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General Information, Rules, & Misc. Administrada
« on: April 03, 2011, 02:19:09 AM »
PDF version is available through Google Docs (no log-in required) HERE.
To save a local copy, goto File > Download Original then wait for it to load before Right-click > Save as... or the Save icon along the top (depends on browser and integrated PDF Viewer you are using).
A Word '07 .docx file is not available due to Google Docs poor formating when uploaded, and my reliance on cool looking font styles.

die Jäger Basic Series Information
Referee: kuro_zero aka James
Premise: Adventures in the lawless "Fringe" territories
Length: 6 Episode OVA
Voice: Medium with slight bias towards serious
Realism: Realistic with fantastic elements (i.e. Psionics)
Tech Level: Vukner: TL 4; Late WWII enhanced with reverse engineered Tsubaeran Psi Construction Technology
Tsubaera: TL 7; Advanced Psi Construction
Starting Year: Early NE 949

Important Notes
Medical Technology
Vukner: TL 4 - Basic Surgery Tsubaera: TL 6 - Meat Cloning (Equivalent)
In Vukner, medical treatment is equivalent to WWII-era while Tsubaera enjoys modern-like facilities with meat-cloning equivalent. Advanced medical attention (TL 5) is available in Vukner but at a high premium

New Technologies
The following technology is relatively new (within last decade), and although no law bars them from private ownership and use, their high cost and maintenance restricts them to military and corporate elite. All of these “new” technologies are developed by Vukner; Tsubaera already possessing equivalent or superior technology.

Command Armor
In an attempt to rapidly upgrade mecha and increase versatility at same time minimizing re-training, select units has been assigned command armor in a military trial with the corporation. Some of the more popular models have several competing designs available as the trial determines which corporation receives the lucrative contract.

Schwereinfantarie Mactpanzerkampfer (sMpzkpf.)
Heavy Infantry Power Armor Fighter is a miniaturization of large scale mecha to create suits of 1/10th scale power armor. Optimized for heavy infantry suppression or as a mobile anti-armor platform, the armor’s ability to ignore most small arms fire and still utilize cover have proven themselves worthy in the battlefield and already several Heavy Infantry and Mechanized divisions have equipped entire platoons of them.

Panzerabwehr Gewehr (PaG)
An Antitank Rifles that, instead of chemical propellants, utilize power from the mecha’s powerplant to accelerate heavy “bolts” to incredible speed. The construction and material of the “bolts” determine its properties including: abwehr Bolzen (aB) standard bolt, Panzergranate Bolzen (PzB) armor piercing bolt, Tracer Bolzen (TcB) tracer bolt, and Kinetischen Bolzen (KnB) kinetic bolt. (MTS: Hypervelocity projectile with increased range utilizing above ammo types)

Superschwere Gauss Autokanone (ssGaK)
Super Heavy Gauss Auto Cannon is a multi-barreled auto-loading version of PaG. Ammunition speed, range, and yield are traded for burst firing. Ammo is interchangeable between the two systems and all ammo types available for the PaG are also usable by the ssGaK. Despite a rate of fire that is half that of the conventional Autokanone (BV 3-5 versus BV 8 ), the greater destructiveness and versatility in ammunition is considered a fair trade off. (MTS: BV 3-5 projectile weapon with PaG ammo types).

Schmelzepistole (Sch)
The Melt Pistol is an extremely short-range weapon utilizing power from the Golem to superheat thousands of small projectiles into a stream of superheated plasma. The projectiles burn so hot they evaporate after travelling approximately 50 meters, and the energy demands require the use of a series of capacitors that need at least 10 seconds to recharge. When in range however, the gun can punch through the thickest armor and wreak havoc on internal structures (MTS: Energy Melee Weapon, Turns in Use = 1, hyper, rechargeable)

Special Rules & House Rules
Two-Weapon Fighting
Any weapon that can be held in one hand can be dual wielded to increase one’s offensive capability. There is a -1 attack penalty for melee and single shot handguns and a -3 attack penalty for machine-pistols/SMGs and shotguns. For ranged dual wielding, there is also an additional -2 attack penalty for each target after the first. Only one attack roll is made, with applicable penalties against target(s) dodge.
Example: Revy “Two-Hands” with her two trusty Cutlasses aims at the heads of two thugs charging from her left and right. Her attack would be a 1d10 added to her REFLEX + SKILL + WA – 1 (Dual Wield Attack Penalty) – 2 (Multiple Target Penalty) – 3 (Called Shot: Head) versus each of the goon’s dodge rolls.
Example: Jona “Wolf” fires his two SMGs at three infantry charging him. His attack roll would be a 1d10 added to his REFLEX + SKILL + WA – 3 (SMG Dual Wield Attack Penalty) – 4 (Multiple Target Penalty) versus their individual dodge rolls. His total burst value is 10, so each infantry can be hit up to 3 times, with the first enemy potentially getting hit with 4 (since they were conveniently bunched together).

