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Cast (PCs & NPCs)
« on: April 03, 2011, 02:06:43 AM »
Post your characters here! Important NPCs will be added as they are introduced
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Re: Cast (PCs & NPCs)
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2011, 04:32:16 PM »
Name : Karl Bernhard Von Moltke
Template : Professional
Age : 28 years old

REF 10
BT 5
MA 10
INT 10

Awareness 5
Leadership 5
Dodge 4
Expert Tactics 6
Expert Theology 4
Handgun 4
Blade 4
Athletics 3
Mecha Missile 1
Mecha Melee 2
Mecha Gunnery 7
Mecha Piloting 7

Karl was the first born of the old but significantly diminished Von Moltke family. The family has followed the Church of Corfinium ever since the schism of 899. As the eldest Karl groomed from an young age to be a leader, and squired himself to a Knight in the service of the Corfinium Church when he came of age. When the Adenauer Crusade began in NE 944 he rose quickly to a command positions thanks in part to high casualty rates in the front lines. For years he fought on the front lines even as the tide turn against his church.

Several high ranking members of the Church of Corfinium, lead by Karl's younger brother secretly negotiated a peace settlement and for conversion to the Aesis Church. As part of the deal, Karl's command at the fortress of Massilia was betray to the enemy leading to the wholesale slaughter of is garrison and refugees. Barely escaped with his life Karl, few surviving knights was discharged in disgrace. Disowned by his family, Karls wandered about aimlessly till he stumble on the the betrayal in one of his mercenary dealings. Gathering together a few friends he assassinated the former Excellens of his church in retribution and found out about his brothers involvement to discredit him.

While hiding in the Fringe, Karl's reflected on the horrors he experienced while fighting the crusade, and came to hate the duplicity of the the church and is doctrines. With that hatred as motivation he now works to undermine the activities of the church where he can while doing is best to not to draw attention to his activities.
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Re: Cast (PCs & NPCs)
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2011, 02:57:11 AM »
Name : Kasey Von Heller
Template : Professional
Age : 28 Years Old

REF 10
BT 4
MA 10
ATT 10

Wardrobe & Style 4
Personal Grooming 4
Social 2
Seduction 4
Awareness 6
Whip 5
Mecha Design 4
Dodge & Escape 6
Mecha Missile 1
Mecha Melee 7
Mecha Piloting 8

Kasey von Heller was born the 2nd son of Walther von Heller and Anina de Corbiae, a foreigner working as a maid in the von Heller estate.  Due to health problems of his older half-brother, Guther, Walther adopted Kasey and was raised to continue the family business, Von Heller Machinewerkes. Having inherited his mother’s incredible looks, Kasey had a difficult time fitting in with the Golem building business although his sharp intellect continually proved himself a strong heir.  With his pursuits of modeling and fashion stifled by his over bearing father, Kasey thought his problems was solved when his half-brother’s health problems cleared as they grew up.

At 17, when it was clear Kasey was expected to continue in the family business, he chose a Golem design division in hopes of expressing his artistic and fashion sense in the only medium available to him. Over the next four years, he would clash with his brother over the new designs, Kasey advocating aesthetics to accompany performance while Guther believed form follows function and appearance was wasting
resources better spent improving performance.

At 21, the arguments became too much and Kasey, taking his latest Golem designs, leaves the family business to start his own company where his ideas wouldn’t be restricted. Searching for inspiration while evading his pursuing family, Kasey heads to the Fringe.
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Re: Cast (PCs & NPCs)
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2011, 05:47:12 PM »
NAME: NAME: Dunstig  “Jon Doe”   
occupation Unknown no memory   
Birthplace: Unknown   
Affiliation: Unknown   
Height: 212 cm   
Weight: 136 kg   
Long Straight Blue Hair   
Blue Eyes   
Scar from the Jaw bone to the collar bone   
- Country of Origin: Unknown   
- Organization: Unknown   
Both Parents unknown   
family status unknown   
REF   10      Stab      25   
BOD  10      Run       30   
MA    10     Jump     2.5   
EMP    5      Leap      15    
COOL 9     Stun       8    
INT     9     Lift       120   
TECH  6     Throw    30   
EDU    3     EV          8   
LUCK   8     PSI         0   
ATT    5   
Skills:   Start
Dodge and Escape   8
Hand to Hand       3
Rifle                  7
Athletics               3
Awareness               5
Resist Torture      1
Street Wise       3
Expert Black Market    3
Blade          1
Survival               3
Mech Piloting      4
Mech Gunnery      8
Mech fighting      2

He was found unconscious on a uninhabited beach by a small patrol craft.
Dehydrated, seriously underweight, and without his memory.

The crew of the patrol craft took him to their base.
The base nursed him back to health and allowed him to work in their mess hall for two months while attempts to identify him and his origins were performed.
After two months He was not considered a security risk but still unidentified.  They released him and gave him a small care package containing basic clothing, 2months wages for a laborer, small back pack, 2 small multi function pocket knifes, canteen and a week of MRE's.  They gave him a small out dated PDA with addresses and phone numbers of help facilities in the city.
Lastly the base gave basic work references for the two months he worked in the mess hall.

His goals and priorities are simple.  First to acquire work and build a reputation for getting jobs done.  Second use resources acquired from work to find out who he is.

His mind set, work supersedes learning his identity.
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