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Macross: Steal Valkyries / Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:45:34 AM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (before 17:00): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

Time flies for the pilots in the Steel Valkyries after they get up and rush about getting ready for the upcoming sortie.

After arriving in their designated repair bay, the Major—who looks like he hardly slept a wink after returning to the Hamekahame—enters and strides up in front of the ragtag group.

He gruffly updates them: "Björn won't be joining us on this sortie.  His helmet had a leak, and he lost all his air when we returned to the ship.  He experienced severe hypoxia.  The medics are saying he's on the road to recovery, but he still hasn't woken up."

"As for the birds we procured yesterday: Kaumirran will keep the Thunderbolt she took.  Mr. D will take the radome equipped Thunderbolt.  You," he looks sharply at Mr. D, "will be our eyes and ears from now on."

Bah leans toward Kaumirran and whispers, "because he sucks at fighting."

"Keep us up-to-date on the battlefield, but keep your distance from any unfriendlies," the Major finishes instructing Mr. D.  He says to everyone, "Bah and I will be back in our respective Valkyries."

"I want your Valkyries prepped and fully fuelled double time.  Kaumirran, Mr. D, use the remaining time before launch to get familiar with your Thunderbolts' controls and systems—especially the telemetry link, Mr. D.  Bah, I need you to help me transfer the rear-firing missiles from Björn's Thunderbolt to Mr. D's."

"What's our mission, sir," Mr. D asks, slightly miffed that the Major doesn't appear to have faith in his data transmission abilities.

"You'll be briefed on the flight line.  You know the drill.  A$$holes and elbows.  Move out!" the Major concludes.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:58:32 PM »
by studiootaking » 2019 Jan 01, 18:39

Thursday, Feb 08, 2069

Three days later, the Hamekahame defolds in deep space near the Irmuska Star System.

En route, the ship had stopped at a handful of different points in space. As the crew of the Steel Valkyries were tasked with repairing the rear cargo hold of the Starbug and the 'parts Valkyrie' -in addition to salvaging useful parts from Kaumirran's and Mr. D's ruined Valkyries- they weren't aware of (nor told) the purpose of those stopovers. As the crew working on the Starbug were ordered out of the main hanger before a couple of those stopovers, it was implied that the Hamekahame was doing something in addition to the routine Fold Drive recharge stops. While nothing out of the ordinary happened, the elevated tension level amongst the Zentrādi 'Pertahanan' crew during those stopovers was suggestive.

While Mr. D and Kaumirran made great progress in processing the salvageable remains of their former Valkyries, they couldn't get the hydraulics in the replacement arm for the 'parts Valkyrie' to work properly.

Hearing that, the Major opted not to include it in their next mission; in addition to the bummed arm, they had yet to update the FCS to be compatible with the missiles, nor cleaned out the wood-chips and other gunk in the joints and the ROV-20 barrel.

On the other hand, Kaumirran had mostly recovered from her injuries.

Upon Defolding, the Steel Valkyries pilots, the Major's and Bah's Valkyries, and 4 full-size Zentrādi 'Pertahanan' in shipboard armour (6 total with the flight crew) embarked in the Starbug for Andis - their target.

Elpis Faction, Irmuska Star System, en route to Andis in the Starbug

While the quartet of Pertahanan sat down in a corner and started to play cards, the Major called the Steel Valkyrie's pilots to gather around him for a briefing.

"As we discussed, we're heading to Andis in the Irmuska system to pick up some VF-11 Thunderbolts. As we're deep in Elpis Faction territory, there are some rules we have to abide by. First and most importantly, keep a low profile." He looks sternly at Kaumirran. "Drawing attention to ourselves will make our job next to impossible."

He glances at the Zentrādi and continues in a slightly hushed voice, "second, the locals don't like humans at all. So, whatever you do, don't let on that you have any human ancestry." He fixes Mr. D and Bah with a stern gaze this time.

"Third," the Major's voice returns to normal, "My-clones, Micrones or whatever you call normal sized humans, they're considered second class citizens on Andis. So, if any full-size Zentrādi are around, especially the local Irmuska militia, we have to defer to them." He looks sidelong at Kaumirran, "on Irmuska, it's up to the My-clones to get out of the way. If you get stepped on, it's your own damn fault."

