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Game Information
« on: October 22, 2011, 04:23:50 PM »
Lady Godiva - A SMS Franchise
Among the local threats to the M15-2 Sector was the Athena Fleet.  A ruthless coalition of Pirate vessel that preyed on merchant ships of the region.   After years of capturing expensive prizes and facing violent competition from renegade Zentradi fleets the coalition disbanded.  A handful of the Pirate ships lead by the Lady Godiva reorganized themselves as a Privateer Fleet and started to take contracts from backward unaligned colonies.  Lady Godiva's reputation grew enough to get noticed by corporations and NUN colonies.  Both had opportunities for privateers but couldn't be associated with such a ragtag group of miscreants.  They had to turn their Privateer Fleet into a legitimate operation.  This took several steps.  Biggest one was signing a licensee agreement with the S.M.S (Strategic Military Services).  This agreement allowed the Lady Godiva to operate as Private Military/Naval Company under the S.M.S Flag and thus now legally recognized to sign bigger contracts.  Since becoming a franchisee of S.M.S Lady Godiva has signed a long-term contract with the NUNS forces located in M15-2 Sector.  Ironically the same sector that Lady Godiva formerly engaged in piracy with the Athena Fleet.  Systems of the M15-2 Sector are heavily divided with increase incidents of borders skirmishes between them.  The Colonies have also started building up their own defense forces with Private Military Companies.  Lady Godiva/S.M.S was put under contract by NUNS as military deterrent.  With fees greater than NUN's M15-2 Sector can afford payment arrangement have been made with additional corpate sponsors and lending of NUN's equipment.

Macross Quarter (Macross 15th Fleet)

The Macross 15 Fleet did not leave the colonist of Sector M15-2 undefended.  Along with a sizable (at the time) force of U.N.Spacy defenders they also left them with the Fleet's Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier.   For over a decade it served as a symbolic flag ship for NUNS in the sector.   Where it kept a stationary position orbiting NUNS primary colony in the Caesar System for well over a decade.   It was recently handled over to the Lady Godiva Private Naval Company as part of NUNS Sector contract with the local SMS franchise.  The Macross Quarter or 'Lady Godiva' as her crew refers to her is leased at no charge to the Private Navy as partial payment for their services.   

Crew & Passengers: 1000+
Length: 472 meters
Weight: 265,000 tons
Mecha: 60-80 (Cheyenne II Destroids, VF-171 Nightmare Plus, VF-19 Excalibur and a handful of VF-25 Messiah)
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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2011, 04:59:58 PM »
Characters of Note

Bridge Crew
Lieutenant Colonel Turmeric Morgan - Ship's Captain (46 year old Cloned Human Male)
Colonel Morgan was handed picked by Lady Godiva's former Captain Equis to command the Macross Quarter.  Morgan was groomed by the former pirate/turned privateer to take over upon their retirement.   Lady Godiva's former Captain Equis's presence is still felt as they're still the chief share holder and mayor of small civilian community that supports them.

Major Honey Smirnoff - S.M.S/NUNS Liaison Officer (25 year old Human Female)
Lady Godiva is on her first year as S.M.S franchisee.  She has been assigned Major Honey Smirnoff to act as Liaison Officer to monitor her operations and provide advice in negotiating with very important customers such as NUNS.  Major Honey Smirnoff was an NUNS Intelligence Officer before signing up with S.M.S. and still is part of the Reserve Service.  S.M.S suspects (and rightfully so) that Major Smirnoff joined in order to keep tads on them for NUNS.  This nuisance has been dropped on Lady Godiva.

Captain Blizzard Stripe - Chief Operator & Ship's Helmsman (19 Year old Human Male)
Blizzard is a young recent recruit to Lady Godiva.  He joined shortly before Lady Godiva became part of S.M.S the young man refused to give his real name and goes by the nickname Blizzard Stripe instead.  Blizzard lacks discipline but is one hell of a capital ship pilot.

First Lieutenant Helvetica Walker - Ship's Operator in charge of Managing the Status of On board Systems (17 Year old Meltran/Human Female)
Helvetica is youngest member of the Bridge Crew but also the only certified genius among them.  Painfully socially awkward she rarely speaks accept when talking about ship.

