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Introduction (OOC)
« on: January 14, 2010, 01:27:04 AM »
[Took me a while to get here mainly due to my very disorganized notes.]

Disclaimer: This would only be my second attempt to run a PbP game. (The first one died rather quick due to player attrition, this time I brought IRL friends so I don't expect to have that problem.) But I have ran mekton for many years in PnP. So I might adjust a few rules along the way if it proves to be troublesome in a PbP game, I will do my best to keep the things consistent, and in general if I rule on 2 things differently the first one stand unless its gimmicky.

 This game is a military style campaign planned, each episode is expected to be 2-4 weeks of games time with about 1-3 month between episodes first story arc is planned ot be 13 episode and deals with the rise of a new nation. The game is set in a turbulent era similar to our early 19th century, the superpower dominating the galaxy withdrew into is own borders, leaving various upstarts to fend of them selves.

 Its an era where rapid technological advancements are made, war is an extension of politics, people full of unabashed nationalism. Where the civilized struggle against the uncivilized, and poor toiling under the rich. It is also an era full of opportunities, where even a poor null psion peasant can rise to become the heads of states, through strength of arms or political maneuvering.

 While this is a military style campaign, but an episode is just as likely involving a state dinner than a stomp through the swamp. Plus I would prefer that much of the fighting be in the backdrop and  avoid set piece battles every other page, battle can easily slow down a well paced PnP campaign. And from my limited experience in PBP slow things to a  bare crawl. So I encourage my plays to use skills gain the upper hand in an encounters before, emptying that clip.

 I hope to get the game started in 2 weeks with a minimum of one post per week. I expect this to be an long campaign, so please don't join if your just gonna move on in a few weeks, it save both of us time, and I can spend that time on someone who is looking to stay with my story.

 We currently have 3 openings, since this is a custom world that me and my friends have use for quite a while in one version or another, I'm sure new players will have questions. If you think you might be interested in this game feel free to PM me with some question and I'll do my best to answer them.  

 Thanks for reading, basic series information below.

-Basic Series Information

Game Title: Chronicles of the 3rd Light Brigade
Game Premise:Military Action
Game Tone: Medium might veer a towards serious.
Realism: Realistic (where possible)
Techlevel: 3-7
Starting Year:  NE 751

-Important Notes

Medical Technology: TL 4-7 depending on area, no cloning, cyberware or regeneration.
New Technologies: see code of conduct thread.
Special Rules: see code of conduct thread. No lets active or g factor

-Player Character Information

Role of the PC: Nobles, Military Personnel, Mercenaries, Civilian Contractors, Peons.
Char Generation: Cinematic
Requirements: +5 for skills the character specialize in.
Limits: No teleportation or dimensional travel.
Pro and Templates: any or make your own.
Esper: Yes
Esper PC's: Yes
Esper Powerlevel: Max +10
Frequency of Espers: very Common
Aliens: None  
How Common: N/A
Alien PC's: N/A

-Government and Cultural Information

Government: Monarchy/Imperial/Dictatorship/Republic
Culture: Some Medieval/Mostly early 19th century
Planets: many
Systems: many
Languages: Common Tsubaeran (common)/various native languages  One free at +6.

-Mecha Technology

Super heroic or Military: Military. Custom mechas available
Role of Mecha: Combat Vehicles/ Heavy Construction Equipment.
Availability: Various. See code of conduct thread.
Requirements: Various. See below
Weaponry: Various. See below
MTS Systems Not Available: Stupid Mekton Trick, shocking or grappling weapons, techno-organics, thought control, no teleportation, beast/insect/avian/aquatic animal  forms, combiners, energy pools, metaform, and nuclear weapons. See code of conduct thread.
Weight Efficiency: 50%
Space Efficiency: 10 CP
Standards: Varies. See Below.

-Space Technology

Starship availability: Governments or mega corporations.
Space Travel Availability: Interstellar travel available at high costs. Inter planetary travel common.
Sub light Drive: Yes TL 7
Hyperdrive: 1 LY/hour Galactic diameter ~70000 LYs

Mekton Standards.

Normal Mekton
Most of former colonials imitated Tsubaeran Mek design, and use a crude unrefined version of psion core used in Tsubaeran Meks. These meks need psi power to activate the core but other wise functions as a standard rule mek.

There a 2 types of these mechas differentiated by the psion cores a Class 1 Mek is always under charged no matter who is using it. A Class 2 Mek has a variable power plant rating based on user psi potential

5k of armor and a medium striker frame usually equipped with a single shot  breech loaded rifle damage is 2-4k and shield of various sizes plus a (6k) melee weapon. No flight systems, use manual controls, and SL sensors.  All mektons at the start of the game will require psi powers to use, non psion Mek will be introduced as the game progresses. Command armor is not yet available.

No energy weapons are available yet, all common 'guns' are single shot chemically propelled breech loaders

Tsubaeran Mekton
Based around the the Esper lens. Tsubaera meks are piloted with Psionic skills with Telekineses governing piloting, melee and fighting, and various psychic power used ad individual ranged weapons. Levitation governs MA and clairvoyance governs sensors.

Tsubaeran meks have 6k standard armor, and usually carry and 6k sword and/or shield they have default(free) reflex controls, Em protection, and power plant rating is based on psi potential.  Ranged weapons systems, ECM/ECCM, sensors, flight systems are not available to Tsubaeran meks.

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