Author Topic: "All of the King's men..." (MNN Broadcast)  (Read 1166 times)

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"All of the King's men..." (MNN Broadcast)
« on: October 20, 2009, 02:22:55 AM »
March, 2028.

The young, brown-haired man pointed the handgun he held at the broken figure before him. Based on both men's looks, it would be easy for anyone to conclude that they'd been fighting one another before the possession of the gun'd brought the quarrel to an end.

"Why didn't you shoot me back in the alley?"

The man holding the pistol, an old Glock 9mm from the looks of it, gave the other man a stern look, as if searching his soul for that last ounce of willpower that would allow him to pull the trigger and be done with it. As he did so, however, the screen faded to black. Only the shot was heard in the background, leaving the viewers in doubt as to whether the dark-haired man had finally managed to kill his nemesis or not.

Large, block letters appeared on the screen. 'To be continued', the sign read. It appeared that the series' followers would have to wait a week to learn what'd happened exactly, something that was likely to make its viewers grumble a bit prior to setting their screens to either record or remind them of the next week's episode. The sign faded out, and the credits appeared, rolling down the screen for a moment prior to fading out before the names to all the people involved in the programme could be shown and read by the audience. It was business as usual. Displaying a list of names on television is hardly profitable, after all.

Through the magic of animation, the well-known logo to the Macross News Network (MNN) moved from the screen's upper corner until it occupied most of the screen, with the word 'Galaxy News' appearing under the logo in almost no time.

The logo went back to its former size as what appeared to be a news studio appeared on screen. Two people were sitting behind the decidedly large desk. A male and a female. Upon seeing this for the first time some viewers might concurr with the old saying that claimed that the more things change, the more stay the same, even if the female anchor was Meltran in origin judging by her hair colour. A switcher's lever came down, and the picture changed to an up-close shot of the woman as she began speaking.

"Hello, I am Innana Cartwright, and this is the eight o' clock MNN newsflash." She stared blankly at the screen for a second or so, probably waiting for the teleprompter to be updated fully before having to improvise a little. "We've received various reports that a UN Spacy military outpost on the outskirts of the Rhesis system has been attacked by a rogue Zentran strike force. There have been no official statements on the status of the outpost nor if there were any survivors to what appears to have been a massive firefight, but a government spokeperson did make the following statement a few hours earlier."

The picture changed to that of a man that stood behind a podium of sorts with the UN Spacy logo hanging from the wall behind him, the sudden changes in lighting revealing that there were people taking photographs in addition to recording the event for television broadcast. "...all the military forces in the sector are being diverted to colonies and settlements found within the neighboring systems to shield them from any possible attacks. To all the people that live close the Rhesis system, rest assured that we are mobilizing everything that is needed to confront the threat presented by these rogue Zentradi. We have all the resources and the manpower necessary to push them back into uncharted space. Thank you."

The image switched back to the female anchor. "An hour after the press conference, we learned that the UN Spacy issued orders to various task groups stationed in the systems nearby to start patrolling the area, which is no doubt reassuring to all those in the sector and its vicinity. On another news..."