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Special Rules and Notices
« on: October 06, 2010, 09:45:16 AM »
  • Please create Character sheet and request in the Recruiting board area marked with CTech (Char Name)
  • Character Creation is as per core book with the extra content from Vade Mecum.
  • All Characters Should have no real life Military Mecha experience, they should all be just passing their training
  • This does not mean they can not have any other military experience they may of transferred from the infantry or they may be absolute greenhorn's
  • Number of cheats for character creation has increased from 6 to 9
  • One skill may be over at [4] with exception of pilot

All dice rolls are to be made on invisible castle, please log on and attach campaign name of CTech - The Brewing Storm, please note this is case sensitive.

One further note to character creation is any human can take a Nationality, this is a reflection of how people from his area are and will give different benefits and drawbacks. Nazzadi may also take a nationality however this is also offset by the gain of misfit [1], to be used against nazzadi who embrace their full nazzadi culture. Xenomixes may also do the same however gain Misfit [2]. Xenomixes may only be 19 years old or younger.
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Re: Special Rules and Notices
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2010, 05:33:55 AM »

English people speak a highly regimented dialect of English (Queens English) that can confuse other English speakers. They tend to be well educated and use an extensive vocabulary to its fullest. They appreciate formality and carry themselves with an air of confidence, so much so that this can come across as stuffy and self-absorbed. To the English humour is above all else, and they love to make fun of any viable target, sometimes even themselves. They accept criticism relatively well, however they are not shy about giving it, so much so that a thin-skinned receiver will often feel insulted.
Receives Savoir-Fair for free, and an extra die for fear tests.
Pomp and Circumstance: Char's and NPC not of English Decent, have a 50% chance of misunderstanding what the Char is meaning, And are put off by the presumed superior attitude.

Germans tend to be direct and succinct about everything, they do not beat about the bush, their demeanour like their language can be seen as gruff and harsh, They are also extremely passionate in their beliefs and actions. The skills of a German in battle and industry are considered a great matter of personal pride, they will readily fight for what they believe and to defend themselves against any real or imagined threat.
Must have Truly Honest drawback. Receives Driven for free.

Americans may come from a wide variety of backgrounds, while some feel at home in the big cities others feel at home in the deserts or forests where their nearest neighbour may be over 50 miles away. Americans tend to be rather wealthy and expect certain comforts and technologies, other nations may feel are absolute luxuries. Although Americans are racially tolerant, they have a high opinion of themselves and of the world, this can come across as being vain or indeed boorish. they tend to travel allot and often have have a number of hobbies or pastimes to amuse themselves with.
Must take Big Ego, receives two hobbies for free and may have an extra stat point for either tenacity or agility.

Canadian's are generally quiet people who appreciate solitude, they do not mind cold weather and in many cases seem to prefer it. They tend to be a hardy people and can swim hike and hunt for extended periods of time.
Receives an additional point for tenacity, performs better than others in cold weathers, more likely to get addicted to alcohol.

Russian's are an extremely proud people, and have survived so much pain and suffering for a couple of centuries. They feel their country is the greatest, just like the size of the country, when a Russian tells a tale everything is bigger and better in Russia, and they are fond of pointing out the many great inventions and innovations their people have seen fit to bestow upon the world. They perform well under pressure, with deadlines or racing an opponent. Russians will not backdown from a fight and are excellent fighters, comparing themselves with their national symbol, the tenacious bear.
Russian welding, Char's receive an extra die when performing an mechanical based task, such as repairing or building something.

The Japanese have an ancient culture that emphasizes loyalty andethics above all else, honour is everything. While Ritual suicide is no longer practiced, A Japanese will 'fall on his sword' rather than let others take the blame for his mistakes. They are used to the high pressure, stressful work environments and are rarely fazed by sudden surprises, they are also used to having less sleep to perform at the peak efficiency.
Receives one extra die for fatigue tests. Must take a Code.

Chinese people are the largest nationality in the world. Since the earliest historical times, they have lived, multiplied and labored in this land. During the several thousand years' development, they have made great contribution to the world due to their wisdom and hard working. The advanced agriculture and manufacture, as well as the Four Great Inventions, have impressed and shocked the world. Being a state of ceremonies, China takes the etiquette as an important part of its traditional culture. The civilization of etiquette, rich in content, has made great influence to the history and development of Chinese society, and it almost permeates all aspects of ancient China. Moreover, endowed with the 5,000 years of civilization, Chinese people are known to the world for their politeness and good manners. Since China embraced a new democratic government, more and more chinese people have become richer than those in other nations.
Receives Common Sense for free, Must take the skinny drawback.

Balkan Natives:
Most Balkan Native's are highly distrustful and suspicious of outsiders, they do not make friends easily and tend to use others rather than establish long-lasting relations. Their family lives on the other hand are the polar opposite as they view the bonds of family and kinship as the unifing force of of their existance, and many find family are the only people they can trust. They tend to be greedy and sanctimonious, seeking welath in any and all forms, however their wealth is generally short lived as they rarly hang on to it.
Must take the Greed drawback and Shrewd Quality

--More may be added on Request--
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