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No New Posts A Clear and Present MEKTON!

SWAT style Roadstriker scale action with a multi-national special forces facing off against ruthless drug lords in the contested Archipelago. Can a group of hotshot mecha-cops take down the growing crime syndicates? Will the tentative peace between the superpowers last? And where in the hot jungles can a guy find a cool beer? Join A Clear and Present Mekton to find out! Now Recruiting 4-6 hotshot mecha jocks! Civillian contractors and advisors also welcome!

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No New Posts An Exposition

A story of politics and rebellions set on the planet of Kamerfaerum. The players are nobles or vassals of nobles, aiming to place one of themselves as the ruler of the planet.

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No New Posts Lady Godiva - A S.M.S Franchise

A year has passed since the aggressive actions of Grace O'Conner, Macross Galaxy and the coup by President Leon Mishima. S.M.S. continues to operate throughout the known Galaxy. In Sector M45-3, the privateer force Lady Godiva has become a franchise of S.M.S.. Player Characters take the role of being Lady Godiva's first VF-25 Messiah unit since joining with S.M.S.. Currently Recruiting for 4 or more players.

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No New Posts Macross: Galaxy Patrol

Trusted to protect the U.N. Government from beyond the Solar System to colonies 100 light years away is the duty of the Galaxy Patrol. These brave members of the U.N. Spacy stand ever vigilant. Posting Rate: 2 Days. Openings: Who Cares.

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No New Posts Macross Reenactment Role playing Game: The Lost Two Years

The Lost Two Years is a Mekton based Game that takes place directly after the Space War One. The Earth has been nearly destroyed. Survivors are few and far between. Cut off from the rest of the U.N. Spacy the pilot from SVF-232 Red Devil Squadron must brave the barren wastelands and murderous scavengers to return to Macross City! Posting Rate: Every 3 Days. Currently inactive.

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No New Posts Macross: Reenactment Revisited

When two giant bionoid armies attack, the earth forces send their indestructible fortress Macross to battle the invading armies. The bionoids mercilessly assault the helpless Macross with huge robot-like spaceships. The Earthlings appear doomed until they notice the strange effect music is having on the invaders. Incredibly, the survival of the human race may depend on a female rock star!

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No New Posts Reruns

Catch up the classic episodes of the Galaxy Patrol.

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No New Posts Roleplaying The Mekton Way

Domo arigato, Mr. Mekton! Mekton what a fun game. What a bunch of fun rules for building and smashing Mecha. Talking about the game, Talking about Mecha anime, Talking about chest hair, Talking about crazy cool medallions! Discuss the Rules, Design Mecha the Mekton way. Share; critique your original creations and conversions in a Mecha Vomitorium!

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