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Title: New Character - Looking for placement onboard S.M.S. Carrier Lady Godiva
Post by: Quad6DLR on November 14, 2011, 10:03:51 PM
Name: CJ



Character Name: Xavier Antonovsky

Description: Xavier stands at 5'11 inches, and weighs 185 pounds. He has neatly cut blonde hair, green eyes, and a muscular, somewhat beefy physique.

Character Background: Xavier was born and has spent most of his life in the Avamore system in Sector 19 on its only habitable planet, Avorace III. His parents are Mikhail and Graciela Antonovsky. He grew up in the frigid northern polar areas, where the winds and temperature can easily kill a man, with some nights plunging to 30 degrees below zero. His most vivid memories are those of howling winds and flashing steel. His father is a blue collar worker, a plant manager for one of Avamore's largest ore foundries. Xavier's upbringing was relatively normal, despite the up to six layers of clothing and heated face mask required by the harsh atmosphere.

Xavier's desire to fly stemmed from the time he was eight years old. His parents took him to an air show put on by the U.N. forces at their base in the much warmer equatorial region. He instantly loved the sleek Variable Fighters and the ease with which they took to the air. Watching the fighter's smooth movements as they rolled, soared, and plunged, Xavier was spellbound, and decided then and there to dedicate himself to perfecting the same art that they did. He would become a VF pilot. He begged his parents to allow him to enroll in a vocational school near the equator that had the program he wanted as soon as he came of age. They reluctantly agreed on the condition that he return for the school holidays and help in the foundry. Xavier agreed and began reading every book on flying he could get his hands on. When he turned 14, he began his official flight training. And, as agreed, he began helping in the foundry on holidays. In addition to the six layers of normal polar wear he wore outdoors, when he got to the refinery, he'd strip that off, then put on an anti-burn suit with a visor and a gas mask, as the ore they mined released toxic fumes when melted down. It was here that he'd develop the physique that he religiously maintained.

The training was initially extremely difficult for Xavier. Despite all the books he'd read and amount of time dreaming about flying, he crashed more than a few times due to overcompensating his movements, unable to find a happy medium with his strength and the delicacy required to handle a EX-Gear effectively. Eventually, he overcame these difficulties, and became one of the best fliers in his class. Four years later, he graduated high school and submitted his application to the S.M.S. Academy, hoping to be appointed to the Lady Godiva, formerly known as the Macross Quarter.

Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185
Occupation: Pilot Candidate
Title: Re: New Character - Looking for placement onboard S.M.S. Carrier Lady Godiva
Post by: Jet Jockey on November 15, 2011, 02:30:59 AM
Welcome and all that stuff.   Before I take look at things can we get some background information from you as a player?

The usual stuff.   How do you find out about us?   What made you join?  Have any experience with PbP games? etc.
Title: Re: New Character - Looking for placement onboard S.M.S. Carrier Lady Godiva
Post by: Quad6DLR on November 15, 2011, 03:17:21 AM
Thanks for the welcome. Well, firstly, I just watched Macross Frontier and I'm really looking to get more in-depth with the Macross universe. I Googled Macross RPG and found your site in the top listings. I lurked for about two days as a guest, browsing the forum and I really liked the depth of roleplay I see here. I used to RP on a Love Hina forum, but that sort of fizzled out and I've been looking for something to really sink my teeth into ever since. I hope you'll all accept me as a member, as I'd really love to explore this site and Macross in general.
Title: Re: New Character - Looking for placement onboard S.M.S. Carrier Lady Godiva
Post by: Jet Jockey on November 17, 2011, 10:31:13 PM
Lady Godiva is part of the Sector M15-3 setting.   As part of that setting it is our intention that playing characters either grew up there or up spent a signifcant time (area has been inhabitable for the last 14 years & before that most characters were living onboard the Macross 15 Fleet).       

Take a look at the planets we have avaliable for this setting

and a general time line of events

What RPGs system do you know?