"Finally," the Major continues, "our cover: we are the lackeys for our full-sized comrades over there. They are there to get foodstuffs for their ship, and we're ostensibly there to carry it back to the ship once they've made their purchases. So, that means that we have to hide the gun pods, and two of us are going to stay with the ship." He waves an outstretched hand in the direction of the Valkyries. Their gun pods are already concealed behind some full-size Zentrādi shipping crates and burlap, and the missile-loaded wings are folded up and closed over.

"So..." the Major mulls over his next thoughts. "Bah and Mr. D, you're staying with the Starbug to pilot the Valkyries and maintain our cover. Also, you're going to provide both covering fire and the heavy lifting when we take the Thunderbolts. With luck, we'll be able to grab 4 before the Irmuska militia show up, and we have to blast our way off planet."

"Kaumirran, you're with me. We're going to sneak our way into the settlement, find those farming Thunderbolts, and prep to take them."

He then tosses her a dusty brown woollen poncho at her, "and that's your cover." He puts a similar one on over his pilot suit. "There's no way we'll be able to sneak around in just our pilot suits." After a pause, he adds, "and leave your suit's helmet on the Starbug."

"Questions?" he concludes the briefing.

Mr. D immediately asks, "why does she get to go? Why do I have to guard the ship?"

Bah has a similar questioning expression on his face.

The Major shoots them a stern look that shuts them both up.

OOC: I'm going to be NPCing Buran's PC until he completes the Björn Eriksson Test Drive.

by InfernosCaress » 2019 Jan 01, 21:26
First and most importantly, keep a low profile." He looks sternly at Kaumirran.

Kaumirran made a face at the implied accusation. It was almost as if he were trying to say that that she was an attention whore. What could have been more of a ridiculous notion than that? It was clearly the furthest thing from the truth. "Hey," she retorted. "Drawing attention to myself is exactly I keep a low profile."

She put her hand on her chest, which thankfully no longer burned when she breathed. Well, it did when she was exerting herself. She probably should have spent more time on a less strenuous workout regime, but she needed that to keep fit. Being unhealthy was no reason to be unfit. She only had the one body. She intended to keep it in tip top condition, even if that meant that she was unwell.

"Mine," she said. She closed her eyes and took on a haughty expression, which was in no way the same as her usual one. "Is a finely crafted masterpiece. The galaxy is a stage, and I: its beloved starlet."

"on Irmuska, it's up to the My-clones to get out of the way. If you get stepped on, it's your own damn fault."

"You know, I can be full-sized, too," she informed the group for, like, the third time since she had met them. "That is my natural form, all tall and elegant. I have since been relegated to this small form. Which, I might add, was not my choice."

Kaumirran's gaze turned downward. "I used to have breasts the size of you tinys. Now, look at them." Her eyes rose back to the men. "On second thought, don't look at them. You haven't purchased the right to unlock those, yet."

"our cover: we are the lackeys for our full-sized comrades over there."

"You can be my lackeys," Kaumirran helpfully offered. The somewhat sadistic smile that graced her lips was a fair indication of how that would go.

"find those farming Thunderbolts, and prep to take them."

Kaumirran nodded her assent. "Not going to be a problem." That was all that she said on the matter. She did not even add her usual colorful commentary. The real question was how long such a rarity would last.

"why does she get to go? Why do I have to guard the ship?"

"Did we not go over this?" Kaumirran's voice was muffled as she was pulling the poncho on at the time. Her head popped out of the hole. She gave herself a little shimmy to align her disguise. "Boobs." Now, they knew how long her silence would last.

Her dark purple hair pulled itself free of the poncho hole. It raised up over her head until all of the strands were free, then it gathered itself together in a tight line. The outer strip separated from the bunch. It curled around the base of the rest, just behind her right ear. Afterward, all of her hair went limp, leaving her with an off-center ponytail.

"'Sides, you don't fit," she added. "He's an Andi." She nodded toward the Major. "I'm an Andi. And we're going to the planet Andis. When we go to the planet Van De Merwe then you can go, and I'll stay on the ship."

Kaumirran took a step back, putting a bit more space between herself and the rest of the team. She lifted her hands, each with a finger raised that vaguely pointed in the direction of Bah and Mr. D. "By the way, I think that now is a good time to point out that it is almost Valentine's Day," she informed the men. "That is the day of human tradition when you buy the most beautiful woman on the team lots of jewelry to show her how much you appreciate that she acknowledges your existence. So, I just wanted to say that my favorites are emeralds, and rubies, and diamonds --especially the red ones--, and sapphires, and taaffeite, but my most-est favorite is musgravite."

