Author Topic: VF-4'F' Lightning III  (Read 1942 times)

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VF-4'F' Lightning III
« on: July 21, 2009, 12:04:23 AM »
The VF-4'F', painted in the VFA-364 'Purple Foxes' scheme.


The unofficial 'F' version of the VF-4 was originally devised as a testbed for the application of the High Latency Combat Flightsuit (HLCU) program by its manufacturer, KC Morgan Design Bureau, on a fully-working variable fighter. While the company had done all the engineering necessary to customize and interface the sensor arrays and cameras necessary to gather enough data for the HLCU's built-in 'virtual cockpit' system to operate at its full capacity, their lack of experience on variable fighter technology had the airframe's manufacturer, Stonewell-Bellcomm, involved so as to integrate the newest addition to their platform's own systems, a task they succeeded at doing. 

Needless to say, the first flights demonstrated the possibilites offered by providing a fighter pilot with an unimpeded view of the environment surrounding the craft under his/her command. Shortly after the system entered its second (and final) trial phase, Admiral McCabe, who deemed it a very suitable system for the newly created Purple Foxes to be equipped with, issued orders for Stonewell-Bellcom to refit nine VF-4s to meet the HLCU's specifications.

In addition to adding the sensors and re-configuring the fighter's systems needed for the virtual cockpit system to work, the VF-4s destined to the VFA-364 have also been updated in accordance to Stonewell-Bellcomm's latest revisions of the craft, boosting its performance somewhat.

On a curious side note, the VF-4 'F' was jokingly referred to as the VF-4'P' (as in 'Paparazzo') by the technicians tending to the upgrades, given the multitude of extra optical sensors mounted on its airframe.


As to be expected, an HLCU flightsuit is required for the 'Virtual Cockpit' system to work. The fighter's weapons systems remain unchanged.

**More to be added later.**