someone will join.

For the record, this is not because of anything that you did or didn't do. I am not doing any RP-ing, right now.  There is a group that I have been GM-ing for about a decade and I passed that off to someone else, too.  So, don't take it personally. It is just not a good time for me.
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