General Knowledge
A “catch-all” skill every character receives equal to sum of INT and EDU divided by 3. This represents a character’s ability to retain and remember miscellaneous information he may have gathered during his life. Based on INT, it is used to see if a character knows a useful grain of knowledge that may help in a given situation. A character’s background and previous professions (if any) will have a large impact of what specific information this skill may reveal or assist with.

Prodigies are made exactly like Rookies but their talents are narrowly focused to a select group of skills. Instead of 2x IP Rookie characters receive, Prodigies receive 3x IP to a specific group of skills and 1x IP to the rest.

Suppression and Pinning
The prospect of a hole through one’s chest or body blown to bits doesn’t appeal to a vast majority of people. This natural fear can be used to hinder the enemy and make them less effective. Suppression attacks can be made with any automatic firing weapon (BV greater than 1) or with a blast radius (BR or Mekton weapons vs. Human Scale opponents) in lieu of a normal attack (i.e. you inflict no damage). Targeting is normal, automatic weapons able to attempt suppression on as many targets as its BV allows. If 1d10 plus SKILL + UNADJUSTED BV is greater than the target(s) COOL, they are suppressed for one turn where they suffer a -3 penalty to all actions and movement is halved. Multiple automatic weapons can be used in tandem for greater effect, each additional weapon adding half its UNADJUSTED BV to the total, however the check occurs on the slowest weapon’s turn (by initiative).

Anyone caught in the effect of a Blast Radius weapon automatically suffers from suppression if the damage is greater than stability. Any Mekton weapon (even no BV or BR weapons) can be used to automatically suppress human scale targets (in lieu of a normal attack), although major NPCs and PCs can make a check of 1d10 + COOL + SKILL (Leadership, Resist Torture/Drugs, or Discipline) versus BASE DC of 15 to negate the effects. Leaders can offset penalties of affected personnel under their command on a 1 for 1 basis should if their leadership check of 1d10 + EMP or COOL + LEADERSHIP is higher than the suppression roll.
Pinning is similar to suppression and is made in the same manner but only applies if the target(s) cannot be normally damaged by the attack (i.e. behind full cover) and can only be made by automatic weapons. If the total is greater than the target(s) COOL, they are PINNED for one turn. They suffer no penalty to actions or movement, but should they leave cover they automatically take damage from the pinning weapon, up to BV of weapon equal to the difference of the original pinning roll over the target(s) COOL. Leaders can attempt to keep their personnel from getting pinned by adding the difference of their leadership check if greater than the pinning attack to their member’s COOL.

Vehicles and Mecha are immune to suppression and pinning.

Tsubaeran Rules
All Tsubaeran PCs must have a minimum PSI POT of 3 and will have access to TL 7 equipment. Due to the reliance of Tsubaerans on their psionic ability, psi skills progress normally (i.e. no 2x Skill Point / IP cost). Their emphasis on psychic ability, however, means non-psi skills greater than 5 costs double (2x Skill Points / 2x IP).

Psi Points can be used to power/recharge Tsubaeran energy weapons at rate of: RANGED: 1 Psi Point = 1 Shot (at full power if variable) MELEE: 1 Psi Point = 5 Turns in Use. Other equipment requires only for the user to have at least 1 Psi Point remaining to use. Mecha scale EMW can be charged as a free action at cost of each Psi Point x ESPer Lens Draw = 1 Turn in Use. 5 Psi Point x ESPer Lens Draw = 1 Attack as Quick EMW. 10 Psi Point x ESPer Lens Draw = 1 Attack as Hyper EMW. 20 Psi Point x ESPer Lens Draw = 1 Attack as Quick, Hyper EMW. Quick/Hyper EMW “charging” requires 1 Action to perform.

