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Political Entities (OOC)
« on: January 07, 2010, 04:48:29 AM »
political map of the Ayien galaxy near the conclusion of the Tsubaeran Withdraw

Grey: Non Allied Former Tsubaeran Colonies
Light Green Vesgelti Sector
Dark Green: Aesgelti Sector
Emerald Green: Krowzari Sector  
Light Blue: Durvahi Empire
Yellow: Braimintz Sector
Dark Blue: Kosara Sector
Purple: Telesia Sector
Orange: Tolenar Sector
Dark Red: Iotora Sector
Brown: Dassidi Free Planets Union
Red: Tsubaeran Empire

Short Time Line (NE - NEW ERA)
NE: 0001 - Tsuurae is Colonized
NE: 0016 - Era of the Great Renewal
NE: 0539 - Imperial Edict 33: Tsubaeran Retreat Begins
NE: 0751 - Present Day


The Second Empire of Tsubaera
 The second Tsubaren Empire was formed several millenniums ago after a great war at ravaged their worlds, during that time well over three quarters of the empire's population was killed, and the remaining Tsubaerans left their homeworlds within the galactic core and migrated towards the rim. After several centuries traveling amongst the stars, the high council finally agreed on a planet to settle. The new planet named Tsuurae after the only living descendant of the previous emperor, was settle on NE (New Era) 1 and Kluvis the commander of the expedition declared himself emperor and married imperial princess Tsuurae.
 During the next several hundred years the period know as the Great Renewal, the empire expanded in every direction and with their Psion powers carved and empire far larger than their predecessor. Even an attempt to reclaimed the galactic core and the old homeworlds, after enormous cost and limited success the project was postponed in favor of expansions along the galactic rim.
 The last several centuries saw one series of set back after another for the empire, the most pressing and alarming is the looming demographic crisis. During the Great Renewal, the once strict caste system was relaxed in the frontiers and many nobles stationed their took wives outside of there class, some even married none Tsubaeran. This resulted in a generation of Tsubaeran nobles, born with sub par psionic potential.
 The empire is powered by psions, the sheer volume of space need to be covered is stressing the empire's logistic ability to the breaking point. With less and less psions available for starship duty, the high council has issued several edicts regards relationship between castes and strictly forbade marriages with non Tsubaeran except under special circumstances.
 To Address pressure on the empire and it space forces, the emperor order the withdraw of all Tsubaeran Forces from its colonial worlds. Initially the edict meet with heavy oppositions, but as the withdraw progress the logistical pressure has lighten significantly, the newly independent colonies wanting to maintain a competitive edge in interstellar commerce, pays a significant premium to secure Tsubaeran shipping to help expedite the transport of their goods.
 Today Tsuabaeran shipping giants such as  Shikuma Transportation, and Tsubaera Royal Shipping, transport 85 percent of all good shipped in the galaxy, and generate a lion's share on the Empires periodic budget.

Durvahi Empire
 The only nation that successfully resisted Tsubaeran control, thanks to its distance from the Tsubaeran Core Worlds. Very little is known of this empire, its borders are heavily defended and the patrols shoot on sight. Since the start of the Tsubaeran withdrawn Durvahi has made a few attempts to reclaim several lost colonies, but so far has not sent a sizable expedition beyond its borders.

Dassidi Free Planets Union
 The youngest colonies of the empire, The Dassidi Sector was never under solid imperial control before the withdraw was declared. The sector united under a federal government mainly as a way to prevent another outside incursion, however in fighting amongst the member planets have effectively paralyzed the federal government.
 The sector is widely considered to be the most uncivilized area in the galaxy, and the most dangerous with the exception of the galactic core. Its only distinction is that the Union is the very first colonial government to be recognized by the Tsubaeran Crown.

