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Code of Conduct (OOC)
« on: December 16, 2009, 11:21:51 PM »
Game rules and additions, and discussion of game rules.

House Rules

-Grappling Weapons
-Shocking Weapons
-Dimensional anything
-Stupid Mekton Tricks
-Thought control,
-Beast/Insect/Avian/Aquatic Animal  forms
-Energy Pools,
-Nuclear Weapon (for PC's)
-Lets active


Suppression Attack.
 Suppression Attack are made with weapons with BV (Burst Value) or BR (Blast Radius).
With automatic weapons you choose to make a suppression attack instead of a normal attack roll 1d10 +10 + bv (max of 10) vs the target(s) stability, if successful the target suffers a -3 penalty to all actions for one round. If the target cannot be damaged by the attack he does not suffer from suppression.
 All Blast Radius weapons have the added effect of suppression, only those that are caught in the blast suffers from it. The damage of the weapon vs the stability of the target(s). Mek weapons automatically suppress all non major NPC targets in its blast radius. Against major NPC and PC its the 1d10 + 10 + kill value of the weapon. If the target cannot be damaged by the attack he does not suffer from suppression.

Two Weapon Combat
 Attacking with two weapons gives you two attacks per action, only weapons that can be held in one hand can be dual wielded. The attacks are made with an -1 penalty for melee and single shot handguns, and -3 for SMG's and shotguns. There is an additional minus -2 to attack per additional target after the first using ranged weapons.

Character Generation Guide Lines

 All character are made with the cinematic method. Each player have 70 points on there character Plus 2 points in education. For a total of 72 Points, No stat can be below 2 or greater than 10. Minimum Character age is 16, there is no maximum age but you do not receive Job skill points after age 30. Psionic power are allowed. Initial Psi points are equal to you potential plus all you skill levels combined

Characters can be Veteran or Rookie. Prodigy template is allowed as well.

Tsubaeran PC's
 All Tsubaeran PC must have a minimum Psi of 3 and will have access to TL 7 equipment. They can by Psi Skill at the normal rate due to Tsubaeran emphasis on psychic training. But because of the focus in Psi skills it cost double to raise any non psi skill above 5.

-General Knowledge: All character starts with a skill called general knowledge equal to 1/3 of their intelligence stat rounded down.
-Heavy Weapons/Support Weapons: Skill for using Mortars, Rocket Launchers, Field Guns, Flame Throwers, etc


 All personal equipment is limited to TL 5 at character generation with the exception of Tsubaeran PCs. Equipment is not limited by money pick out whatever is needed.

 All Tsubaeran personal energy weapons can also charged by Psi Points at the rate of 1 psi = 1 shot at full power for ranged or 5 turns for melee weapons. consumer electronics simply requires the user to have 1 psi point to operate.
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Tsubaera and Psions
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2010, 02:57:43 AM »
All Tsubaeran technology requires a certain level of psi potential to use.

Psi Potential 01: All consume electronics, and personal civilian vehicles
Psi Potential 02: Large civilian vehicles: buses, large trucks, etc
Psi Potential 03: Military grade energy weapons
Psi Potential 04: Mass transit vehicles. Military grade vehicle. Heavy energy weapons
Psi Potential 05: Aircraft/Planetary Shuttles/Surface Ships/Submarines/
Psi Potential 06: Minimum level require to serve aboard a starship. Starship navigation and sensors
Psi Potential 07: Starship weapons and reactor.

Military Vehicles
Psion potential governs reactor output. Once the character expends all psi points the vehicle shuts down.

1-3 Under Charged ( not fit for military duty)
4-7 Standard
7-9 Overcharged
10 Supercharged

Tsubaeran Meks
do not use the normal mek skills instead TK is used for Mecha Melee, Fighting and Piloting, Levitation is use for the mecha's movement. Clairvoyance is used as sensors, and various powers are used as weapons.

The main system of a Tsubaeran Mek is the esper lens, the pilot controls all actions of the mek through it. Most Meks would carry a melee weapon of some type as a reserve weapon, in case they were to be in an extended battle.
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Bracing with Shields
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2010, 10:44:32 PM »
You can Brace a shield in front of a critical location and have the shield act as cover for it. Small Shield (DA -2) can only cover one location, Medium Shield can cover the arm holding the shield plus one location, Large Shields  (DA 0) can cover all locations, if the head is covered then the pilot suffer -4 to all offensive, defensive and sensor related actions. If the mecha takes damage that can cause knock back then the brace is broken for the remainder of the turn. It is a free action to brace the shield, parrying also breaks the bracing. Once the bracing is broken it cannot be set again till the next turn.