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roll call
« on: October 16, 2007, 08:43:18 PM »
players please post basic character info (don't need the whole sheet)
physical description
optional your choice: history brief or full, basic stats

(NPC info will be added to this page later)
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Re: roll call
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2007, 09:47:43 PM »
Character's Name: Alaras Sparke

Description:  Half-Zentraedi, Black hair, gentle blue eyes, slightly muscular build, green skin (looks Caucasian from more than 10 meters away)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthplace: Macross City
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: Singer/Anima Spiritia/Sparrow Hawk pilot & singer
Affiliation: Civilian
Rank: none
Assignment: Sparrow Hawk volunteer

RPG Stats:
Attributes: I.Q.: 13, M.E.: 15, M.A.: 17, P.S.: 11, P.P.: 15, P.E.: 16 (12+4 race bonus), P.B.: 13, Spd: 12

Hit Points:
S.D.C:  40
O.C.C.: Anima Spiritia
Level:  1
Experience Points:
Kills: zero (will not change)
Basic Skills:
Maths (+10%), Language:English 96%, Literacy:English 96%, Language:Zentraedi 90%, Literacy:Zentraedi 90%

O.C.C. Skills:
Sing +35% (Professional)
Play Guitar +30% (Professional)
Music Composition +15% (he mostly does Fire Bomber covers, but does occasionally compose original music)
Performance 50%
Pilot Automobile 70%
History: Anima Spiritia +15%
Lore: Spiritia 60%
Hand to Hand: Basic

O.C.C. Related Skills:
Dance 70%
Cooking 45%
First Aid 55 %
Computer Operation 50%
Wilderness Survival 35%
Lore: Spiritia technology 40%
Pilot Variable Fighter +55%
Mecha Combat: VF-19 (standard and/or customized variants)
Pilot Jet 50%
Radio: Basic 55%
Read Sensory Instruments 30%

Secondary Skills:
Swimming 50%
Research 40%
seduction 65%
computer programing 30%

hand to hand bonus 3 attacks per melee, +2 to roll with punch, fall, impact

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Re: roll call
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2007, 01:34:31 PM »

Keith B. Erskine "Husker"

Yes plea-...oh, meant Male

39 by age (46 by appearence)

Variable Combat Pilot

Physical description
Dusty brown-blonde hair which is greying in places and brown eyes. Looks older than he actually is thanks to wrinkles on his face crafted by the day to day worrying a variable combat pilot experiences, and the pain he's seen in his life. Despite his age, he's gone and built his body into a formidable weapon out the cockpit, eversince his reflexes started to dulled inside it. At 182cm and 82Kgs he's still as imposing today as he used to be at his peak.
Summarized History
One of the last few members of the human species to step off the cloning rack, he's a man who's gone and just about given all he can to the cause. With a distinguished career in Spacy that spanned 25 years as a maverick pilot with total disregard for rules, regulations and protocol; he's actually mellowed out as he's aged. Having piloted just about all types of mecha, he's watched as humanity has grown from strength to strength and seen the changes that have developed around him; one would be surprised by why a pilot like him hasn't landed himself a desk-job. Experience is everything to him because of the pain that has taught him some of life's greatest lessons. He's greatest successes came from his personal battles, having battled his way through losing his only daughter to unforgiving mother, battling through alcohol abuse, being stripped of his rank, ridiculed and even pushed out of active service. He was able to finally prove his worth to Spacy and was placed into the "hardluck" squadron, the 'Phoenix Hawks', where it was hoped his cool head and professionalism would benefit the rowdy pilots. He was eventually reassigned to the new Sound Force squadron, the "Sparrow Hawks", although he's a little peeved at being placed in a unit of what he considers wannabe popstars and dreamers. Personally he's never been a convert of song and music as a weapon, though this won't stop him from doing a good job when needed.
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Re: roll call
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2007, 05:53:12 PM »
Character's Name: meera Bright
Gender: female
Height: (160cm
Description:  a verry attractive girl preaty face pink hair blue eyes verry nice body.
Occupation: pritess, singer
Background: Meera was born on earth on a small island in south pacific. Her mother and grand mother were priestess and she is in traing to become one. 
Their religion was an off shoot of the Mayan Island bird man religion. Affter the coming of the zentraide, which her grand mother had lived thou, and the realization of the history of protochulture their island religion gained more notarity for its links to the history of protochulture on earth.   Her grand mother would make many trips to universities on earth and other planets to share their religion. When mere turned 14 she left her island with her grand mother on one of these trips and was fascinated by the galaxiy they lived in.  she stated to think about doing other things with her life.   She wanted to become a singer this caused friction in her family when she was 16 she gave up on those dreams and focused on becoming a priestess carrying on the family tradition.   She still joined her grandmother on her trips to other worlds and colony fleets which is how on her 18th birth day she found her self on the M-15. 

After her grandmother lecture they were approached by some UN scientist who were studying the ptotochuture power of spitrital and song.  Meera jumped at the chance and tried out now she is trying to keep both her passions alive singing and being a priestess she has not joined the military but working as a civilian.

