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Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: March 20, 2020, 01:03:48 AM »
Re: Do bullets have a range in space?

That's right!  They have velocity.  If the target is on a steady vector, then bullets theoretically have unlimited range (if nothing moves between them and the target, that is).

However, combat is a dynamic situation, with targets changing velocity and vector moment by moment.  Thus the velocity of the bullets dictates the distance that they have a moderately good chance of hitting their target before it moves out of their path.  As it involves complex physics, we keep it simple by calling it "effective range" (the range listed in the stats).

There's also something called "maximum range".  In terrestrial combat, anything beyond that would see the bullet ending up landing on the ground.  In space, one could theoretically shoot bullets at targets beyond maximum range, but the penalty to hit virtually guarantees that it's a waste of bullets (if one uses anything other than a precision fire, sniper-type weapon, that is.  Even then, the odds are not in your favour).

Effective range to maximum range:
Space combat range modifiers:

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: March 09, 2020, 02:06:12 AM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, 5 Sisters (deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems)

“That is the opposite of left!”

"He wasn't talking to us!" Bah promptly barks back.

“Hey!  Wake up!”

"Yeah..." Bah says, his response muted as he's lost in thought.  He also yanks his fighter over and maxes out the thrust, to keep pace with Kaumirran.

"Something doesn't seem right..." he muses over the radio channel.

The Quadoran-Rō team gets within range of the nearer missiles.  They fire their arm laser guns, and take out the 3 missiles they each shot at.  Luckily, Nur's hits caused an explosion that took out the other 7 missiles in the volley.  30 missiles remain.

"Gawdammit!" the Major curses.  "This Valkyrie's slow as $hit!  I should've taken Björn's '11!!"

Bah checks, and notices something on sensors.  "What the heck is that??"

The Quadoran-Rō team fires at the next volley.  This time, Amina's and Putri's shots sets off the chain reaction that takes the rest of them out.  20 missiles remain.

"They're good..." the Major compliments after witnessing the next bunch of missiles to burn up at Amina's team's hands.

"Very good!" Mr. D adds.

Bah starts easing off on the throttle.  He responds to Kaumirran's inevitable question with, "the... nothing back there!"

The Quadoran-Rō team fires at the next volley.  This time—perhaps not to be outdone—it's Nur's shots that once more set off the chain reaction that takes the rest of its volley out.  10 missiles remain, and as they're all aimed at the Hamekahame, the supply line is out of immediate danger!

"The what?!" the Major barks at Bah.

Bah starts turning his fighter around.  "Kaumirran!" he yells with concern at her.  Responding to the Major, he adds, "the big blank wedge on radar!"

"/z/ One more group! /z/" Amina yells at her Quadoran-Rō team, as she begins firing.

While Amina takes out the one missile she shot at, Putri's shots go wide.  However, Nur fires a spray that hits each and every remaining missile, and they all explode.  The Hamekahame is momentarily clear of danger!

"Say what?!" the Major exclaims with surprise.  "D!?!"

"... he's right, sir!"  Mr. D replies.  "I think we're being jammed in sector E12!"

"I... can't see anything moving out there."  Bah says, as he visually surveys the blank area on the radar.

"/z/ Good shooting, Nur, Putri! /z/" Amina enthusiastically congratulates her Quadoran-Rō team.

"Deculture!" she yelps, as she dodges a burst of beam gun fire that erupts from the direction that the missiles came from.  Nur and Putri aren't so lucky, and both their Quadoran-Nona soak up a bunch of hits.

"Major!  3 QF-4000 series drones just popped up!" Mr. D practically screams.

"Bah!  Take Kaumirran and investigate!  We've got your backs!"  the Major yells, as he turns his Valkyrie around, and Mr. D quickly follows.  "Amina and her team know how to take care of themselves," he adds, with a note of concern in his voice.

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.
Note: fixed question mark error.
Green triangle: Quadoran-Rō team
2 bluish-purple triangles: Fighter Pod teams
light pinky-purple triangles: QF-4000 team

OOC: technically only the Major, Amina, and the drones have 5 actions—and Mr. D has a pitiable 3!  Also, shame that Kaumirran never got within gun range, eh.

General Announcements / Re: We're ALIVE!
« on: March 05, 2020, 11:02:39 PM »
Much appreciated!

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: March 04, 2020, 12:05:21 AM »
“That thing doesn’t look remotely spaceworthy.”

"Hah!" Bah laughs with glee.

