Author Topic: New United Colonies Security Fleets and The Systems Senate  (Read 1506 times)

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New United Colonies Security Fleets and The Systems Senate
« on: August 10, 2008, 05:26:35 PM »
The New United Colonies Security Fleets, or NUCSF, were formed after the Sharon Apple Incident, to safe guard the existence of all humanity. Being an independent organisation and not answering to anyone but the President of the Newly formed Systems Senate. The NUNSF is comprised of volunteers from across the galaxy with the drive and determination to ensure the safety of all human life.

With the Sharon Apple Incident, it was seen that AI?s could be detrimental towards humanities existence, and the subsequent restrictions put on AI?s, the ancient term of LAI, or limited Artificial Intelligence had come back, and with LAI?s came its own problem?s, leading to the weakening of the UNSpacy?s forces.

With the weakening of the UN, various colonies announced there right to sovereign leadership and became independents. Several of these new independent planet-state?s, now warred amongst each other. The UN Forces were restructured and re-tasked, and formed there own faction, one that all colonies recognised as the new peacekeepers. And these PeaceKeepers ensured that Peace was brought about quickly and resolutely

Along with the military restructure and most colonies now becoming independent a new system was needed, that system became now as the Systems Senate. A place where every colony, planet or fleet had a voice among the galactic forum. The Systems senate has 2 representatives from each colony and independent fleet signed up to the Senate Agreement. The Senate will only ever really be fully formed in the case of War or other such pressing matters. Usually most Senate Appearenc es will only occur with all the parties concerned and a neutral Representative to ensure impartiality.

The Current Senate leader is a Meltran called Haru Paneria, currently in her 50's she was previously the captain of the Merchant fleet, Aristeria.

The NUCSF is organised into 5 separate and autonomous fleets, each assigned a galactic quadrant, with the fifth taking the galactic core. A Security Fleet is formed with a Neo-Macross Class Battle Fortress at its core. These new ships dwarf the size of the origional macross by at least twice its size, decked with 2 main guns and batteries of Rail Guns and Missile Cluster, these vessels are truely a majestic sight to behold. Able to feild a full 52 squadrons of VF's, the neo-macross class is exceddingly rare a sight as they roam the depths of space until their might is needed.

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Re: New United Colonies Security Fleets and The Systems Senate
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The 3rd Fleet, NUCSF

SDBF Heracles
Captained by Flt Adm Mikhail Panachek,
    • SFS Kusonogi    -     Captain K Polenyim     -      Hunter Class
    • SFS Athens      -     Captain S Harimata      -      Hunter Class
    • SFS Alindale      -     Captain R Ramada      -      Hunter Class
    • SFS Newcastle  -     Captain W Holmes      -      Hunter Class
    • SFS Ajax          -     Captain H Featherstonehague      -      Omega Class
    • SFS Leander       -     Captain Chung Lou      -      Apollo Class
    • SFS Arleigh Bueke      -     Captain E O'Conner     -      Apollor Class
    • SFS Pheonix dawn     -     Captain Henry Elohim     -    Apollo Class

    The fleet is then filled with in excess of 75 different ships ranging from tenders to frigates.

The 3rd fleet contains the following Units:
15th Marine Response Division - Rapid Reaction Force
11th heavy Armour Brigade - Brigade containing Destroids and armoured infantry, supported by Meltran Power Armour.
D company, The first Fleet Guards - Company of Soldiers who are permanantly stationed aboard the SDBF Heracles.
75th Fleet Engineering Battalion
Avian Wing, - Air supperiority wing containing 4 squadrons - the Jade Falcons, The Carrion Vultures, Black Raven and Eagle Squadrons
4th Tactical Air Division -
888 Air Support Division

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