IQ 20
ME 20
MA 13
PS 10
PE 11
SPD 11

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Re: roll call
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2008, 02:44:09 PM »
Character Name: Knyght Exeed
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Eden
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark blue
Height: 183cm
Weight: 148lb
Handedness: Right handed
Alignment: Anarchist

Physical Description:
Black hair, and fair skin. His tired dark blue eyes could very well belong to an elder person. He often dresses using black pants and gray or dark blue shirts, claiming that if he always looks the same, people won't wonder if his clothes are clean. He also uses a long black coat cause "looking suspicious often gets bothersome people away". Always wearing a boredom mask, he does what must be done... later cause later is the best moment for doing anything.

Hobbies: staring into space (daydream), videogames, and bother people to amuse himself.
Turn Ons: "Pretty ladies!"
Turn Offs: Any type of physical work
Worst Secret: He is a pervert (though it isn't always a secret)

Character Background:
His parents are both humans, or so he says, he was never too close to them. Being highly gifted he entered university at young age, and by 21 he already had a doctorate in cybernetics and another in robotics. Thus entering General galaxy as part of an R&D team, three months latter he was fired because "your research is too theoretical and can't be easily applied" or as he understood it "you are useless and should stop daydreaming".

After his failure in general galaxy he decided to go to the root of the problem to obtain a more realistic outlook, thus he enrolled in the army and began pilot training, always under the premise of "Hell I worked designing this things, I just need to pull some levers and..." Needless to say, his time in the academy was hell; he barely passed the physical tests (he had to bribe several instructors) and he was always bored and didn't pay attention(thus learning virtually nothing). In resume, he ended up a fairly mediocre pilot, his overall military skills suck, and he didn't find the experience he though he needed for his research.

After ending the academy and having almost spent all the money he got from general galaxy, he is currently in search for work, military or civilian. At the moment his future looks gloom, having a less than desirable ability as pilot, and being almost a "persona non grata" in the scientific community due to his dishonorable discharge from general galaxy.

Further against him another problem began to manifest due to his military training, an anarchistic streak began to develop and culminated in extreme but dissimulated hostility towards his superiors, which often ends in them "disappearing" or as he said "I am sure his posterior is still sore Mwahahahhahahahaahh".

IQ: 19
ME: 18
MA: 14
PS: 10
PP: 11
PE: 11
PB: 17
SPD: 12

HP: 11
SDC: 25
OCC:UN Field Scientist

Level: 1
Experience: 0
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Re: roll call
« Reply #5 on: January 16, 2008, 03:58:32 PM »
Character Name: Irina Kovalchuk
Player: Spooky
Character Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Completion: Pale
Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 49.8 kg
Place of Birth: Polyarnyy, Russia, Earth
Blood Type: AB+
Measurements: 91-61-86
Religion: Eastern (Russian) Orthodox

OCC: Variable Fighter Pilot
Squadron Assignment: SVAQ-45 Sparrow Hawks

Alignment: Anarchist
Description: A classic Russian "Ice Witch," Irina has pale skin, crystal blue eyes and dark hair.  She is known for her long legs as she wears her uniform slacks cut tight to augment her already statuesque appearance.

Personality: Irina is well aware that she is beautiful and talented, and is not shy about letting others know.  She does work in groups, but lets her fellow members know that she believes her ideas are the right ones.  In a fight, she is furious, a dervish of violence, despite her piloting skills being less developed than others. Unlike many spritia experts, she does not object to violence, using a song and a missile with equal zeal. If wounded in any way, she will seek a fierce vengeance.

Usual dress: On duty- uniform, "VF-11" style flight suit with hi-vis helmet. Off duty, usually t-shirts and fairly snugly-fitting jeans. Her t-shirts often feature prints of turn-of-the-century bands, like Ween, or characters such as Miss Piggy.

Pic of character used as avatar.

Plane colour scheme: SU-33 type blue/grey camouflage with flat-paint maple leaf on vertical stabilizer, with rudder painted with flat paint russian flag on rudder.

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Re: roll call
« Reply #6 on: April 12, 2008, 05:49:11 PM »

Character Name: Mirko Shestakov
Player: Patan
Gender: Male
Character Age: 25
Birthplace: Crimmea, Russia, Earth
Height: 1,79m
Weight: 77 Kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: light blue
Completion: Caucasian
Blood Type: A+
Heritage: Human
Alignment: Aberrant
Religion: Russian pagan

OCC: Variable Fighter Pilot
Assignment: (To be filled by a GM)
Rank: 2nd Liutennant
Kills: 3
Call Sign: Swan

Description:  A middle-heigth, slender but strong-built young man with a blonde mane and fiery blue eyes. He has a stern, cold stare that denies its delicate facial features and can become frosty fearsome when he angers. Hes movements tend to be graceful but rigid, except when he is playing music, when h e becames frenetic.

