Author Topic: “Death is only the beginning.” (Nightstalkers’ thread.)  (Read 3450 times)

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Re: “Death is only the beginning.” (Nightstalkers’ thread.)
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Capt. Jayne Reynolds
You call, we haul.

The Thames' cockpit wasn't all that large. Aside from the pilot, co-pilot and whoever it was that chose to sit on the cargomaster's seat from amongst its crew, it could only hold about three or four other people standing inside before the freighter's cockpit became too crowded. As far as Jayne was concerned, however, it was a palace. His home. Down to the bolts screwed unto the last bit of plating that'd been welded to the hull.

Whenever they didn't have anyone after them, or fun stuff like that going on anyways.

"Evening to you too, young 'un." he said upon listening to Victoria's voice coming from the hatch behind him, not turning so he could actually lay his eyes on the young woman. Jayne was alone inside the cockpit, and sitting on the pilot's seat with his feet propped up on the console's edge. The psychodelic sights of fold space were readily visible through the cockpit's monitors and re-inforced glass panes around them.

In all truth, part of him didn't like having Alessa and her friends onboard. His gut agreed in that they were trouble. Still, the money was good, especially since he was always paid for their services in its convenient cashy form. It'd helped him make the call to let the blonde-haired woman and her friend onboard the first time around.

"Well... as you can see, we're still flying colours, so we're down to usin' them eyeballs until we come out of fold. We're..." he sat up enough to examine the data displayed on one of the screens before him prior to slumping down on the seat again, never turning to look at Victoria. "...four hours out from the station."

Alessa "Puma" Kavannagh
The Fiery One

Alessa fought the sting of revulsion brought about by Brant's remark on Victoria's 'cologne', a comment coupled with what she assumed to be Brant checking on her 'goods', so to speak. She made an effort not to let any of it show on her, nor pay any mind to the tiny voice in the back of her head that just begged for her to bash Brant's head against the bulkhead until nothing remained of it but bits of bone, brains and blood. It was business as usual for Alessa, some would say, even if her... strong feelings against males went triple as far as Victoria was concerned.

Doesn't help much that she's a bit of a flirt, does it? Alessa thought to herself, both her elbows resting on top of the table and holding the warm, slush-filled mug with both hands.

Alessa knew that if Brant truly was anywhere like her star pupil of old, she had to be careful not to let him know of the things that truly got to her.

"Well, not everyone is cut out to lead a civilian life." She said, a low smile forming in her lips.