“No.  Lucky me. Most of my family is dead. They were thrown out as meat shields to absorb in-coming fire. You ass.”

"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, eh?" Bah responds dismissively, focusing outside the cockpit, and not liking where the conversation was headed.

2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, 5 Sisters (deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems)

“Diiiiid that chica just call him Master?”
"Massa," corrects Bah.

The Major just smirks, with a playful sparkle in his eye.

"Major!" Mr. D's yelp of surprise comes at the same time as their forward threat radar lights up with multiple missile warnings.

"Break left!" the Major yells at Mr. D, as he does it.

Bah yanks his fighter to the right.

Moments later, the control AI on the radome works out the trajectory of the missiles, and informs them that the 4 sets of 10 missiles were not shot at them.  Instead, they were shot at the Hamekahame and what appears to be the line of Battlesuits transporting their precious supplies!

"/z/ Protect our sisters and brothers! /z/" Amina yells at her Quadoran-Rō team.  They immediately change to an intercept course, to get close enough to start shooting down the missiles.

"You heard her!" the Major yells at the Steel Valkyries, as he starts turning and rocketing toward the missiles, too.

Mr. D dutifully follows, and helpfully adds, "computer sezs we'll just be able to make it at max thrust, sir!"

Bah momentarily wavers, and Kaumirran can see his jet's wings dip and return to horizontal a couple of times as he mulls whether to join the effort to stop the missiles or stay on their original heading.

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.
Note: fixed question mark error.
Green triangle: Quadoran-Rō team
2 light-purple triangles: Fighter Pod teams
2 dark blue triangles: projected MRM paths

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: March 02, 2020, 01:31:27 AM »
OOC: Or, you know, just install the Zentraedi Font:

OOC: ... and that would defeat the purpose of making it accessible to all.  BIC:

“What if I told you that I know you can get all expense paid vacation to a wonderful beachfront property for the weekend and all that you have to do is sit in on a short, four hour presentation about the benefits fractional home ownership before you leave?”

Bah holds up his hand making the Japanese hand sign for money, and mockingly retorts, "see this Canadian collectors coin?  It's a specially minted souvenir of the bluenose, a very famous ship.  I'll sell it to you—right now—for the super low discount price of 2 bucks!"

“Not really.  Most of my life had been spent stuffed in to a cargo hold with my sisters. Packed to the gills at first, but it thinned out over time. The rest of was me trying not to get recaptured by those people. Why do you ask?”

"Poor you," Bah says sarcastically.  He would've liked to say something longer and more biting, but he was also focusing the majority of his attention on the debris field whizzing by their speeding Valkyries.

“Yeeeeeeeeah. That's the stuff they use to make cheeeeese.  Mmmm, cheeeeese.”

"Wrong culture, yo!"  Bah can't help but crack a smile.  Either he got her joke, or he's revised his impression of Kaumirran's intelligence... significantly downwards.

2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, 5 Sisters (deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems)

“My eyes are peeled.  Is the peeling the reason why it is called the apple of my eye?”

The Major ignores her chatter as he speeds up to make a tighter formation with Mr. D's VF-11.  "Anything?" he asks.

"All scopes are clear," answers Mr. D.

"Everyone, get behind that large chunk of dorsal armour... we'll use it to mask our approach," the Major orders.

The two squadrons rocket toward, and then along an extremely large slab of armour floating some distance from the main part of the command ship.

The Major radios the Hamekahame: "/z/ Potential unknown spotted at C10.  Heading over to investigate with three Quadoran-Rō.  Anything on the ship's sensors? /z/"

Kekepania, one of the two Hine sisters that runs the bridge comms, promptly replies: "/z/ Understood.  How long since it was spotted?" /z/"

Amina, the lead Quadoran-Rō pilot, answers, "/z/ Approximately 43.5 seconds ago. /z/"

Kala, the Hamekahame's sensor operator chimes in, "/z/ Nothing on sensors.  However, there are a lot of blind spots on the far side of the larger pieces of debris. /z/"

"/z/ Weapons! /z/" barks Cap't Alakai.

"Gun turrets deployed and targeting sector C10, sir!" promptly replies Keanu—the tactical officer, and the only other male on the bridge.

"/z/ Amina and Andurven: Maximum caution, maximum effort! /z/" Alakai says to the Steel Valkyries and the Quadoran-Rō squad.

