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Suggested Areas to Play In
« on: August 01, 2009, 08:29:12 AM »
When starting a game, choose which setting and part of the time-line it takes place in.  Please indicate that either in the subject line or the first post.

The following is a list of suggested locations and eras.  Players are not limited to the following and can create their own.  Just remember: whatever happens is limited only to the game.

SDF-1 during SWI:
Living in a 4.5 tatami room, people struggle to create a semblance of normality, despite the constant distruptions from Zentraadi attacks, transformations, and reconstruction.  Want to meet Minmei?

Macross City, any era:
Living during the construction and rogue Zentraadi attack era, or during Sharon Apple's concert (hey, did the SDF-1 just take off?), or when the Vajura briefly appeared in the sky.  If you want the *real* Macross experience, come to the namesake city!

Eden during Macross Plus:
Sharon Apple's coming to town?!  Party!  Let's have a date down at the pier and muse about how many mountains have been removed since colonisation started.

Macross 7 during the Varauta Wars:
Varauta have infiltrated City 7, and their spiritia vampires occasionally suck the spiritia out of residents.  Other than that, and the occasional battle, life goes on.  Shall we head over to the Firebomber Concert?

Zola during Basara's vist:
Who's that funky musician that's got my snake-pet in knots?  Damn poachers are disrupting the Galactic Whales again.  Oh, dear.

Macross 15 during the M15 Campaign year(s):
See here for suggested locations: , and here for the map:

Macross Frontier during the Vajra War:
Other than the odd disruption due to a Vajra attack, life continues normally.  Are you a giant Zentraadi farming hippocows, or one of Sheryl Nome's groupies?  Move over Aruto!  Some locations in Island 1:

Macross Galaxy during the Vajra War:
Life's tough in the grungy Mainland 1.  It's a shame General Galaxy never made space for greenspaces when they built it.  Hey, wait a moment, didn't my coworker have a different opinion on the government before his cyber-grant and access to the internet?  Is there some type of brainwashing and group-mindset being established???

Et al...
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