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3rd Independent Light Brigade OOB
« on: December 17, 2009, 02:17:53 AM »
3rd Independent Light Brigade OOB

3rd Independent Light Brigade
Brigadier General Hans Kazimir, Brigade Commander.

22nd Heavy AFV Regiment
- 1st AFV Squadron (Heavy)
- 2nd AFV Squadron (Heavy)
- 3rd AFV Squadron (Light)
- 1st Anti Vehicle Company

41st Mechanized Infantry Battalion
- 1st Motorized Infantry Company
- 2nd Motorized Infantry Company
- 1st Anti Air Company
- 2nd Anti Vehicle Company

1st Special Operations Command
-37nd Armored Recon Squadron
-1st Mixed AFW Squadron
-124th Engineering Company
-12th Armored Artillery Battery

34th Support and Logistic Company
-101st Transportation Company
-44th Medical Company

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Krowari Military Ranking
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2010, 04:54:35 PM »
O9 Chief Marshall
O8 Vice Marshall
O7 Lead General
O6 Brigadier General
O5 Regimentist
O4 Junior Regmentist
O3 Guard Major
O2 Squadron Major
O1 Major

E9 Chief Flag Guard
E8 Flag Guard
E7 Chief Guard Master
E6 Staff Guard Master
E5 Guard Master
E4 Guard Leader
E3 Squad Leader
E2 Junior Squad Leader
E1 Guardsmen

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First Mixed AFW Company OOB
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1st Mixed AFW Company is the newest company of the 3rd Independent Light Brigade. It has the distinction of being manned primarily by weakest or non psions. This unit was established by Brigadier General Hans Kazmir as a tool for to develop new tactics involving joint operations between AFW/AFV and infantry and testing out various new weapons before they are green lighted for mas production; because of that, its armored units is largely equipped with experiment equipment, and therefore is prone to equipment break down.

1st Mixed AFW Company is staffed with thirteen officers and one hundred and fifteen enlisted personnel, twenty five of which are NCO's. THe company is made up of an AFW Platoon and an AFV Platoon, each is assigned with 6 units, although in practice no more than four units from each platoon are available for combat operations at any one time. The armored component is supported by an Mechanized Infantry Platoon with four infantry squads and supporting vehicles. An Recon Section is attached to allow the company greater independence in its operations.  Each Platoon is supplies with two transport vehicles, with the infantry platoon using two additional vehicles; for supplies and equipment separated from the brigades motor pool

All this mechanization mean the company require significantly more resource to operate. The support staff for this company is 50% larger and company's of similar size, and it consumes three times more supplies than an infantry company and nearly double the supplies of an AFV or AFW company, although much of the supply consumption is due to the unique nature of the equipment used by the company.

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1st Mixed AFW Company
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Code: [Select]
Company HQ
Commanding Officer Guard Major Matell von Heller M
Executive Officer Squadron Major Henri Konzel M
Operations Officer Major Huvcer F
2nd Operation Officer
Supply Sergent
Company Armorer
Chief Quarter Master Major Suelg F
AFW Platoon
Platoon Commander Squadron Major Flein Faruan F
Platoon NCO Guard Master Adel Unberdaft M
Unit A Major Bresce Derucc M
Unit B Guard Master Fykle Havc M
Unit C Major Shelle Uidfee F
Unit D Guard Master Teldfs Soineir M
Supply Sergent
AFV Platoon
Platoon Commander Squadron Major Helin Uckei M
Platoon NCO Guard Master Keis Keyni M
Unit A Guard Leader Sefkof Soneir M
Unit B
Unit C
Unit D
Supply Sergent
Mech Inf
Squad 1 Major Cersa Czeos M
Squad 2 Major Husll Kceis M
Squad 3
Squad 4
Supply Sergent
Recon Section
Recon Leader Major Jaene Seager F
Recon NCO
Unit A

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