"D?" Major Andurven asks Drakenstein.  "Scope still clear, sir" comes Mr. D's prompt reply.

The Major asks, "/z/ Amina, anything on sensors when you saw the flash? /z/"

"/z/ Outside of sensor range, Massa. /z/" replies Amina, in a slightly softer tone, that—while ambiguous—registers to Kaumirran's ears as something more than just mere fellow pilots cooperating on a mission.

"Break left at the end of the ship, Amina," instructs the Major.  "Steel Valkyries, we'll rocket straight off the bow, and then arc left... and catch whatever is out there in a pincer!"

"Roger," Bah replies matter-of-factly.

"Scope's still clear," Mr. D adds.

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.
Oopsies... the blue question mark should be at C10, not D11!  :P

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Steel Valkyries OOC
« on: February 28, 2020, 12:01:10 PM »
Was planning to do a GM post yesterday, but with the PM abruptly deciding to close all elementary, Jr. & Sr. H/S schools for more than a month, it's like the crazy dial has been turned up to 11.  @.@

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 25, 2020, 11:44:51 PM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

"Well, I, for one, feel a surge of confidence in knowing that we picked the right person for the task. Good job."

"Thanks!" Mr. D replies, oblivious to her sarcasm as he focuses on tuning his Valkyrie's support AI to properly process the radome data, and only look for objects out of place in the debris field.

"I have a pretty good idea on how we could find out."

"Let's not," Bah coolly replies.  "Our 1's are currently held together with rubber bands and duct tape, and I'd prefer not to go back into deep cover in some settlement out in the sticks to acquire replacements anytime soon."

The Steel Valkyries pass at a comfortable distance from the transport's escort on the opposite side of the command ship's remains.  The debris are at their thickest and most numerous in this area, and flying is decidedly... technical here.

"I do not.  Is there a difference between one breed of human and another? You all kind of look the same to me with your stubby ears and dead-leaf colour palettes.”

"Breed?", Bah snorts.  "You haven't gotten out much, have you, girl," he casually dismisses her xenophobic comment.

"You've heard of culture, right?"  He doesn't wait for her answer.  "People from different cultures do different things... show different things, you know.  Some are full-on in your face, and others are more... discreet..."

Bah's commentary trails off, as his—and everyone else's attention—is drawn to 3 Quadoran-Rō that are rapidly approaching from the direction of the chain of battle-suits that are conveying the supplies from the transport to the Hamekahame.

The lead Quadoran-Rō pilot briefly appears on the squad's communication screen and speaks in the heavily accented Pertahanan dialect of Zentrādi: "/z/ We saw a flash.  Near sector C10.  Will help you investigate. /z/"

"/z/ Understood. /z/", replies the Major.

"Eyes front and peeled, people" he barks at the Steel Valkyries as they start to exit the command ship's debris field, and head  toward the ruined Picket Ship in the "top right" of the battleship's debris field.

OOC: I'm using the /z/ to indicate stuff spoken in Zentrādi—shorthand that should be easier than typing out "said in Zentrādi" each time. ;)

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 23, 2020, 12:54:38 AM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

Aside from the lazily drifting debris from the ships (outer shells and inner contents), there's nothing out of place or unexpected in the debris field.  The debris themselves aren't difficult to avoid, either, as all of the faster moving and faster spinning stuff from the initial explosions that caused the wreckage have long since drifted away.

“Uh, hello?”

"Yikes!" Bah concurrently exclaims.

"Uh..." the Major slowly and sarcastically drawls.  "You're broadcasting yourself, D..."

"Oh!",  Mr. D exclaims.  Followed by a, "huh?!", and then a longer, drawn out, "Ohhhhhh!", as his face rapidly switches from shock, to confusion, then to stunned realization.

He quickly taps a few short commands on the console, and his face is abruptly replaced with telemetry from his VF-11's radome.

On the regular comm channel, he laughs off the frustration, "someone in that potato farm on Andis connected the Super Pack's wires backwards!  They reversed the in/out ports!!  No wonder that setting was reversed when I went through the Thunderbolt's settings last night!  Dumbasses!!"

"That's... good," the Major cautiously replies.

He switches off his Valkyrie's radar, and instructs the others: "now that we've got proper eyes and ears, lets spread out a bit, and do things better.  Kaumirran and Bah: stay in the lead, but I want you to move ahead, and spread out about 1 klick apart from each other and Mr. D... in a triangle formation.  I'll be dropping back in the rear, too.  I don't expect trouble, but keep on your toes... especially as we're getting near that transport and it's escort!"