Second Lieutenant Masala Absolut - Ship's Operator in charge of Communications and Weapons Control (25 Year old Zolan Female)
Some think Lieutenant Absolut joined Lady Godiva because she was banished from her home world for talking too much.  In addition to a gift of gab she is fascinated with snakes and has over 30 of them as pets in her quarters and a couple with her at all times.

Second Lieutenant Ginger Bacardi - Ship's Operator in charge of Radar (22 Year old Meltran)
Ginger Bacardi is obsessed with eye brows.  No one knows why.  When ever she meets someone she studies their eye brows.  Ginger is also very friendly with the opposite sex.  There has yet be found any correlation found between her lovers and any common eye brow shape. 

Combat Crew

Major Scarlet Perignon - Commander Air Group & Stiletto Squadron (32 Year old Cloned Human Female)
Major Perignon is veteran mercenary pilot first recruited by Lady Godiva during her Privateer years prior to becoming a legitimate operation.  Scarlet is an expert pilot of skill typically found with prior military experience.  Where Perignon learn this skill is unknown.

Captain Toshiko Swenson -  Second in Command of Stiletto Squadron (42 year old Human Female)
Previously First Lieutenant Swenson of the Nightspiders a VF-11 Thunderbolt Squadron from the Macross 15th Fleet.  Toshiko was discharged a decade ago after hiding a pregnancy while still flying combat missions.  Her having never relieved her child's father still leads speculations that it was a high ranking N.U.N.S officer still with the Macross 15th Fleet.  Toshiko has since joined the S.M.S and been assigned to their Lady Godiva Franchise.  Being the oldest pilot Major Perignon has her serving more of a role as Squadron Adjutant rather than strictly a combat squadron leader.   

Captain Grun Marnier - Company Leader of the 1st Antiaircraft Defense Battery (29 Year Old Human/Zentran Male)
Half of Lady Godiva's Mecha Compliment is composed of Cheyenne II Destroids.  Captain Marnier leads the battery assigned to defend the Bridge Tower.

First/Second Lieutenant "Name" - Dagger Team Leader
(Playing Character) leads Dagger Team.  Lady Godiva's only VF-25 Messiah unit.  They pilot the VF-25S Leader Variant.

Warrant Officer/Second Lieutenant "Name" - Dagger Team Sniper
(Playing Character) Dagger Team Member.  Lady Godiva's only VF-25 Messiah unit.  They pilot the VF-25G Sniper Variant.

Warrant Officer/Second Lieutenant "Name" - Dagger Team Member
(Playing Character) Dagger Team Member.  Lady Godiva's only VF-25 Messiah unit.  They pilot the VF-25F Normal Variant.

Warrant Officer/Second Lieutenant "Name" - Dagger Team Electronic Warfare Expert
(Playing Character) Dagger Team Member.  Lady Godiva's only VF-25 Messiah unit.  They pilot the RVF-25 EW Variant.

Support Crew

'Commodore' Equis - Lady Godiva's Chief Shareholder & Acting Mayor (69 year Human Male)
Equis was already a seasoned pirate when his ship the Lady Godiva joined the coalition of ships that became the Athena Fleet.   Where others of the Athena Fleet saw the increasing rise of renegade Zentradi engaging as a sign to move on Equis saw it as a new opportunity for turning Privateer.  Having finally gained legitimacy Equis took the honorary title of Commodore (switch to him sounded better than Chief Shareholder) and retired.  As someone use to a long life in space the Commodore stayed onboard.  Now acts as community leader for civilian support community that stays on the newest ship to be named the Lady Godiva.

Doctor Beam - Field Medic (65 Year old Zentran)
Beam was among the Zentradi who surrendered during the UNSpacy & Commander Vrlitwhai's operation to capture their first Factory.  Already lacking physical strength compared to other Zentradi Beam was trained in a new occupation as first responder.  Not able to adjust to life of peace Beam went out searching.  Found the Lady Godiva and been with them ever since.   Despite his age Doctor Beam still prefers to practice medicine in the field.  This is no concern for Doctor Beam's age as Zentradi don't age the same as normal humans.     