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Andis Days - Björn Eriksson Test Drive
« on: July 03, 2019, 11:02:36 PM »
by studiootaking » 2018 Oct 29, 11:33
Elpis Faction.
Irmuska Star System.
The Raimonds settlement on Andis.

Björn hadn't set out to end up there. In his travels to find a better bottle to end up at the bottom of and to get as far away from NUNS, he had drifted into the M45-03 Sector. Which wasn't far enough, as NUNS was increasing its activity in the sector after the Fold Anomaly started to dissipate, and there was a Fold Quartz mining boom in the sector. So, he crossed the border into the nearest part of the Zentrādi Control Zone: the Elpis Faction.

He chose Andis, as it was known as the bread basket of the Elpis controlled territory, and their usually ruthless and oppressive control over colonies was quite lax there. The fact that Andis was mostly rural and had limited modern development (extremely limited internet, no connect to the Galaxy Network), also played into Björn's choice to travel there.

As costs and the pace of life were too high in Melanija –the capital city– he drifted to one of the outlining, secondary cities: Raimonds. It also offered better employment prospects, as he was able to use his piloting skills on the farming machines. The wages for potato farming were a pittance compared to a NUNS pilot's salary, but it paid enough for a dingy place to sleep, and a steady stream of booze to battle his person demons.

Björn's ability to speak Zentrādi was also helpful -Andis being a Zentrādi controlled world in the Zentrādi Control Zone- and he was able to pass himself off as a mixed, or half-breed Zentrādi. For the most part, nobody cared beyond that. However, he let slip yesterday during a night out drinking at the local tavern to Engrish, a 'coworker' at the potato farm that Björn is presently employed at, that he is 100% human. Engrish was too drunk at the time to react in any meaningful way, but he has been harassing Björn at work all day with insults that invariably started with the local dialect's pejorative for Earthlings: "hoo-mon".

With the full effects of a hangover still on him, Björn was heading back to the tavern after work, when Engrish, and his flunky, Worsh, stopped him in a narrow street.

OCC: the following are in character examples of combat posts. Please use the style for your combat posts.

Your character information (attacks, HP, etc.) can be found linked from here: viewtopic.php?f=139&t=8448#p196590 (direct link: )
Please ask any questions here or in the OOC topic.

Postby studiootaking » 2018 Oct 29, 11:34
"Hoo-mon," Engrish says, blocking Björn's way. "We don't like yer kind here. I'm going to take ya in to the police for the reward for hoo-mon scum!"

With that, Engrish swings mightily at Björn's gut. He follows up with another aimed at Björn's face.

1 punch Björn's stomach
2 punch Björn's face

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Eps 1.3: Out Of The Fire
« on: July 03, 2019, 10:07:33 PM »
by studiootaking » 2018 Jan 21, 13:49

Thursday, Feb 01, 2069

The next day, at roughly 06:00, the Steel Valkyries pilots assemble. Some of them (the Major) are in worse shape than others (Kaumirran), due to how much dehydrating beer or hydrating water or green tea they drank the previous night.

After a decent breakfast with more comparatively delicious food from their mission yesterday, they head off to their hangar. On the way, the Major gives out their assignments:

"There weren't any major leaks yesterday? Good. First thing is to check over the Valkyries for any fluid drips that developed overnight.

After we've sorted those, Kaumirran and Bah will work with me on attaching the arm from our parts spare onto my Valkyrie. Drakenstein, I want you to restore all of the Valkyrie's FCSes, and get them synched up with our new weapons.

We should still have time after that to give the joints a good servicing... best to clean out any sand, grit, and salt that may have got into them during the mission."

He pauses, reviewing a mental checklist. After a long moment, he adds, "if we have time at the end of the day, we can think about fixing some of the holes in the armour, "he gives Mr. D a significant look, before continuing. "But before then, I want to put one of those missile-equipped arm FAST Packs on my Valkyrie's new right arm. Who wants the left arm unit?" he asks, slyly.

Bah, sitting with his arms folded in the back of the jeep-like vehicle they were riding in to the hangar, nods and slightly raises his right hand in a mini salute, says "I do," with infinite cool

Mr. D, acting like he's still in elementary school, repeatedly stabs the air with a raised hand, practically yells, "me! I do! Me!"