"We're going to pass around the rear of that Picket Ship," he indicates the one that's largely still in one piece that they're rapidly approaching, "and then we'll angle back toward 12 o'clock, and pass along the far side of that wrecked command ship."

"Don't, " he stresses, "pass within gun pod range of that transport's escort.  Who knows how many of their guards have itchy trigger fingers!"

"Heard that," Bah replies, as he also deactivates his VF-1's forward radar.

After spreading out, and passing around the rear of the 'lower right' Picket Ship, the Steel Valkyries enter the next gap, as they head toward the Command Ship's debris field.

Switching to the private channel with Kaumirran, Bah picks up the conversation: "New-half... don't you watch Japanese porn?  What else are they called...?  Kathoey?  Girl-sire?"

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 20, 2020, 12:28:09 PM »
“You can tell that mean that by the way that I spoke each word with a brief pause between it and the following one. Captain Kirk would have been proud of the proper enunciation of my protest.  (...)  And also my proper skin tone.”

The three men all blink rapidly and share confused looks with each other.

"Captain... who?" cautiously asks Bah.

2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

“What about it? (...) That is, like, thirty percent of the reason that porn exists.”

"Oh..." Bah muses.  "So many things to ask about based on your juicy statement!"

The Steel Valkyries approach the first few chunks of the "lower left" Picket Ship's debris field.

"Do you prefer the stuff shot in the male gaze?  Or the stuff made by bi's and new-halfs?"  He asks nonchalantly.

As the Steel Valkyries woosh past the broken hull of the Picket Ship, their radar screens flash to life with data from Mr. D's VF-11.  However, it's not the anticipated sensor telemetry—it's his face!  He's currently grimacing in concentration as he plays with the settings while dodging pieces of Zentrādi spaceship debris.

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 19, 2020, 11:41:27 PM »
“Forward us the best porn that find while we’re out there.”

"Ha, ha, ha," Mr. D artificially laughed.  "Right."  He adds, in a tone that indicates that there won't be any porn that far out in deep space, but with a smug expression that shows he can do it... if there's any to be found.

“We really need to discuss the amount of Andis that we are involved with (...)"

Ignoring the rest of her comments, the Major calmly says, "it'll be your payment for this mission."

"Or would you prefer to sit it out, and starve over the next few weeks?" he asks sarcastically.

“English isn’t my primary language and even I know that is wrong.”

"Stuff it, you!" Mr. D angrily grumbles, before focusing on getting the telemetry connection working.

2069-02-09-Sat. (17:00–17:30): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

“You can go first.  If someone is going to be broadcasting shoot me first, I would rather it be you.”

"Heh," snorts Bah with a smirk.  "Here goes nothing...," he says, as he dives his Valkyrie under the wrecked battleship, and swoops along the lower hull.  Angling a bit toward the rear, he rockets out, and does a quick barrel role as he visually looks around the area for anything that might be hiding in the Hamekahame's sensor shadow on the far side of the battleship.

There's nothing.

The Major and Mr. D swoosh over the top, and seamlessly join up into formation.

"Head counterclockwise," the Major quietly instructs.  The ashen colour and grim expression on his face tell them all they need to know about Mr. D and the telemetry situation.  "Bah, take point.  Kaumirran, stay on his wing.  D, behind them.  I've got the rear."

The Steel Valkyries rocket through the debris trail, gradually angling "down".  While it is easy to navigate through with little risk of bumping into something, everyone's attention is outside the cockpit—visually checking each chunk of ship for signs of ambush, and so on.  Except for Mr. D, who is still trying to get the inter-Valkyrie connection working.

Soon they pass out of the field and enter the gap between the "upper" battleship field, and the "lower left" Picket Ship debris field.

The Major radios, "head straight for the Picket Ship... the biggest piece of it."

Bah takes advantage of the break by radioing Kaumirran on the private channel:  "So, what's that about masturbating to porn...?"  He knows that she's just seeking attention, but he's bored.

Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:01:39 AM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (approx. 17:00): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

The Steel Valkyries sortie with the battlesuits (a mix of Quadoran-Rō and Nūjaderu-Gā).  Immediately upon exiting the smaller of the two bomb bay hatches on the bottom of the Hamekahame, they turn and accelerate toward—and past—the bow of the ship.

