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Chaerilidae - Keiko Skylark (The Pink-Haired Cuteness Returns)
« on: September 23, 2010, 10:18:50 AM »
Player Information
Players Name: Lance

[Pre-Academy Photo provided by Skylark Family Album]

Character Information
Character's Name: Keiko Nihara Skylark
Callsign: Pixie
Race: Half-Meltran
Age: 21 Years Old
Gender: Female
Height: 146 cm
Weight: 54.42 kg
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Lavender
Handedness: Left

Birthplace: Ris City, Girtabilu, Scorpii 18
Belief System: Buddhism and Shintoism

Description: A quick glance at Keiko shows a bright-eyed, happy looking girl full of excitement and energy.  When allowed there's often a pair of large headphones around her neck since she usually has MP3, PDA, or Laptop handy.  Her eyes sparkle with a kind of naive innocence you don't expect from someone in the military as she seems to skip about when not on duty.  Her hair is a little past her shoulders in terms of length and unless stated otherwise is tied back in a ponytail.  Both of her earrings are small silver ones that have a simple pink stone in them of a cheap quality.  Closer inspection will show those eyes to be filled with a kind of desire that can't be identified right off the bat.

Likes: Strawberry Smoothies, Cheerful People, Being Treated as Mature Adult, Fire Bomber.
Dislikes: Treated Like a Kid, People Who Can't Lighten Up, Mushrooms, Long-Winded Lectures.
Hobbies: Sticker Collecting, Stuffed Animal Collecting, Singing, Shopping, Making Cute Computer Avatars.

Relationships - Family
Father: Alastin Skylark (Flight Instructor at Civilian Flight School)
Mother: Phaedra Skylark (Program Director at a T.V. Station)
Elder Brother: Lieutenant Damen Skylark (Lieutenant in Solar Lookout)
Elder Brother: Kelvin Skylark (Floor Manager at Club Stardust)
Closest Ally or Friend: Kelvin Skylark - The one brother who isn't in the military Kelvin is always willing to take a few moments to listen to Keiko when she's down or needs some advice.  He constantly supports Keiko's attempts to be herself and believes that she needs to learn things herself.
Worst Enemy or Rival: Davis Richards - Mean guy, cruel guy, Davis is a pure-blood Zentren who took great delight in reminding Keiko everyday of her 'diseased' heritage.  Keiko still nurses an intense dislike for this individual after all the mean-spirited things he's done to her.

Biggest Secret: Keiko has a paralyzing fear of being left helpless in space.
Short Term Goal: To be accepted by those around her despite her heritage.
Long Term Goal: Undecided.
Reason For Joining: To prove that she has maturity and conviction in what she does.

Basic Personality: Keiko is a very friendly person who views things on the bright side no matter how bad things get.  She is easily excitable by things that interest and animately speaks on topics that she knows about.  She has the strong conviction that people should be able to make their own choices in life.  After all how can you be happy if you let someone else decide everything that you're going to do?  She is generally helpful and tries to cheer up those around her that she knows when they aren't doing something mean or harsh.  With a cheerful an excitable personality it is hard to belief that she can actually get serious about something.  She is not keen in showing what's bothering her after all she doesn't want people to worry about her.  She wants to help others and have people proud to know her and be her friend.

Background: Keiko was born to a family with a special set of genes, her parents a classified attempt to create piloting families to ensure they had a constant supply of aces.  What the UNS failed to take into account was that not everyone would want to go to war.  Her parents made their own escape and headed off to the free region of the Scorpii 18 system.  There they started new lives as plain civilians, Alastin taking a role as a civilian flight instructor while Phaedra studied and eventually began a TV Program Director.  They settled down further and had a family one son unsurprisingly joined the Intersolar Lookouts to become a fighter pilot, the other to their relief went on to become a Club Floor Manager while going through his schooling.  That left their last child a cute pink-haired daughter by the name of Keiko.