The Major laughs "Ho ho ho" in a bemused manner, before glancing at Kaumirran.

by InfernosCaress » 2018 Jan 21, 17:36

With the forewarning from the day before, Kaumirran had expected that they would be roused at 6 am that morning. With that in mind, she had turned in early while the boys were busy with their cheap beer.

She did not end up with extra rest. Kaumirran roused herself an hour early. That afforded her plenty of time for morning exercise routine. She had followed that up with a couple of loops around the barracks compartment. After her run, she had taken a nice shower. That had left her wide awake and ready to go by the time that the others rolling out of bed.

"But before then, I want to put one of those missile-equipped arm FAST Packs on my Valkyrie's new right arm.”

“Or, even better,” Kaumirran said. “We could replace the missing arm with one from the junker. Then you could have your chainsaws back.”

Retarded-Arse Chainsaws.

The Major laughs "Ho ho ho" in a bemused manner, before glancing at Kaumirran.

Kaumirran bobbed her pale green shoulders. “It’s not balanced for that,” she pointed out. “After switching the loadout, the system would need to be recalibrated to take in to account the difference in weight, both with and without the ammunition. These have been calibrated logging, not for battle. It is going to take more than switching an FCS if you want it to function correctly with a different limb.”

More work. And she could guess who was going to have to do it. The saaame person who always had to do it.

“I would rather have something that didn’t suck,” she commented. “Preferably something built within my lifetime.” Given how short her lifetime had been, that may have been asking for a bit much. But that had never stopped her from doing it before.

Open Discussion Board / Earthquake in Osaka
« on: June 18, 2018, 10:30:58 AM »
It sucks living close to the epicenter of an earthquake.  Especially one that's 6.1 M!   :(
All that stuff about it that you may be seeing on the news is just across the river from my place.  :cry:

Anyhow, here's a post I did on MW about the horror show in my man cave:

Stats Discussion Board / Zentradi Ships
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:31:55 AM »
Suvaru Saran [Thuverl Salan] Class Standard Battleship:

This turned into a real project.  It doesn't help that Palladium Books essentially gives us 3 different versions - and all of them wildly different from the official setting information, too!

I've used the "Battleships Of The Galaxy Book 3: Zentradi Military Vessels" Dojinshi for a significant number of stats - although I don't completely agree with all of it, the numbers it provides for such things as crew compliment and Mobile Weapons carried is significantly more realistic than the Palladium version(s).

Hopefully the next one will be much faster to make (this took 2 weeks!).

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Eps 1.2: The Hamekahame
« on: January 12, 2017, 12:36:05 PM »
Setting Image (colours are not indicative of ship's colour scheme.  Its a more burnt shade of the Zentraadi green):

2069.01.29, Monday - morning

Inside the hangar, Kaumirran transforms into, and prepares to land in GERWALK.  Ahead of her, a Nujaderu-Ga is waving her in to land next to the other Valkyries.

Looking around, she sees another couple of Nujaderu-Ga and some full-sized Zentradi (both male and female TV series uniforms) acting as ground staff.  Along the walls are a couple dozen Zentradi Battlesuits, evenly divided between Nujaderu-Ga and Quadoran-Roh.  They are just as worn down as the ship, but in a better state of repair.  They also all have a unit marking with 'Pertahanan' written in Zentradi under it.

The hangar is in a surprisingly decent state of repair - compared to the outside of the ship.  However, there are layers of repairs upon layers of repairs.  The oldest are the largest and least refined; large sections were literally cut out of other ships and rudely grafted into this one.  Repairs on top of that were done with more finesse, with bundles of components from other ships being fused into the ship.  The most recent repairs are the most precise - only the broken parts have been finely installed.

A few full-size Zentraadi in light armour are welding in pipes in one part of the hangar.  They seem oblivious to the new arrivals, and don't appear to be hustling to finish this job to attend to any damage from the missile impact Kaumirran just witnessed.

The Nujaderu-Ga waves the Valkyries to the rear of the hangar, were Kaumirran sees a VF-1J or VF-1X already parked.  They land in a loose row next to it.

Exiting their Valkyries, Major Andurven shouts over the helmet radio to them, "whose Valkyrie is leaking hydraulic fluid?" as he points behind them at a row of droplets leading back toward the now-closed hangar hatch.

Bah answers, "it's mine.  The hydraulics in my left engine nozzle blew when I cranked it skyward over Nora."