Mecha and Psionics
While manual controls are sufficient for civilian vehicles, the more advanced military machines and mecha use a Psi Interface to link the pilot to the machine in order to maintain the intricate balance and controls. The higher the Psi Potential, the more advanced machine one can pilot, although non-Tsubaeran with over 3 and above Psi Pot is uncommon and 5 and above are exceedingly rare.
Code: [Select]
0 Manual Under or Standard
1-2 Screen Standard
3-4 Virtual Overcharged
5-7 "Other" Supercharged
8-9 Reflex Turbocharger
10 Thought Dual Turbo
Tsubaeran mecha are Bioenergy powered, meaning as long as the pilot has at least a single Psi Point, the unit remains operational. Vukner’s mecha use powercell technology to reflect their crude Psi Cores that require constant replacement. A single powercell is good for approx 24 hours standby (light patrol, sentry, etc) and approx 3-6 hours of active combat.

For non-Tsubaeran mecha, normal Mecha skills apply to piloting and weaponry. Tsubaera Mecha, centered around an ESPer Lens system, utilize psionic skills for operation. TELEKINESIS is used for mecha melee and mecha fighting attacks, and mecha fighting (punch, kicks, etc) damage can be augmented by TELEKINESIS at ½ Psi Point cost. Piloting rolls are made with LEVITATION, which also governs the mecha’s speed. Besides Melee or EMW usually carried for backup in prolonged engagements, Tsubaeran weapon systems are psychic skills amplified by the ESPer Lens (TELEKINESIS, PYROKINESIS, and ENERGY MANIPULATION). Sensors are handled by CLAIRVOYANCE and communication by TELEPATHY. Due to these requirements, the minimal ESPer Lens portfolio a Tsubaeran mech must have is 4.

Characters initial Psi Point total is equal to sum of Psi Pot + All Psi Skill Levels. In addition to normal Maneuver Pool rules, Tsubaeran pilots inside a Tsubaeran mech receive a Psi Point bonus equal to MP%. The use of these points will directly proportional decrease in available Psi Points the character has outside of the mech.
Example: Matsuhiko’s Psi Pot and various skills give him a Psi Point total of 22. His Suzume Strike Mecha has a total MP of 133%. In addition to increasing his MP points available (LEVITATION – 5) to add to his rolls, when inside his mech his Psi Points increase by 29 (fractional points always round down) for a total of 51. During battle, he uses 29 points. Remaining inside his mech he still has 22 Psi Points remaining, but exiting the mech he will only have 12 Psi Points remaining (29 of 51 = 57%, 57% of 22 = 12).

Myer Pharmaceuticals’ development of Psyker would greatly impact Vukner’s military development. The drug, once injected, provided any person with psi potential for a limited time. Although not powerful enough to develop actual psi abilities, it was enough to enable the person to properly interface with psi-machine interfaces without relying on clunky manual controls. When Vanbach introduced cheap, mass-produced Golems, the massive humanoid fighting machine was no longer regulated to a small elite force. With no shortage of capable pilots, Golems would become the center of Vukner’s military.

Psyker is highly addictive combined with a psychological dependence that develops linked to “expanded awareness” experienced by users. This has made Psyker a recreational drug numerous smugglers have capitalized on, stealing from Fuvam GmbH’s tight distribution for illegal sale. It’s not certain if intentional or not, but a common side effect of the drug is increased aggression. These side effects are even more pronounced in the event of an overdose.

An overdose is when anyone takes more than BOD / 3 doses within a 24 hour period. When someone overdoses, a “Surge” check is made of 1d10 – 1 per overdose vs. LUCK. If the total is equal or below, the overdose has increased the user’s combat abilities, increasing his “psychic awareness” and raising the “charge” of the unit’s powerplant; i.e. Under/Standard becomes Overcharged, and Overcharged becomes Supercharged. The bonuses last for 1d6 turns and the bonuses can be compounded; i.e. pilot can go from Standard to Overcharged with one overdose, then Overcharged to Supercharged with another. Supercharged plants being “surged” initiates a Turbo-Charger event for 1 turn at the end the pilot will be rendered unconscious for 1d6 turns.

Regardless of the “Surge” check result, a “Berserker” check is made afterwards of 1d10 + Base 10 + 3 per overdose – Resist Torture/Drugs vs. Stability. The check is failed if the result is over stability and results in the person becoming exceedingly aggressive and unaware of their surrounding and indiscriminately attacks random targets within range. If there are no weapon systems, the person will utilize anything available to perform reckless, aggressive offensive action with no regard for personal preservation. This uncontrolled rage lasts for 1d6 turns after which the person returns to normal but the duration of the Psyker dose is reduced by half. If the result was 5 over stability, the user is rendered unconscious after the berserk and if greater than 10, the user dies after.

