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No New Posts Chronicles of the 3rd Light Brigade

"Follow a company of soldiers through the rise & fall of the Krowziran Concord, during the final decades of the Tsubaeran withdraw." This game is a military style campaign planned, each episode is expected to be 2-4 weeks of game time with about 1-3 month between episodes first story arc is planned to be 13 episode and deals with the rise of a new nation. The game is set in a turbulent era similar to our early 19th century, the superpower dominating the galaxy withdrew into is own borders, leaving various upstarts to fend for them selves. Itis an era where rapid technological advancements are made, war is an extension of politics, people full of unabashed nationalism. Where the civilized struggle against the uncivilized, and poor toiling under the rich. It is also an era full of opportunities, where even a poor null psion peasant can rise to become the heads of states, through strength of arms or political maneuvering. Posting rate once a week minimum. Openings ~3

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No New Posts Cthulhutech: The Brewing Storm

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No New Posts Dark Macross

Explore the Darker side of the world of Macross, will you like what you see? Mature Player Warning, not for the faint hearted.

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No New Posts Die Jäger

The Fringe Worlds, these untamed systems was the frontier of Grov'Empaerch ver Vukner's insatiable expansion & represented infinite possibilities. With increasing internal strife & shifting priorities, the Fringe have all but been abandoned. Only opportunities found now is what one can hold with both hands at a dead run. The only law is made at the end of a gun. Pirates, smugglers, scoundrels & thugs have all claimed these worlds as theirs. In this ruthless environment, there is only prey and 'die jäger.' This game takes place in the universe of Chronicles of the 3rd Light Brigade" but 200 years in the future. Smash mecha & match wits in a wild wild west frontier where you're either the hunter or the hunted.

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No New Posts Macross: First Contact War

Almost a decade after the destruction of the Battle 7, the Macross 7 Emigrant Fleet has colonized the world of New Hope. Years from Earth, they begin taming the new frontier, unaware that a new threat is looming just beyond the horizon… (system: Modified Silhouette w/out dice rolls.)

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No New Posts Macross: The Enemy Within

2028. The colonization effort is well underway. Both Zentradi and Meltradi have taken great steps to embrace and protect Earth's culture. With the immediate threat of annihilation gone, both old and new grudges stir within the galaxy. Powerful corporations, colonial governments and those individuals out to gain a profit, all want a share of power within the ever-expanding UN Government and its colonies. This is where that will come to an end.

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No New Posts Stargate: Macross =THE MOVIE= (SG and Macross crossover)

A Stargate is discovered on the Vajra homeworld in 2060, a year after the conclusion of the Vajra War. The NUNS sends an exploration team through the gate; who quickly learn that they need to find a way to power the gate to get back to their home galaxy.

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