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BW2: Tyrell, Austyn - Hegemon
« on: December 16, 2010, 12:53:51 PM »
Player's Name: Hegemon
Character's Name: Austyn, Tyrell

Age: 23
Gender: male
Handedness: right
Hair colour: light blue
Eye colour: brown
Height: 182.88 cm
Weight: 73.48 kg

Description: aside from his hair, he has average looks.  Scar in upper left chest from knife fight injury.  Always wears sunglasses - not to be cool, but to conceal his eyes, which are always watching and analyzing.  Without the sunglasses, he feels naked, and like his hands are tied behind his back, as he feels like he can't examine his surroundings or the people in them properly.

Birthplace World: Eskar III (farming area ii, near city G)
Birthplace Settlement: rural
Birthplace Class: Middle
Family Origin: Human - clone; United States/Canada/Australia/the UK (Westerner)
Birth Order: 3rd of 4th
Family: Father: Monty Kennith
Mother: Neske, Laura
Older Sister: Kaylynn
Older Sister: Temperance
Younger Brother: Mervin

Who do you value most: Personal hero
What do you value most: Honesty
Basic Personality: Sneaky and deceptive
World view: People are sheep who need to be led.
Current outlook: I crave more romance and passion.
Belief System:

Likes: fast women and a good time.  Giraffes.  Pretty much anything to do with space fascinates him.
Dislikes: too much of a good time - the kind that sticks around for a day or two as a hangover.  Clowns.  Cities that are all concrete, with little to no green space.  Starts to tense up after a few days of not experiencing nature.

Closest Ally or Friend: Sushila, Ganesha; close friend from university.
Worst Enemy or Rival: developed in his 23rd year.  UNSMC 1st Lieutenant Ferdi, Guido, who is extremely jealous of Austyn for being recruited by Unified Intelligence.

Biggest Secret: got revenge on the dude who stabbed Austyn in the chest.  A few months after the stabbing, Austyn drove a tractor over the dude, then proceeded to beat the holy stuffing out of him.  The dude ended up in the hospital for 6 months.

Short Term Goal: save the time-line
Long Term Goal: buy a farm and retire from the military.
Reason For Joining: to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a UNSMC fighter pilot warrior!

Childhood: A boring Childhood.
Life Events:
17 You gained a teacher or mentor in your life.  (Ganesha).
18 Love trouble: it just didn't work out.  (Girl from the rowdy crowd)
19 Friend: like a brother, sister or parent to you.  (Ganesha - grew from mentor to friend)
20 Knife fight with rival rowdy group.  Were injured.  Stopped being reckless, and a bit more cautious.  Incident that saw Tyrell begin drifting away from the rowdy group.
21 Nothing happened that year
22 Love & War: Nothing series: 'nuff said.
23 Enemy: from rival group or faction

Born in 2044 on Eskar III, and grew up in a farming community near the edge of the main part of the colony.  Was 6 years old when the Sovereign Independent States assisted some locals in usurping the government and seceding from the Unification Government.

Was old enough to not only remember the UNSMC led resistance, but felt the significance of the action as he watched it.  Probably the most memorable to young Austyn, was the actions of the VMFA-235 Death Angels in their valiant resistance to the SIS and the "new" colonial government to prevent an election that essentially washed away the will of the people and forced them to accept new laws.

Probably the law most resisted by the population were the ones that increased Zentraadi rights and treatment on the planet - a law that young Austyn didn't mind.  A law that when Austyn entered university to earn a degree in farming, he greatly appreciated.  As it gave him the opportunity to meet and make friends with the Zentraadi.  The most important being Ganesha Sushila.  Ganesha was an off worlder, from a Zentraadi-Unified Government fleet, and he opened Austyn's eyes to the galaxy.  He also reminded Austyn of his youthful dream of becoming a UNSMC warrior, just like the Death Angels.  A dream that his parents had forced him to put aside and forget, as they implored him to continue farming the family plot.