A 24 hour “purge” is required after any overdose to avoid further overdose checks. The temporary Psi Pot Psyker grants can never allow a non psychic to pilot a Tsubaeran mech.

NO Let’s Active! or G-Factor

Player Character Information
PC Generation Guidelines
Character generation will use the Cinematic rules with 70 Points to distribute to 10 stats (Includes Psi Potential, if applicable). All characters will receive 2 Points in Education for free to represent completion of basic high school. Minimum age is 16 and while there is no maximum age, characters receive no additional professions past age 30.

In this campaign, the PCs will be mecha pilots working in the lawless “Fringe” frontier. The style of campaign will be a Wild, Wild West theme with a heavy emphasis on mechs. Characters should have at least +3 Mecha Piloting (or Levitation if Tsubaeran) and +3 to a Mecha Weapon Skill –OR– EW Skill if EW Specialist. There will also be some human scale combat and social/role playing opportunities but the main emphasis will be on quick and deadly mecha combat (hopefully). The few non-combat scenarios that are planned can potentially have a great impact on the progression of the campaign and character development, but no adverse affects should players choose not to participate (can be considered episode specials).

Depending on total number of players, Rookies/Prodigies will be limited to 1 or 2 PCs, with the rest professionals to hopefully (joking, maybe…) keep them alive. All professions, templates, and prodigies are available, or none at all. Total Skill points equal 10 + INT + EDU + 7 if Rookie/Prodigy or 5 x # of Professions (1 every 2 years) to max of 7 (+35 Skill Points). Distribute as you like, although any skill above 5 must be properly explained in history on how achieved. Rookies and Prodigies cannot have any skill above +5 at character generation.

Vukner: Psi Pot 1-3 Uncommon (PC allowed), Psi Pot 4-5 Rare (PC allowed), Psi Pot 6+ Unique (PC by referee approval)

Tsubaera: Psi Pot 1-3: Common (PCs allowed), Psi Pot 4-6 Uncommon (PC allowed), Psi Pot 7-9 Rare (PC allowed), Psi Pot 10 Unique (PC by referee approval)

Psi Skill TELEPORTATION is prohibited
Personal equipment limited to TL 5 at character generation for Vukner PCs and TL 7 for Tsubaera PCs. No monetary limit; take whatever equipment you feel is necessary.

There are none. Period.

Government & Culture Information
In depth information available HERE *Finally updated!

Großere Kosmische Reich von Vükner
This confederation of independent Domains has numerous types of governments. Stratocracy is the most common, a form of military government which the state (domain) and the military are the same and government position is always filled by military leaders. The military’s political power is largely supported by law and society, and although it does not have to be autocratic (one person possessing unlimited political power) more often than not it is. Other government types within the Empire include theocracy, republic, and representative democracy. The Emperor has no say in how a domain is administered as long as they provide their military obligation to the Greater Empire.

Tsubaera no Ginga Teikoku
Monarchy, however the Queen’s primary duty is leader of Tsubaera’s Kokka Shint? (State Religion). Most of the political power is controlled by various zaibatsu, family controlled vertical monopolies, with the leaders forming an advisory Council to the Queen. The military is headed by the Gensui Kaigun-Taish? (Naval Marshal-General) of Dai-Tsubaera Teikoku Kaigun (Navy of the Empire of Greater Tsubaera) and advised the queen through the Gunreibu (Navy General Staff).

Vukner: Mid to late 19th Century Prussia Tsubaera: Imperial Japan, early 20th Century

Systems & Planets
Numerous - "Fringe" systems number 8 with approximately a dozen habitable planets.

Vukner: Deutchsprache, Tsubaera: Tsui-g?, Trade (Common): Ts?sh?-g?
Characters receive either Deutchsprache or Tsui-g? for free at Lvl 8 (native) and Ts?sh?-g? at Lvl 3 for free (read/write)

Mecha Technology
Types, Roles, & Availability
Mecha are readily available and run a wide range of applications due to their lower production (cheap) cost. The bulk of Vukner’s mecha are in service to the various Domain militaries, but Corporations also employ a significant number of them in pursuit of their “security.” Their versatility means they are also used in construction and industrial labor. Having been produced for nearly two centuries, mecha are also used by mercenaries, criminals, and private protection. Often a license or registration with a guild is required, but ownership of mecha can be paralleled to gun ownership in modern day America, with costs equivalent to a middle class home and above (up to luxury homes with guild/corporate subsidized loans available).

