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NPC Marine expeditionary unit
« on: June 03, 2007, 05:26:07 PM »
the vessel the units assighned to and the other unit on the ship.
"Minotaur" Daedalus Assault Landing Vessel
mecha complement 
hammer heads special ops VF-19 &VA-3M
 15 tomhawk: Lance raider, assault destroids
 15 (5)tomhawk, (10)spartan: Royal, destroid commando unit
 15 defenders:  Rifleman, air defense
 15 Vf-11full armor: Flying leathernecks, armor VF
15 VF-1 Armored Valkyrie: Knights, armor VF
 15 QVF-11 in armor , drone fighters: devil dogs-drone squadron
12Vf-19:   Harrier Hawk, close air support, air superiority
12 Vf-19:  Corsairs,  close air support, air superiorityy
 12 VA-3M:  Star Intruders ground attack
2 VB-6 Konig Monster: lovelingly named Gamera with green trim, King Ghidorah with gold trim, artillery
6 construction destroids

 10 lift units sky cobra 2 Comanchero attack choppers, 4 Sea Sergeant, 4 Multipurpose VTOL transport
4 mini-subs
20 mixed trucks and armor
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