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Player Character Creation
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2011, 09:44:40 PM »
Creating A Pilot

Playing Characters are Variable Fighter Pilots for Lady Godiva a S.M.S. Franchise.  Lady Godiva operates not unlike Privateers of old.   Her crew is mixed of barely reformed outlaws and professional S.M.S. contractors.  Lady Godiva's lead fighter unit is Stiletto Squadron.  Playing Characters fly in a special subunit of Stiletto Squadron that flies the VF-25 Messiah called Dagger Team.   Elaborate, detailed, long character backgrounds aren't required.  Please provide just one or two paragraphs.    A Pilot's background is not just a list of accomplishments and life events but a place to describe your Pilot's appearance and personality.

Please refer to the Sector Information & Interaction Forum ( for more information about the Setting.

Pilot's Early Life
Most young adults of Sector M15-3 were born in space among the Macross 15th Fleet.  Their life from those days are some of their earliest childhood memories.  After the Macross 15 placed half of its Colonist in Sector M15-3 your character was raised on...

Roll 1D10 or Choose

* Either City 15 or one of the Island Cluster Class Ship from the Macross 15 Fleet.   You weren't born in during the Macross 15th Fleet's Mission.  Instead you came on board the Macross 15 with your parents as emigrants.

Pilot's Training/Past Experience & Age
Being mobile as most Privateers are Lady Godiva did not always have the resources to train her own pilots.  Most came as already trained mercenaries.  Since joining with the S.M.S they have gained more pilots through them.  Fighter Pilot's of Dagger Team are relatively young.  Lady Godiva has been operating as Privateers for years but only been a S.M.S Franchise for less than a single year.  Ages for Dagger Team Pilots ranges from 16-30.  The Pilot's Training/Experience background also provides reasonable starting ages.   

Roll 1D10 or Choose
  • 1-2: Recruited by S.M.S directly from their local High School's Aeronautics Department.  If the Pilot is under 18 years of age they are still a student flying only part-time and taking classes the other half of the time.  Lady Godiva will be their first military experience.  (Roll 1D10 for Character's Age.  1-2: 16 Years Old, 3-4: 17 Years Old, 5-6: 18 Years Old, 7-8: 19 Year Old, 9-10: 20 Years old.)

  • 3-5: Lured away from N.U.N.S Pilot by an S.M.S Head Hunter.  Always looking for talent S.M.S will offer contracts to N.U.N.S pilots.  In addition to more pay S.M.S offers many perks.  It also offers a greater chance the pilot will actually see combat.  More and more pilots who joined N.U.N.S with dreams of being a pilot have found themselves flying support for the Ghost Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicles rather than reenlisted they join the S.M.S instead.  (Roll 1D10+20 for Character's Age.)
  • 6-10: Mercenary already flying for Lady Godiva.   Pilot has received training with either N.U.N.S or some Colonial Air Force and has worked as freelance pilot for other of Mercenary Companies since ending their required term of service.  While these Companies can have a "moral" code they follow their activities aren't always legal.  Both N.U.N.S & S.M.S refuse to employ Mercenaries directly but have allegedly used them through indirect channels.  When Lady Godiva became part of S.M.S many its current crew and pilots were allowed to stay.  Including Renegade and Deserters from N.U.N.S and local Defense Forces.  (Roll 1D10+17 for Character's Age.)

Pilot's Statistics & Skills
This game will be using the basic rules from Mekton Z Anime Mecha Roleplaying Game by R. Talsorian Games, Inc.   If you have and know the system you may create a Character from scratch using the Concept Method & Lifepath.   Just start a New Topic for your Character in the Character Recruiting Board.( Use a Dice Roller Site like Invisible Castle ( for any dice rolls and post the results.   If you don't know Mekton that well you can learn the basics with help from Mekton Alpha ( A Free Introduction to Mekton Zeta and Super Dimesion Fortress Mekton Macross RPG Guide (  While neither of these guides will provide information of how to make a character from scratch they will explain enough of game concepts in order to play the game.  On pages 5 & 6 of The SDFM Macross RPG Guide is a Skill List and Archetype suitable for a starting Pilot.  Just use those Statistics and Skills for your Pilot and spend 5 Skill Points on additional skills for the List to customize your Pilot.

