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Lona-class Light Carrier
« on: June 07, 2009, 05:50:47 PM »

Technical Data

Ship Type: Light Carrier
Government: U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: U.N. Spacy / OTEC Co
Ship Name: Lona (commissioned April 2027), Mahina (commissioned June 2027)
Commission Date: April 2, 2027
Number of Class Commissioned: 2 (CVL-201 Lona, CVL-202 Mahina)

Complement: 210
Dimensions: length 200 meters
Mass: unknown
Structure: 9 x internal vertical battroid launch hangars with docking rail, hypercarbon frame, hypercarbon hull
Power Plant: OverTechnology heat pile system cluster.
Primary Systems: 2 x OverTechnology main engine thrusters; OverTechnology gravity control system; OverTechnology fold system; OverTechnology vernier belt (mounted on nose).
Secondary Systems: Pin-Point Barrier System Prototype.

4 x OverTechnology beam cannons
Space planes: 1 x QF-3000E Ghost (externally mounted)
Variable Mecha: 9 x VF-4 Lightning III

Developed with an identical frame to the existing Oberth-class. Capable of space fold and atmospheric entry/exit without assistance. Equipped with a prototype pin-point barrier system for ship defense and heat shield during reentry. Equipped with 9 individual variable fighter vertical launch bays aft. Each launch bay is equipped with a docking rail for quick egress/ingress in battroid mode.

Technical Data Credits: Kestrel
Colouring/Shading: Azazel
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