"Right," answers the Major, with a slightly disappointed tone and curl to his lips.  "You're VF is now our parts VF.  Bah, use the one I took."

The Major points at the VF-1J that was already in the hangar, "that one's mine.  Touch it, and I break your finger," he says in a half serious, half joking tone.

Major Andurven then quickly adds, "I've got to report to Hekili.  You guys get your gear out of your Valkyries, and follow him," he points to a full-size Zentradi approaching from behind them on a hover platform.  "He's going to take you to your quarters."

Open Discussion Board / Spam Bot Wave 2016
« on: August 19, 2016, 09:53:24 AM »
We appear to have gotten noticed by somebody, and put on their spam list.

Members (or lurkers), just ignore any offending posts for the time being.  Your admins (Zed Cassel and myself) are doing our best to keep on top of things.  Thank you.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Eps 1.1: Get Valkyrie!
« on: June 05, 2016, 02:57:54 AM »
Two days ago, Kaumirran had succeeded in landing a job as a Valkyrie pilot in what was officially described to her as a 'newly formed Private Military Company'.  She knew, from a couple of underworld contacts, that it essentially amounted to a mercenary group with a few more guidelines in the rules of engagement play book, and considerably more job security.  The later suited her current situation and needs - as a company generally protects the identity of its employees, unless if the crap really hits the fans.  Something that she wasn't intending on doing when she signed on for a term contract.

The contract had the usually vagaries of being paid a full-share on the completion of each 'job', and the possibility of up to a half share if she 'contributed' between jobs.  Whatever that meant.  The interviewer waved the question off when she asked about it.  He also wasn't very precise, either, when asked about what kind of Valkyrie they would be providing her.  He had only said, "you'll be getting one soon".

She probably wouldn't have jumped at the job, if it weren't for the police in Brutus looking for her to ask her about some drunk's wallet.

So, she had signed on.  Her initial instructions were to catch such-and-such transport to Midway at a certain time, and then transfer to another-such-transport to Nora at Williams Star from there.  She was told to bring her flight suit (she had a beat-up TSV-62 Mk.I VF pilot suit), clothes that blend in on a rural colony, and to leave any weapons on Brutus - with the note that they'll be supplying them once they were on Nora.

She didn't like that last one, but as they were going by 'public' transport, there wasn't really any way to get around it.  Maybe her employers were doing that to screen her?  The fact that they were relying on 'public' transport also raised a few questions.

The trip from Brutus at Caesar to Midway at Midway was, for Kaumirran, a taste of the jet-set lifestyle.  As a well travelled route, she was on a passenger dedicated Fold Shuttle (like the one Sheryl used in MF); and even though the company had provided an economy class ticket, the seat cushions were much, much nicer and comfier than she was used to in her grungy apartment in Brutus - at the very least, they didn't smell bad.  In fact, they had a faint, pleasing floral smell to them!  The meal service was also quite a few steps above her regular fare, too.

The 20+ ly trip was over in about 15 hours - much faster than usual, due to the nature of the route, and a bit too quick for Kaumirran's taste - she really would've liked to have seen an 8th movie in that nice seat.

Midway looked like it would be an interesting tropical, water world to explore.  All too soon, she was on the second leg of her trip.

Where the first ship was comparatively luxurious, the second one was downright industrial (like the cargo transport in Star Wars II).  Although it was spartan, it was relatively clean.  In the sense of a car mechanic's garage that's been recently swept clean.  As it was a cargo ship, the passenger compartment was relatively large, with plenty of space to move about, lay or sit down, and so on.  However, the oil and grease marks on the floor gave the impression that when there weren't passengers, the compartment was used to transport machinery!

She recognized a couple of the faces from the Fold out from Brutus.  Some of them had similar flight suits to hers (not surprising, as they are a readily available surplus or decommissioned military item).  All the other passengers were grungy looking, and although Kaumirran eventually drifted off to sleep, she kept the proverbial one eye open, and didn't get a good sleep.

Alas, the route to Nora at William's Star was far less well travelled, and as a result, the 5+ ly trip took a full 10 hours.

When the ship eventually landed at the spaceport in Phej, she was still stretching the knots out of her back.  Being mid-autumn in that part of the planet, there was a bit of a bite in the air, but it was still early in the season, just before the leaves started to change.

It was mid-afternoon when Kaumirran set out from her apartment.  She had put her job application in for a mercenary-type job that had piqued her interest the day before, and they had called her in the morning for an interview in the late afternoon.