Ownership of mecha in Tsubaera is highly restricted, by law and availability. Nearly all mecha are military models, and the ones that are not are used by the zaibatsu’s retainers (subsidized by the zaibatsu). Tsubaeran mecha edge the super-heroic realm primarily because a single Tsubaeran mech is that much more advanced than other organizations, but are always out numbered. They are not invulnerable; it might just takes a crack platoon or a lucky shot to do so.

Requirements and Standards
Majority have Hot, Powercell, and Standard Charge powerplants operating on a Striker to Armored Heavy frame and Medium Striker (4K) to Medium Heavy (8K) armor with armor type up to Beta available. CP values range from 150 to 500 CP, although Fleet Mecha can reach up to 800 CP. Low end mecha have no flight systems and may have limited-use boosters for mobility. Higher end mecha have up to 3.0 G thruster flight systems. Tonnages range from 30t to 80t. Limited EW systems are also available.

Most common models possess a Cool, Bioenergy, Standard Charge powerplant with Virtual Controls on a Medium Striker frame with Heavy Striker (5K) armor. A 20 to 30 Space ESPer Lens is split to all servos tailored to the intended pilot’s Psi Pot and Skill portfolio. Stealth systems are common, cloaking systems less so but available. Most also have full range of environmental protection. Transformable mecha are rare but Fighter and Hybrid forms are available. Many carry a melee weapon or EMW to conserve Psi Points. Tsubaera mechs are immune to Vukner EW systems. Tonnages range from 20t to 50t, and use of Maneuver Verniers to improve maneuverability, and ACE systems to increase available Psi Points. All Tsubaera mechs are flight capable, inherent with need for LEVITATION to pilot them and share properties with a Gravitics flight system (i.e. inertia-less and allow hover/flight with MA less than 8 ).

Vukner: Chemically propelled projectile weapons. Various rockets, missiles, and bomb systems also available, with melee weapon occasionally mated with a rifle as bayonet but otherwise regulated to specialized assault units.

Tsubaera: Melee weapons to conserve Psi Points. All other weapons are scaled Psi powers.

MTS Systems Not Available
Prohibited: Techno-Organics, Sub-Light and Lightspeed (for mecha), Teleportation, All Stupid Mekton Tricks, Grabbling weapons, Shock weapons, Nuclear ANYTHING (for PCs), Beast/Avian/Insect/Aquatic forms/transformations, Combiners, Energy Pools, Meta-forms

Restricted: Stealth and Cloaking (Tsubaeran mechs only), Thought Control (Tsubaeran mecha and referee approval only), EW Systems (Max Level 5, does not affect Tsubaeran mechs)

Efficiency Limits
Weight Efficiency: Max of -20 tons Space Efficiency: Max reduction of 30%

Space Technology
Starships & Space Travel
Only Tsubaera retains the secrets for faster-than-light travel and remains a national secret. Vukner military and other inter-stellar ships (corporations, etc) lease or purchase these drives from Tsubaera and then build their starships around the drive as the FTL system is inertia less and mass does not affect the FTL drive’s speed. Tsubaera retains their fastest drives for themselves, while selling slower drives to other nations. Tsubaeran ships travel at 1 LY/hour while Vukner ships travel at 1 LY/6, 12, or 24 hours. The galaxy is approximately 70,000 LYs in diameter. There are a few Vukner corporations that offer interstellar travel, but Tsubaera offers the fastest service. Either option is extremely expensive. The core drives are exceptionally resilient and are priority battle space salvage.

Sublight drives are not exclusive to Tsubaera, and TL 7 (AU/5 Days) is the standard. Faster (TL 8 & 9) and slower (TL 6) drives are available at varying cost depending on ship mission (System Freighter would have a TL 6 sublight drive for reduced multiplier cost while a military courier vessel may have a TL 9 drive at a higher multiplier cost).

Space Environments
Vukner, and to a larger extent corporations, have developed wide range of space environments including: orbital colonies, orbital bases (military) and orbital research facilities (corporations), moon settlements, asteroid factories, and others. Some facilities, like most orbital elevators and orbital docking/supply stations are vital parts linking Tsubaera’s trade empire together and are owned by Tsubaera who leases the space from the relevant Vukner domain. Such facilities are considered sovereign Tsubaeran territory.
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