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Governments & Organizations
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Großere Kosmische Reich von Vükner (The Greater Galactic Empire of Vükner)
Having been badly defeated in the Vukner-Imperium war, Rhegium was annexed into the 2nd Vukner Empire in order to facilitate a peace agreement (forced by Tsubaera) and gave birth to The Greater Galactic Empire of Vükner. The combination of the two powerful domain confederations promised to usher a new golden age for Vukner, and indeed it appeared three super-powers would bring a balanced peace to the galaxy.

Two years have passed and cooperation within the Empire is quickly dissolving. Illyria sits content with their modest gains in the recent war and performance of their reorganized Legituri. The seemingly unshakable stability of Tsubaera has been rocked violently, and lack of information from the closed empire has exasperated the situation as numerous rumors rise to explain the cause. It wasn’t long before Illyria has steadily increased its military presence in their section of the much contested Dasarti Corridor.

An impotent Emperor has allowed Ecclesia Sancti Regium Æsis (Holy Æsis Church of Rhegium) to regain most of their lost political influence and old grudges and past rivalries are creating rifts that threaten to drag the infant Empire into civil war.

Tsubaera no Ginga Teikoku (Galactic Empire of Tsubaera)
Tsubaera trace their history back several millennia, before the New Era, and claim ancestry with the mythical First Galactic Empire. Master of ancient technology and commanding powerful psionic ability, Tsubaera very nearly claimed the entire galaxy as their own.

Then came the decline.

Generations were born with low or no psychic ability. Manpower to operate Tsubaera’s vast fleet and war machines dropped at an alarming pace. Unable to identify the problem or halt the process, Tsubaera was forced to withdraw from their territory bit by bit. It took several centuries for the situation to stabilize, and new empires and powers grew from vacuum of their withdrawal.

As the keepers of the secret to FTL travel, Tsubaera’s imperial ambitions changed from political to economic. All others buy or lease their FTL drives from Tsubaera but they reserve the fastest ones for themselves. With these ships, Tsubaera knitted together a vast, galaxy-wide trade empire.

This caused a dramatic power shift within Tsubaera, with much of the political power held by the zaibatsu, family controlled vertical monopolies. The queen’s power lay in her role as leader of Tsubaera’s Kokka Shint? (State Religion), and her ability as a Hashira (Pillar).

Hashira is a great psychic web reaching out to all psi gifted Tsubaerans regardless of distance. All Tsubaerans are aware of the Queens psychic presence, and through Kokka Shint?, take peace from it. It is vital for the morale of Tsubaera Teikoku Kaigun (Tsubaera Imperial Navy) and ensures their loyalty to the queen and no other. The queen herself is able to touch the minds of any Tsubaeran, instantly, and this FTL communication web allows her to hold the far-flung Empire together and provides a great advantage against other nations straddled with lesser means.

Ecclesia sancti Regium Æsis (Holy Æsis Church of Rhegium)
The Church of Æsis’s power and political influence waned sharply following the Great Schism of 837 NE. Attempts to regain their prestige in 899 (First War of the Faiths), and the Great Inquisition of 945 were successful campaigns but further isolated separatists and caused burning animosity within Rhegium and Vukner.

The 2nd War of Faiths in 947 was hardly a war but a series of massacres against all religions that opposed them and refused to convert and admit their error during the Schism. The actions of the church caused Vukner and Rhegium to intervene and within a year broke the entirety of the Church’s political influence. The cascading events following the war led to the Vukner-Imperium War.

Their theocracies broken, the Church continued and through wealthy benefactors formed various military orders. Through them, the church continued their war to bring the heathens of the Schism back to the true faith. Others have recently succeeded in reinstalling their theocratic governments in some domains and causing growing animosity within Vukner.