Keiko realized early on that people took racial purity seriously in the Scorpii 18 system, being half-meltran/half-human certainly made some of the dedicated old-fashioned folks frown a little.  It's hard to fault the child though as she was a sweet little girl.  She made her way through schooling having a knack for electronics and computers.  Even as she got older she still liked her plushies and stuffed animals and Keiko's favorite color remained pink.  Keiko's genius proved to put her on the Honor Roll constantly always getting Straight As, it wasn't until High School that her nice little bubble was burst.

Enter High School, and with those High School years come crushes and silly feelings from growing up.  Davis Richards was a handsome guy, a jock, and all around the guy every girl wanted to be around.  Keiko didn't realize what a mean-spirited person he was until she accidentally quipped to him as he blabbed about pride of racial purity that she was only half-meltran.  Needless to say Richards took a great delight in mistreating Keiko at every turn constantly reminding her of her 'tainted' heritage.  A few students got in the way when he got too excessive but nevertheless Keiko learned a harsh lesson, not everyone accepted that their could be unions between the two species.

Finally came college and Keiko proud of her scores had offers from several universities, she was gunning for the prestigious ones though wanting to graduate from a top-name school.  Keiko had a teensy problem though...she bombed the interviews assuming they'd just accept that Keiko was Keiko like her family always had.  She fumed that they were just being prejudice about her race but couldn't prove it as they simply told her they felt she didn't have the right attitude for the school.

Keiko didn't like being told that and fumed and brooded for a few days and without warning signed up for the Intersolar Lookouts.  Keiko had to learn to be more careful about things in some situations and the physical training was HARSH on the young half-meltran, nevertheless although Keiko had aptitude for being a pilot the recruiters noted she was much better suited to being an EWO and immediately started her training there.  There Keiko's past computer knowledge, electronics, and advanced math skills paid off as she quickly grasped the necessary concepts to become a solid EWO.  She was eventually paid with her pilot Jenny and the both made to Chaerilidae.

After getting soundly trounced by Cassel, a party went on later that night...Keiko chose to avoid alcohol after choking on the toast, all bright-faced and slightly flaily the instructors remembering her psych report quickly decided on her callsign.  And thus Pixie became her callsign.

Occupation: EWO/Radio Intercept Officer
Rank: Ensign

RPG Stats
I.Q.: 22
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 12
P.S.: 12
P.P.: 14
P.E.: 13
P.B.: 14
Spd: 17

Hit Points:
O.C.C.: EWO/Radio Intercept Officer
Experience Points:

Skills and Equipment
Basic Skills
Language: English
Language: Zentraedi
Math Basic +15%
Computer Operation +18%

Domestic MOS
Art: Digital Animation +43%
Art: Digital Graphics +43%
General Repair/Maintenance +43%
Pilot Automobile +43%
Sing +43%

Technical MOS
Artificial Intelligence +43%
Computer Engineer +43%
Computer Hacking +43%
Computer Programming +43%
Trap Mine Detection/Construction +43%

Science MOS
Astronomy +43%
Astrophysics +43%
Computer Operation +43%
Math Advanced +43%
Physics +43%

Student MOS
Research +43%
Writing +43%
Study +48%

O.C.C. Skills
Cryptography +8%
Radio: Basic +8%
Radio: Advanced +8%
Radio: Relay +8%
Optic Systems +8%
TV/Video +8%
Basic Electronics +8%
Read Sensory Instruments +8%
Computer Operation +8%
Mecha Combat: Variable Fighter (VF-5000)
Radio: Basic +8%
Read Sensory Instruments +23%
Navigation:Air & Space +23%
Weapon Systems +18%
Tactics: Air/Space Warfare +23%
Military Etiquette +28%
Parachuting +18%
First Aid +18%
Swimming +8%
WP:Automatic Pistol
WP:Automatic Rifle
Hand to Hand:Expert

O.C.C. Related Skills
Laser Communications +28%
Satellite Communications +28%
Intelligence +13%
Detect Ambush +8%
Detect Concealment +8%

Secondary Skills
   -Sense of Balance +8%
   -Work Parallel Bars and Rings +8%
   -Back Flip +8%
   -Climb Rope/Rappel +8%
   -Climbing 33%
   -Prowl 38%
Mechanical Engineer +8%
Electrical Engineer +8%

Hand to Hand Combat Bonuses

Mecha Combat Bonuses

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