She was heading toward the Higashi-Neyagawa tube station and just as she passed the entrance to Bar Non3, she was rudely bumped into.

Kaumirran heard a grunt, and then the sound of a smashing bottle, and felt a light shower of droplets of liquid on the rear of her legs.  This was followed by, "hey, dumba$$, you made me drop my drink!"

Turning around, Kaumirran was face to face with three grungy looking punks.  Two of them were still carrying a bottle of beer in their hands.  The other, closest one, who was rapidly going pink in the face, didn't.  The shattered remains of his bottle were between him and Kaumirran.

Beer-less yelled, "ya green-faced Zent cow!  You're going to pay for that!"  Beer-less started to wind up for a punch.

Stats Discussion Board / To Do List - Macross Delta Edition.
« on: April 28, 2016, 01:01:01 PM »
  • Races:
    • Humans - technologically advanced?
    • Windmerians (sp?) - feel the wind
    • Ragnokians (sp?) - gills
  • Valkyries:
    • VF-31 - upgrade stats as new info becomes available
    • Sv-262 -
    • VF-1EX - VF-1 with EX-Gear cockpit.  Used for training.  Based on VF-X+?  VF-X++?
  • Drones:
    • Mini-Drakken (sp?) - Sv-262 drones
  • Ships:
    • Macross Quarter - ARMD-R/L replaced with Daedalus type carriers.

Joining Board / InfernosCaress character for Steal Valkyries
« on: April 18, 2016, 03:44:27 AM »
Posted by: InfernosCaress on: 2016-04-16, 11:17:00

I was thinking that could play either:

A Meltran, which covers the small set of posted desired skills, and is the general combat-oriented character.


A "Spoiled Princess," which would be notably less combat-oriented but have a more social focus and could act as a front man/infiltrator.

Posted by: Sketchley on: 2016-04-17, 11:35:54

Of your two character proposals (Meltran Warrior and Spoiled Princess), I think the Meltran Warrior would be a better match for the game.  You could incorporate the idea of being a spoiled girl into that.

Though, it brings up some questions:
- is she a child of pure Zentraadi that chose to live among humans?
- or is she a pure Zentraadi who chose to live among humans?  If so, why did she want to become Micronized and humanized (live among humans at least long enough to learn Valkyrie piloting skills)

Posted by: InfernosCaress on: 2016-04-17, 12:33:11

A Spoiled Meltran Princess would be weird. They are crafted almost exclusively with the Fast Reflexes Archetype. Not much MA coming from that. Although, if she were the self-centered/bitchy spoiled type then she wouldn't have much anyway.

Okay. I'm starting to get something.

 If she were a pure bred Meltran that had been taken by one of the local warlords prior to the completion of her cloning process and raised as their daughter/right-hand, that would explain why she is not macronized, knows Zentraedi mecha (cloned memories) and Valkyries (personal experience), and explains the spoiled attitude.  It would also give the group one ally faction in the region that they could be hired by, as well as starting enemies in the warlords opposed to that faction.

    Welcome to the Steel Valkyries.
Game homepage: Steal Valkyries PBP RPG Game Setting and Info

The game homepage contains:
  • Character sheets - with experience improvements, etc. updated  2020.07.14
  • Loadout and status - vehicle/equipment/PC quick reference sheet. updated  2020.07.26
  • Setting information:
    • Characters (PCs, NPCs)
    • Basic Setting (w/ Background Info, & Locations)
    • Game Setting Images
    • Agencies
    • Corporations
    • Game Timeline
    • Surplus Military Goods
    • Private Military Companies's active in the sector
    • Technology Abilities, Fold Speeds/Travel Times
    • Game Archives

Important Links (or This game uses...)

I'm aiming to make a GM post at least once a week.  Right now, it looks like it's Sunday, JST.

Open Discussion Board / Star Wars Rogue One
« on: April 07, 2016, 01:13:56 PM »
Up until yesterday, I've had mixed sentiments about this upcoming movie.  Then the teaser with the new Storm Troopers....

... then the preview today.

Wow.  I thought Eps VII looked good in a Star Wars way.  This one just takes us right back there into some pretty iconic settings and face to face with minor, but nonetheless iconic characters.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: April 06, 2016, 11:53:37 PM »
Set in 2069... the Steel Valkyries squadron...

... is coming soon!

Questions and comments, here!

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