Upon exiting, they notice two flights of Jināru Air-battle Pods breaking off from the pack of battlesuits, and heading out in patrol formations in opposite directions (if the Steel Valkyries are 12:00, the Jināru are 4:00 and 8:00).

The pack of battlesuits head toward the right of the Hamekahame.  Over that way, about 4 to 5 km away is the ruins of the rear part of a Keadōru Magudomira Command Battleship.  Floating just off the side of the Command Battleship ruins is a Cargo Transport*.  The battlesuits are heading directly toward it.

Just underneath a section of the Command Battleship's dorsal armour (floating some distance behind the remains of the main part of the ship) is a Colony Picket*.  It has its guns aimed at the Hamekahame.  There appear to be Battroid mode Valkyries of some sort on its catapults and hulls, but they—and the picket itself—are staying put and acting entirely defensively.  In different words, they are the armed muscle brought along to make sure that the deal with the Hamekahame doesn't go bad for whoever owns the Cargo Transport.

Stretching out in arcs in both directions from the Command Battleship are a large field of debris.  Floating nearby are the ruins of a trio of Picket Ships and their respective debris fields.  Only the Picket Ship toward the rear is largely intact.  The rest are shattered ruins.

Directly ahead of the Hamekahame—and where the Steel Valkyries are headed—is another large debris field.  This one is centred on a ruined Suvāru Saran Standard Battleship.

Due to the cosmic ray-induced space weathering on all 5 ruined ships, it's clear that they have been here for a long, long, long time.

* * *

About halfway to the Standard Battleship wreck, the Major starts chewing out Mr. D: "where's my telemetry feed?"

"Sir," cries an obviously stressed Mr. D, accompanied by a cacophony of alarm bells, "the avionics in the 11's and the 1's don't sync so good."

A quick check by Kaumirran to her screens confirms that Mr. D isn't even sharing any telemetry with her Thunderbolt.  Compatibility issues are not the problem.

"Well," the Major tartly retorts.

"Huh?" Mr. D confusedly replies.

"Don't sync so well." the Major chastises in an obviously displeased tone.

"Right..." Mr. D trails off, distracted by another alarm going off.

"You have until we pass over that Command ship to get things worked out!" barks the Major.

"Right!" a visibly flustered Mr. D nervously replies, as he goes back to stabbing at buttons and switches in his cockpit.

The Major turns his attention to the others, "Bah, Kaumirran, we're going to have to take the first pass blind.  I don't expect any trouble—as the Hamekahame scanned the area when we arrived—but stay on your toes.  You two head under the ship.  I'll escort Mr. D over the top.  Meet on the other side."

"Damn," Bah hisses in a low tone after switching to a private channel with Kaumirran.  "I hope Mr. D gets things worked out by the time we meet up... I would really prefer him broadcasting the big 'shoot me first' target!" he says, as he activates his VF-1's forward radar array.

"Care to cover the rear arc?" he indicates that Kaumirran should use her VF's rear facing radar.  "Or do you want to take point, and put your faith in the 1A's rinky-dink rear-facing radar?"


Map/visualization aid: Click on Eps. 2.2: Milk Run Map.  Note:
- Steel Valkyries are the black triangle (pink circle = gun pod range, white circle = micro-missile range)

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 18, 2020, 07:09:44 AM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (approx. 17:00): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

After a flurry of activity—that fully shakes off any residual morning grogginess—the Steel Valkyries assemble their assorted VFs on the flight line in GERWALK.  They note that there are a bunch of Pertahanan in Battlesuits also assembling in two groups on either side of them.

The Major starts his briefing over the video-comm system: "we're on the edge of Eplis space.  The Hamekahame is rendezvousing with a transport to pick up supplies purchased on Andis while we were picking up the Thunderbolts."

"Our job is two fold—one: familiarize ourselves with the Thunderbolts and mixed operations with the 1's and 11's, and two: fly patrol around the wrecks in this sector to watch over our Pertahanan buddies while they transport our much needed supplies from the transport ship."

Captain Alakai doesn't expect trouble from the transport.  However, as we drew too much attention to ourselves over Raimonds," the Major shoots Kaumirran a stern look, "we're concerned that someone might have overheard our plans and crash are resupply party... or worse: an Elpis patrol might show up."

"Getting those supplies on our ship is our number one mission priority—as we need the food."  Flashes of the pitiful selection of the last remaining ready-meals they had at breakfast come to mind—all the remaining packs being the ones that no one likes.  At all.