The more prominent Æsis Military Orders are:
•   Ordo equitum de Gelre (Order of Knights of Gelre)
•   Militia de fidei (Militia of the Faith)
•   Seleucia fratrum de gladium (Seleucia Brothers of the Sword)
•   Summi ordinis de Cirta

Ecclesia nostrae dominae sanctus (Church of our Holy Lady)
In the late 820s NE, what started as Æsis missionaries to establish a church in the Fringe Worlds became a bitter struggle for survival against the lawlessness in the region and the threat of a fanatical cult that was surprisingly organized. Facing extinction, the fledging church was saved by the bravery and leadership of one Lady Magdalene. When repeated calls for aid went unanswered by the Church, it was an easy decision to break away from them during the Great Schism of 837.

The Church of Magdalene, as it is unofficially called (while alive, Magdalene passionately preached to anyone she heard using the term, proclaiming the church does not belong to any one person. Following her death, the name is commonly used in memory of the much loved patron.) was spared the worst of the Church of Æsis’s during the War of Faiths primarily due to the inhospitable (and thus undesirable) region they were established. Campaigns against the church met with devastating failure due to the unexpected resistance of the cult in the region, and the battle hardened resistance of the Order of Magdalene who had, for nearly a century, been waging a smoldering war against the cult.

By 949 NE, the Church of Æsis’s finally recognizing the threat posed by the cult, and for positive propaganda, sanctioned the Church of Magdalene and its Order and absolved its over two century old proclamation of heresy. Doubtful of the sincerity, the Church of Magdalene accepted the veiled truce offer in order to concentrate on the cult.

Freelance Society
A very loose organization that matches requests with appropriate guilds and solos (lone mercenary). Membership benefits include discount use of various society facilities (supply, lodgings, repairs, etc) and of course ability to take on society sanctioned jobs. Jobs range widely, often toeing the grey area of the law, and rumors persist of the society supporting illegal Black List jobs (assasination, sabotage, grand larceny, etc)

Rangers & Factors
Similar to Freelancer Society, R&F are a corporate sponsored and subsidized organisation that offers many of the same benefits as the society, but with a clear alliegence to protecting the corporation's interests. Rangers are the combat specialists, while factors are the negotiation. Although the organisation is neutral, many of their members have cleae allegiances with specific corporations but are unable or unwilling to work on the corp payroll. Typically jobs are high-risk endeavors corporation are unwilling to dedicate their own personnel to perform.

Corporate Security
With corporations rivaling the wealth and prestige of some domains, it is not surprising that they also field a comparable military force. While corporate security is typically smaller, they are often better equipped and trained with access to the company's latest and greatest.

The major corporations in Vukner are:
•   Fuvam GmbH and their major subsidiaries Myer Pharmaceuticals, Kabisch (Civilian heavy industry and shipbuilding), and Vanbach (Milspec Golems and other hardware)
•   Calatrava Weapons Sacrum
•   Focke-Weiss Golemlösungen (Golem Solutions)
•   Von Heller Maschinewerkes (Machine Works)

Volk-Feld Poliz
Government sanctioned and subsidized by the military, the VoF-Pol is an elite law enforcement agency operating in the fringe. These Marshalls are the highest law in the land, able to act as judge, jury, and often executioner. Obviously unpopular with the seeder operations, Marshalls to enjoy heavy support and access to some military-grade equipment.

Von Gienath Smugglers
To escape an arranged marriage, a minor noble killed her way into a small time smuggling operation. In a few short years, she murdered and seduced her way to the top and expanded the operation to become the largest and by far most ruthless smuggling ring in the Empire. Shortly after her death, the operation was taken over by her six adopted daughters.
Their main money maker is the smuggling and distribution of PSYKER, the military grade drug that enables non-psi the ability to control psi-interfaces.

Aquillia pirates
Originally a pirate ship that plied vukner's trade lanes, the ascension of Black Eye would greatly expand the pirates operation. Where most pirates conduct the occasional raid once a week, Aquillia attacks are reported nearly every other day, Black Eye quickly seizing vessels to command a fleet. Although many copy-cats exist seeking to capitalize on Aquillia's repuation, they are responsible for the recent spike in piracy, establishing secret bases in the Fringe in order to elude Vukner military patrols.
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Re: Governments & Organizations
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Updated! With lots of spelling errors... too tired to correct them right now.

And I swear I'll get a map up soon.