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SVF-484 Wildcards Info (updated 2012.09.21)
« on: October 30, 2011, 11:24:52 AM »
Welcome to the SVF-484 Wildcards.

Important Links

I like to have a large amount of character interaction in my games.  As such, prospective players should be good writers that play off of the details provided by other players and the GM.  If I am unfamiliar with your work, I may ask for a referral, a short familiarization side game, or both.

In addition, there are certain obligations and restrictions attributed to playing in the game:
  • the player promises to post once a week.
  • joining restrictions are usually, but not limited to, having to wait until a suitable time in the story to join.  (Example: if the squad is in the midst of a top-secret mission, the new player must wait until the squad has returned from the mission.)

See the Wildcards Joining and Creation Notes for further details.

By agreeing to play and posting in character in my games, you (the player) agree to abide by the terms of the game and by the following simple policies:

   1. You will not violate the MRG's terms of agreement and policies of use.
   2. When the GM makes a post, it is final.  Arguing over it may prove to be futile.
   3. Submissions for changes in the rules, interpretations of the rules (of Palladium Books RPG engine, MRG modifications to them and the house rules of the game) and weaponry load-outs of either the characters or their vehicles are allowed and acceptable for discussion.  However, the discussion must occur in an OOC board and the outcome of any discussion will not come into effect until the current combat/mission has concluded.
   4. OOC statements longer then one (1) sentence must always be made in the appropriate OOC thread.
   5. Acceptance that though the events occurring in the game are a part of the larger Group Campaign & MRG universe, that they and the house rules and the terms of the game are limited to the game.
   6. If you leave the game, I reserve the right to write out your character in a manner that fits with the current story line.  I will, however, try to respect the wishes of the player.
   7. Anything said in character or done during the game does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the GM, but if there is something that is not to your liking, contact me immediately.

Questions, comments, please post them in the OCC board.

The GM post will be every Thursday night, JST.
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Re: New Unified Space Forces Side - Wildcards Info (updated 2011.10.30)
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2012, 10:41:20 AM »
Quickie combat reminders:

1a) half actions.  Benefits: all movement and defensive actions are free.  You still need to indicate what movement changes (including transformation) your PC is doing as well as any specific defensive actions you wish to undertake.  Standard way I do combat.

1b) Macho man: you forgo all free moves (e.g. if you want to dodge (or the GM has your character dodge the enemies gazillion missile volley), it costs an action), but you get FULL actions.  Invariably, you're going to soak up a bunch of damage.  Probably best saved for hand to hand combat with the guy who is only bringing a knife to the fight.  Must be declared each melee (just write macho man at the top of the action summary and list the full actions).

2) reduce an object's SDC or MDC to 0, it is disabled or otherwise rendered unusuable.  Double the SDC or MDC to destroy it completely (ie: limbs can be used to block micro-missiles.  The limb may be destroyed, but the rest of the mecha is OK.)

3) players need to do an action write-up and action summary.  Further details: LINKY when we get a webhost again!

4) Limit actions to what's possible in 15 seconds.  Further details: LINKY when we get a webhost again!
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Re: SVF-484 Wildcards Info (updated 2012.09.19)
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Sample Posts with the standard conventions and descriptions

The scene: a pair of VF-1 are on patrol in a desert wasteland flying in fighter mode at 500 kmph at about 800 m.

GM Post 1:
As you approach the large canyon, 12 missiles are launched from within and come rocketing toward you.  The canyon is approximately 250 m wide, 60 m deep and 2,000 m away.  There's only sand and scrub brush along the edges of the canyon.  The missiles are approximately 1 melee action away. (1)

(1) The GM will endeavour to post all relevant information in the GM post.  If you feel that a necessary piece of information is missing, PM or OOC the GM.  Keep in mind that the GM will provide all general information and better descriptions, but there are some kinds of information or expanded information that the players have to perform some kind of action before it is revealed.

Player 1 "Abe"
'What the hell?' thinks Abe to himself.  'We just finished mopping up this sector!' (2)

He transforms his fighter to battroid and radios Babs, "break left and tell me where to put the hurt!" (3)

As he slows his forward velocity while moving to the right, Abe fires a 10 r spray from his gun pod at the inbound missiles.  Hopefully his shots take out the missiles and he lands on the lip of the canyon, checking his sensors and any data received from Babs on where the enemy are concealed in the canyon below.

Actions: (4)
1. transform & continue moving toward canyon
2. 10 r gun pod burst at the 12 missiles
3. land and sensor check

(2) Internal monologue is indicated with italics.  As a fail safe, it helps to add things like 'thinks to him/herself'.

(3) Dialogue with other players.  It helps to indicated how the player is communicating with the other players (i.e.: radio, hand signals) and who the player is talking to (i.e.: squadron-mate, command ship, home base)

(4) The action summary is just as important as the prose description.  It doesn't have to be super detailed.  Just make sure that you name your targets (12 missiles) and indicate what (gun pod) and how much (10 r) you're firing.

Player 2 "Babs"
'What the...?'  Babs immediately begins active scans of the area to determine the source of the missiles.

"Break left and tell me where to put the hurt!" (5)

"Roger!" she promptly replies.  She fires a 20 r head laser spray at the missiles as she breaks left.

Having triangulated the source of the missiles with her sensors, she fires 2 AMM-1 missiles at it as she begins circling to a better firing position.

1. sensor check
2. 20 r head turret burst @ missiles
3. 2 AMM-1 missiles @ source of missiles

(5) Quoted dialogue in bold text.

GM post 2:
A Light-Missile Regult jumps out of the canyon toward the two VF-1.

Abe's gun pod spray hits and destroys 5 missiles, and their fratricide destroys another missile.  Bab's laser spray hits and destroys the remaining 6 missiles.

The Regult fires its medium bore beam guns at Abe, who doesn't get out of the way in time.  He takes moderate damage in a shower of sparks. (6)

Abe lands as Babs fires 2 missiles at the Regult.  The Regult fires at the missiles, hits and destroys both.

(6) Defensive actions are automatic.  Of course, if a player indicates they are moving defensively (i.e. jinking) and/or moving behind cover, the odds are that they are more likely to avoid getting hit or even prevent their opponent from even firing at them.

Combat continues with the two players making their respective posts.

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Re: SVF-484 Wildcards Info (updated 2012.09.21)
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2012, 12:30:02 PM »

CEO: Major Stonewall, Raven
1st Lieutenant Roben "Ro" Janos
1st Lieutenant William "Wolfie" Archer
2nd Lieutenant Belinda "Mindy" Laframboise
2nd Lieutenant Donner, Gerald
2nd Lieutenant Tyrell, Austin

CG-420 H. Ito
Captain: (lower than) Commodore Daniels, Jack
bridge op - com & weapons control: Duquesne, Calleigh
bridge op - radar: Vista, Natalia Boa
bridge op - ship-board sys op: Caine, Horatio
bridge op - helmsman: Delko, Eric
CAG: Colonel Gall Hoodang
CAG's F aide: First Lieutenant Taut Chaps

Rival PMC:
SOIT (Secure hOlding Incorporated Trust) - 3x VF-27, 6x AIF-7S or 9V

Mak Morpheus - a middle aged PI

Bar Non3 (none)
Waitress: Sookie Stackhouse
Barkeeper: Sam Merlotte
Mr. Reject; AKA: NEIL Crecelius.  Scuzzy looking reject from "Bladerunner", in a grey hoodie & work-boots.  BOD type 5 (12).  HP: 6  SDC: 4 (17) - passed out from the pain.