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What is Macross without a city in space?  Civilians call City 15 Replica home, as they make their careers and lives beneath the dome.  Military personnel spend their off-duty hours playing in the city, exploring the avenues and seeking diversion.

Although this zone is nominally located in the Macross 2069 Campaign, it is representative of cities in diverse places and times in the Macross universe.  Areas are not limited to the City 15 Replica; but those city details can still be used to provided locations to RP in, in other cities.  Bring your own RPG crew to maximize enjoyment.

This section affords players an opportunity to play beyond the squad rooms and cockpits they may be accustomed to; to develop characters and indulge in activities beyond combat.  It offers a chance for character development and recreation, and a chance for PCs from all squadrons to meet, interact and form relationships beyond those in their assigned squadrons.

There are no requirements for joining.  Characters created for other games in the MRG can be used concurrently in the games in the City 15 Replica forum.  If you want to create a character specifically for this forum, make a new topic on the Joining Board, following the character creation steps therein.  One of the moderators or the NPC coordinator of this forum will assist in the creation of the character.

As fully completed characters aren't needed, only the following steps need to be observed:
  • background and other details as per Creating a Character
    • the Player Character Sheet
    • the attributes
    • the Skill Programs for the character.
Skill percentages and any combat stats won't be calculated until they are needed in the game.

Mekton characters are also welcome.  This zone is as "system neutral" as possible.  When a dispute arrives with cross-system interaction, one of the City 15 Replica mods will help... moderate.  PM or otherwise contact them when this situation arrives.

Starting a game:
The number of active games may be limited, and you may be told to join an existing game.  Players are encouraged to join an existing game (please PM or OOC the current players of the game out of courtesy).

If you don't want to join an existing game, or have been told not to, please request the opening of a new game topic in the OOC topic.  The first post of a new game must declare a starting location in the subject.  Once a game begins, players may move to other locations within City 15.

Closing a game:
This happens either by players agreeing to end it, or if the game is abandoned by it's players.  Any game inactive, without prior notice,  for a period of more than 14 to 21 days, will be locked.  Players can PM the forum moderators or NPC coordinators to have it reopened.

Canon and Non-Canon:
As this forum is envisioned to be largely free form and determined by the players, we request that if a game moves outside of what is considered the canon setting for the forum, then a "non-canon" tag be added to the subject of the game in the first post (or PM a moderator to do this for you).

The canon setting is: the City 15 Replica on the Brutus Factory Satellite orbiting Cercina in the Caesar star system in 2061.

Players may create minor NPCs for the purposes of role-play. This includes bartenders, servers at restaurants, shopkeepers, cab drivers, spouses and similar for basic interaction.

This forum is not formally GMed.  GMing related duties may be performed by Sketcley, but mainly only to moderate the setting.  He won't be introducing formal plot-lines to the games.  He, and any other moderators, are here to ensure realistic role-play, prevent abuses and make rolls for in-character actions when appropriate.  Other GM's are welcome to use this setting for any aspect of their games.

NPC responses by the NPC Coordinator:
It may take up to 10 days before a response can be created, pending the availability of the NPC coordinator.  If the NPC coordinator will become unavailable for an extended period of time, he will post a notice in both the Announcements Forum and the OOC thread.

Character Death:
Running concurrently with missions, the open RP is assumed to happen before a current mission.  If a character dies in battle, it is preferred that he or she excuse himself from any games in this section as quickly as possible - however, it is possible to continue RPing your favourite character in this section.

Characters should make little reference to their time-line, but assume they are at the same place/time for the purpose of interaction.  Little reference should be made to the specific time-line they are from in order to create and preserve an illusion of continuity.

Other Rules:
Respect your fellow players and GMs.  Use common sense.  If it is illegal in the real world, it is illegal in Macross.

1) Bring Your Own Player.  Though their is a moderator present, the onus is on you to provide for someone to play with.
2) The NPC Coordinator may no longer be applicable (pending what the moderator wants to do.)
3) A group of players are free to request the assistance of an NPC coordinator.  Send a PM to the relevant person.
4) Reminder: posting entire song lyrics, poems and/or fanfics are not allowed.  Reposting song lyrics and/or poems could potentially cause legal troubles for the MRG.  In addition, the MRG is a dedicated role-playing site.  If you wish to post songs, poems or fanfics of your own creation, do so on another site dedicated to songs, poems and/or fanfics.

The above rules are subject to change.
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