"Oh..." the Major looks up to one side in recollection.  He then looks squarely at Kaumirran, "Cap't Alakai said he'll shoot you down, Kaumirran, if you step out of line and endanger the mission by making trouble for either the transports or the Pertahanan transporting our supplies.  I told him I'd save him the trouble and personally shoot you down if you head in their direction."

The Major checks his watch.  "Alright, launch time.  As the transport will be off the side of the ship, we're going to launch and hug the ship up to the bow... then fly straight ahead to the nearest wreck, and start our patrol... in a counterclockwise path around the area."

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Eps. 2.2: Milk Run
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:45:34 AM »
2069-02-09-Sat. (before 17:00): Elpis Faction Border, deep space between the Irmuska and Caterina Systems

Time flies for the pilots in the Steel Valkyries after they get up and rush about getting ready for the upcoming sortie.

After arriving in their designated repair bay, the Major—who looks like he hardly slept a wink after returning to the Hamekahame—enters and strides up in front of the ragtag group.

He gruffly updates them: "Björn won't be joining us on this sortie.  His helmet had a leak, and he lost all his air when we returned to the ship.  He experienced severe hypoxia.  The medics are saying he's on the road to recovery, but he still hasn't woken up."

"As for the birds we procured yesterday: Kaumirran will keep the Thunderbolt she took.  Mr. D will take the radome equipped Thunderbolt.  You," he looks sharply at Mr. D, "will be our eyes and ears from now on."

Bah leans toward Kaumirran and whispers, "because he sucks at fighting."

"Keep us up-to-date on the battlefield, but keep your distance from any unfriendlies," the Major finishes instructing Mr. D.  He says to everyone, "Bah and I will be back in our respective Valkyries."

"I want your Valkyries prepped and fully fuelled double time.  Kaumirran, Mr. D, use the remaining time before launch to get familiar with your Thunderbolts' controls and systems—especially the telemetry link, Mr. D.  Bah, I need you to help me transfer the rear-firing missiles from Björn's Thunderbolt to Mr. D's."

"What's our mission, sir," Mr. D asks, slightly miffed that the Major doesn't appear to have faith in his data transmission abilities.

"You'll be briefed on the flight line.  You know the drill.  A$$holes and elbows.  Move out!" the Major concludes.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: February 18, 2020, 05:40:18 AM »
Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, high orbit - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

“What happens tomorrow?”

Bah looks blankly at her.  "He didn't say."

“This time.  I'll do better next time.”

Mr. D shrugs.  He didn't want to waste chatting with Kaumirran.  He wanted to get as much sleep time in before their next sortie, as he knew that he'd need it, what with the way things usually go with this group of pilots.

In no time everyone has checked over and squared away their Valkyries.  Even though things went smoothly, it left only 5 hours before their sortie time.

Macross: Steal Valkyries / Re: Eps. 2.1: Heartbreakers and Thunderbolts
« on: February 02, 2020, 10:13:07 AM »
Elpis Faction, Irmuska star system, planet Andis, high orbit - Hooters and grumbles & a hard Björn life

In a dozen minutes or so, the Starbug lands inside the Hamekahame.

As soon as the hatch opens, medical staff with a stretcher race in, and put Björn on it.  They immediately wheel him out, and to the ship's medical facility.

It takes a few moments, but Kaumirran registers that this was the first time that she saw any other Myclone-sized crew in the Hamekahame.  She starts wondering what other members of the crew are Myclone-sized, and if Captain Alakai and the other bridge staff are Myclone or giant-sized.

The ashen-faced Major walks over, with his gaze locked on Björn being wheeled through the gargantuan hangar in the Hamekahame Suvāru Saran Battleship.

With an unusually calm and quiet voice, he instructs them: "Move the VFs to our repair bay.  Give them a once over, and tuck in for the night.  Captain Alakai wants us ready to sortie at 17:00."

The pilots note that their sortie time is just less than 6 hours later.

The Major continues, "D, take my 11.  Bah, take... ... Björn's..."  He then walks resolutely in the direction that the medics took Björn.

Climbing into his VF, Mr. D takes a good look at the dorsal surface of Kaumirran's VF-11D.  He lets out a long, low whistle when he spots the impact marks and scorches left by Khumirran's shots.

"Looks like you got out of there only by the skin of your teeth, eh," he says.  His tone is equal mix concern, and sarcasm.

Bah is already on the move, taking his VF-1 to the repair bay first.

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