Pilot's Ace Status & Rank
Shooting down 5 or more Aircraft normally makes a Pilot an Ace.  In the world of Over Technology Mecha and Anime Physics shooting down 25 or more Aircraft/Mecha is required to make Ace Status.  To determine your Pilot's Starting Score Roll 1D10 for every two years past the age of 16.  Characters aged 16 or 17 will Roll 1D6 and divide the result.  Such young Pilot's aren't likely to have that much combat experience.  If your Character has score at least 100 kills you get the title of being an Ace of Aces.  S.M.S is not just a private military company but it's also a business.  The rank & title they provide is not always equal to any previously held rank that a Pilot has held before.  With the S.M.S your Pilot starts off as Warrant Officer.  Feel free to pick any rank or title for your past Military Career.  Use some common sense.  As there aren't that many 18 year old Generals.

Pilot's Relationship with Dagger Team & Wild Cards
At the Start of the game all Pilots for Dagger Team have already been with Lady Godiva for up to (or over) a year.  They've been spending this time in training for the arrival of Dagger Team's VF-25 Messiahs.  They have spent weeks in combat simulators and months practicing flying as unit with the VF-171 Nightmare Plus.  Occasional gaining some combat experience during this time too.  Pilots of Dagger Team already knows another.  With the other Players come up with relationship between your characters.  Are you friends, rivals, brothers or Lovers, etc. with another Character of Dagger Team?  Remember this is an Anime based game even melodramatic relationships can be appropriate.  The Wild Cards is a N.U.N.S Playing Character Squadron that takes part in the same Campaign.  The Wild Cards represents N.U.N.S & Dagger Team represents S.M.S.   Your characters on occasion will see eachother from time to time.  You are on the same side but basically rivals.  They see Lady Godiva as a bunch of Pirates.  I invite you to even create some melodramatic relationships with some of the Wild Card Player Characters as you may have met in the past.  If you know any of the Wild Cards from the past assume that you've haven't seen the other in at least a year.
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"Why would Anglia Jolie adopt my son when I offered to make one with her the natural way?"

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« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2011, 03:55:49 PM »
Rules & Expections

Following list are the rules that contributors of Lady Godiva are expected to follow.

  • Posting at least once a Week is mandatory.  If you can post more feel free to go head.  Don't get too far ahead of the other Players.  The Game Master will make small daily post as needed but will make one "big" update post per week.  If you don't post for your Character by the time the Game Master is making the "big" update post it will cause problems.
  • This is War and People Die.  Character death can happen.  Most common cause is a really bad dice roll vs an opponents really good one, carelessness, foolishness.  There are a couple of saves for your Characters.  Lack of posting isn't one of these saves.
  • Keep others informed if you can't post.  You have to post at least once a week.  If you can't make an in Character post you still have 7 days to post an OOC notice that you can't post this week.  It takes less than 5 minutes to do this.   It is the Game Master's discretion to accept excuses after the fact.
  • Be Proactive.  Games can slow down and die for many reasons.  One reason I would like to avoid is a lack of effort.  Some Game Masters and Players get in the "I was waiting for this other Playing Character to post or some outside action to happen" rut.  Don't let another Player's lack of effort effect your effort.
  • Keep long OOC questions and comments for the specific OOC topic.
  • Action/Combat Post follow the typical format.  Written description followed by a list of your character's actions (2 action most common).  Link to dice roll results if required.  Remember most defense actions in Mekton are automatic.  You can describe them if you wish but you don't have to spend an action for them.  Don't worry about listing actions or dice rolls for mundane task.   Be detailed with Action/Combat Posts to avoid confusion.   You can be inventive with your actions as well just try to be semi-reasonable. 
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"Why would Anglia Jolie adopt my son when I offered to make one with her the natural way?"