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"Oooh-rah!" barked Javier with bravado with the Admiral's praise and dismissal. He hobnobbed with a few of his squadmates, but elected to keep a low profile for the most part. After a shower, he dressed in a clean flight suit, again with MARPAT cammo and strapped on his sidearm, as it was still a war zone. What appealed to him most now was plenty of glasses of water, and some hot chow, a luxury in the field, but commonplace aboard ship.

He headed directly to the officer's wardroom and selected a slider, with chips, salad and a litre bottle of water. He gave his chips a little more in the way of salt to make up for what he lost during the battle and popped his neck, before crossing himself and digging into his meal ravenously. It was a good day afterall.

(Hammerheads, would you care to join this Razorback/Angel Shark for chow?)
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Re: attack squadron
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