University life opened his eyes to the world, and Austyn became quite a bit more world-wise and wary of unknown people.  He was also temporarily sucked into a more rowdy crowd, that saw him do some wild and crazy things (first love, first 2-day drunk, etc.) and some stuff that was just over the illegal side of the law, or in a grey area.  These experiences, coupled with his commitment of completing any task he agrees to do, as well as his willingness to do what it takes to get a job done, not only brought him to the attention of the Unified Intelligence, but prompted them to recruit him.

Austyn became obsessed with his dream during his time at university, and shortly after graduating, he joined the UNSMC, much to his parents' chagrin.

After completing basic, he has been deployed on one years worth of missions, before being approached by Unified Intelligence to join their top secret time/reality exploration mission.

Occupation: UNSMC cum UNI VF Pilot
Rank: 1st Lieutenant

IQ: 11
ME: 8
MA: 10
PS: 10
PP: 14
PE: 8
PB: 10
Spd: 11

Perception 38%
Base Loyalty 50%
Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 40%
Get Noticed 50%
Trust/Intimidate 0%
Charm/Impress 0%
Sense of Balance: 12%

HP: 24
SDC: 30

Education Class: You went with the flow; Bachelor's Degree

Communications 11%
Cryptography 39%
Radio Basic 67%
Domestic 11%
General Repair and Maintenance  72%
Sing 71%
Electrical 11%
Espionage & Rogue 11%
Escape Artist 39%
Intelligence 16%
Gambling 39%
Impersonation 45%
Palming 39%
Streetwise 53%
Land Navigation 67%
Mechanical 11%
Medical 11%
First aid 39%
Military 11%
Physical 11%
Athletics 67%
Climbing 67%
Prowl  67%
Running 67%
Swimming 67%
Track and Field 39%
Zero Gravity Movement  67%
Hand to Hand: Expert  67%
Pilot 11%
Horsemanship 67%
Pilot Aircraft  67%
Pilot Spacecraft  67%
Pilot Tracked Vehicle 39%
Pilot Wheeled Vehicle 75%
Pilot Variable Fighter  67%
Mecha Combat: VF-1 19%
Mecha Combat: VF-3000 14%
Mecha Combat: VF-5 21%
Mecha Combat: VF-14 13%
Mecha Combat: VF-17 15%
Mecha Combat: VF-19 67%
Mecha Combat: VF-171 85%
Mecha Combat: VF-25 17%
Pilot Power Armour  72%
Mecha Combat: EX Gear  72%
Pilot Related 11%
Navigation  75%
Read Sensory Instruments  67%
Weapon Systems  67%
Science 11%
Math 70%
Technical 11%
Computer Operation 73%
History: General 15%
Identify plants & Animals 75%
Language: English 105%
Language: Zentraadi 84%
Lore: Farming  67%
Lore: Spiritia Warfare 11%
Research 14%
Tracking 39%
Wilderness Survival 67%
WP 11%
WP Pistol 67%
WP Rifle 67%
WP Knife (use for lasso) 67% +2 m range

Skill Programs & MOS:
UN Marine Basic 67%
Variable Fighter MOS 67%
Security MOS 67%
Spacy MOS 67%
Animal Trainer/Cowboy Skill Program 67%
Farmer Skill Program 67%

Combat Bonuses:
+(0 initiative
3 actions
+2 combat rolls
+0 damage
+0 mind saves
+0 body saves

Savings: ¥ 70,000
Wage: ¥240,000/month

ID/Security Badge, 2 to 4 Work/Camouflage Uniforms (DPM Uniforms with 1 x Kevlar Vest & 1 x Kevlar Helmet), 2 Dress Uniforms, 1 Mess Uniform, First Aid Kit: 5 uses

CSW (Combat Survival Waistcoat): Rescue Radio/Emergency Locator Beacon (Encrypted), universal direction finder, Small packet of water (1 pint), 2 Signal Flares, Pocket Flashlight, Combat/Survival Knife.

Variable Craft, Armoured Flightsuit, Semi-Automatic Pistol, Flotation Vest (UN Navy VF pilots only).

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Re: BW2: Tyrell, Austyn - Hegemon
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2010, 12:54:55 PM »
To ease PM inbox confusion (and have a backup on a 3rd HD).

Added some further changes - in short, the Unified Intelligence retraining (a bunch of espionage/technical/spiritia warfare/mecha combat skills).