Telesia Sector (Tranos Telesia)
 When the Empire first arrived in the are, the sector had been settle extensively by an unremarkleble race of humans originating from a planet on the edge of the sector called Telesia. With no FTL capabilities, there was no single government amongst all the coloinal worlds or even a sense of national identity.
 When Tsubaera's Royal Fleet sweep through the system, not a single system resisted. At first the Tsubaera Colonial Company was over joyed at the conquests, several dozen populated, docile, and rich planets had been added to the kingdom with minimal effort. Several system near the edge had already developed an considerable industrial base and miraculously it was compatible with Tsubaeran Tech with very little modification. The first Colonial Governor even billed the sector as a sector of 'lost colonies' and was to be the "core worlds of the frontier". The enthusiasm soon faded however, as the oddly the Telesian have an abnormally low level of Psion population, virtually all were untrained and so weak as to be useless in any industrial use. Faced with a mounting demographic problem, at the core worlds, the planned expansion of the Telesian Sector was reluctantly postponed indefinitely after an enormous expenditure of treasure.
 Because of its potential, Tsubaera maintained a significant military presence here long after it abandoned near by colonies, it was amongst the last colonies to be granted independence in during the withdraw. Today several former administrators have styled themselves lords and claim jurisdiction over the entire sector, these claims have not lead to armed conflicts between them yet.

Braimintz Sector(Braimintz Sovereignty)
 Conquered for a few decades before the withdraw begin, the resistance quickly turn on each other as the Tsubaerans and their Aesgelti Auxiliaries left. Over the next century and a half, various the factions warred with each other for dominance. When the ashes finally settle the Sovereignty stood above the rest in the burnt out ruins that is what remained of the sector. Realizing that unless money is brought in some how the nation is doom, the leaders use the only asset available to them, a massive battle harden army of countless wars. The Sovereignty descend upon former Tsubaeran worlds like hungry wolves, planets were stripped of all useful material even the population was shipped en mass back to Sovereignty worlds.
 Over the last fifty years the Sovereignty quadrupled in size, sated for now it has turn its attentions inward absorbing the new population and rebuilding destroyed industry. It nevertheless keep a watchful eye outwards, wary of the new nation forming around it.

Aesgelti Sector (Kingdom of Aesgelti)
 Aesgelti are an off shoot of the war like but primitive Gelti people, unlike the core ward cousins, the Aesgelti saw the arrive of the Tsubaerans as the return of there long lost deities and quickly pledge the life in service to the empire. Their aggressive nature lent them to serve as soldiers and enforcers for the Tsubaren Empire, and they took to their new role with great enthusiasm. Most Aesgeltians are organized into there own units, led by an Tsubaren commander. This units serves as auxiliary and garrisons troops through out the galaxy, dealing with issues not fit for Tsubaeran regulars.
 Since the withdraw began, the need for large quantity of garrison troops disappeared, and Tsubaerans did not wish for the Gelti to settle in Tsubaera. To address this a large swath of territory was reserved for the Aesgelti for them to settle as each unit was disbanded. The Aesgelti immediately choose their most senior commanded as ruler and proceeded to wage war on their heretical brethren the Vesgelti.
 A staunch ally of the Tsubaeran Empire, Aesgelti enjoy very close ties with many of the major noble families and have a preferred status with the empire. The Aesgelti are horrible administrators and managers they rely heavily on Tsubaeran subsidies to help support their economy.

Vesgelti Sector (Vesgeltian Empire)
 The Gelti are among the first people encountered by Tsubaera as they expanded there empire, unlike the Aesgelti, Vesgelti believed that the Tsubaerans are the demons that their gods had sealed away before leaving the Gelti's forever. While feigning cooperation with the Tsubaerans initially, most of the Vesgelti stay on the homeworlds and stole as much as they can from the Tsubaerans. The withdraw was seen as a sign from their gods to strike at the Tsubaeran.
 Equally unskilled at administration and management as their cousins, how they manage to maintain a coherent and functional government is a matter of some debate. Currently they occupy the old Gelti worlds and is engage in a protracted war with the Kingdom of Aesgelti. The industrial weakness of both nations have prevent either side from gaining a decisive advantage.

Krowzari Sector
 Occupying the Krowzari Corridor the key travel routes to the Seerul Arm of the galaxy. This sector has been the hub of commercial activity since it was first brought under imperial rule. Many in the high council has argued about the wisdom of releasing control of such a key trade route. With the Tsubaeran dominance on space travel, it was eventually decided that it was more cost effective to leave the administration of the corridor to others.
 Two factions are vying for the control of the sector, the Krowzari Concord, and the Krowzari Union, the latter consist much of the land owning old gentry while the former is dominated by the newly wealthy merchant families. Tsubaeran has so far remained neutral in the dispute, even as the dispute as escalated in to several border skirmishes. Full blown civil war seem inevitable in the sector.

(More to come)
Kosara Sector

Tolenar Sector

Iotora Sector
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