Personalty: During his younger ages, Mirko was obsessed with excellency and seems in a personal quest for perfection and challenges. He becomes prodigy with the violin when he was a kid, but the issue quickly becomes to easy for him, so he searched for a more challenging one, and began his career as a professional pilot. Now as a young man but no longer a kid, he has left most of his lust for challenges  behind, but he is still a perfection-neurotic and a little arrogant, though he blames himself for setbacks much more than he blames others. Always educated into academic music, he accepts traditional and even pop music as a way of expression, but he could NOT understand why, in many Sound Force programs, one of the major problems was that the musicians were lesser professional than the military requires. To him, music is a high technique that requires as much work, discipline and dedication than being a high-performance pilot. When he plays, mostly the violin, his style is a pure academical virtuous one, but it also projects a rough passion very uncommon on his type of performers, may be because that is the only moment when he allows himself to free from the rigid discipline that he impossed to himself since young age. Although he is not an evil person, and can be very caring and friendly, he is has a very cold heart and no mercy or sorry at all for all people that is not among his friends, mates and loved ones.

Usual dress: Superbly clean formal uniform normally

Plane colour scheme: Pure white

RPG Stats: Though hyper-controlled by it self-discipline, the main characteristic of Mirko is his the magnet and strength of his personality (MA 21) that allows him to easily touch the heart of people, mostly with his music, but sometimes also with his words. This is backup by his strong willpower, discipline, being a driven but calm, nearly cold person (ME 15). He also has a superb physical training (PP and PE 16 trough training), although he is not a very strong or athletic person (PS 11, Spd 7)
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Re: roll call
« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2008, 03:34:22 PM »
Character Name: Theresa Almond
Player: Mierin
Character age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Completion: Caucasian
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 lbs
Place of Birth: Herschel Island, Yukon Territory, Canada
Blood Type: A+
Heritage: Quarter Meltrandi

OCC: Communications Engineer/RIO

Alignment: Unprincipled
Description:  Theresa has long brown hair and light blue eyes, which are framed by blue wire framed glasses.

Theresa Almond, born 19 years ago to father Franklin, a climatologist from the University of British Colombia, and mother Charlotte, a biologist from the same institution, lived an early life of isolation. Her parents immigrated to Herschel Island, Yukon Territory in McKenzie Bay to study the effects of the global bombardment of 2010 on wildlife and climate and the planet's slow recovery- through natural methods and terra-reforming after the battle.
The island's remote location, unspoiled wilderness and proximity to the arctic made it the perfect location for such a study. A long-term project, Frank and Charlie, as they were called, volunteered for the assignment given their introverted natures. Theresa was an unexpected, though warmly loved child given the long-term isolation.
Though the project began in a long-abandoned RCMP station, the family requested, and received a nicely furnished and insulated prefabricated home, complete with satellite communications gear, laboratory facilities and a portable fusion power supply, similar to the power plants from mecha. Despite isolation, the family enjoyed all the comforts of civilization, except people.
During the brief summer months, Theresa met tourists and their children, having an opportunity to play with other children. With scientists for parents, she received the best of one-on-one educations. To supplement her learning, Theresa's parents enrolled her in several online classes, where she took and passed her exams.
Loneliness weighed heavily on the girl, and she found herself making friends online. Soon, the computer, with its satellite Internet connection provided her one and only means of interacting with peers. She studied computers, programming and hacking to relieve her occasional bouts of loneliness and create games, chat rooms and entertainment media for her online friends to enjoy.
In her spare time, Theresa played the piano, with her mother offering lessons. Charlie paid her own tuition by offering lessons and playing in various bands and at events. Though never famous, she earned a reputation as a very good pianist. Soon her brilliant daughter approached her in quality.
Around age eight, Theresa bounded over one of the green summer hills of the island when overhead she saw a pair of VF-5000's fly over at medium altitude. She raced to her computer to track their flight path and found them to originate from Macross City. The planes, marked with International Orange wings, she learned, were training Valkyries from the Spacy Academy from south Alaska. She researched further, intrigued by the jets. Soon she began to dream of flying them.
Her heart broke when she grew older. Like many teens, her vision declined. Though many aviators such as Max Jenius proved pilots could fly in glasses, the peacetime Spacy's standards raised to the point where she would not qualify to be an aviator. Most Spacy fighters were single seat, though she learned of a program to develop a variable bomber/attack plane with multiple positions called the VB-6 Koenig Monster. If she could not fly a Valkyrie, at least she could be a bombadier/navagator aboard a 'King Monster.'
At age 16, she easily passed her entrance exams to the Spacy Academy and moved south. Though initially shocked by the sheer number of people nearby, she adjusted with her pleasant disposition. Even the weather seemed mild to her compared to most.
She began to study computer science and communications engineering for her educational component and given her high IQ, earned her choice of assignments. In her second year, she selected Spacy Flight Officer training. Fully expecting to be assigned to a craft like a Koenig Monster or a SB-10, her jaw dropped out of socket when she saw that she would train as a radar interception officer for variable fighters, including the VF-11 and brand new VF-19. She approached her training with uncommon dedication.
Year three brought another surprise. Having a ground-floor apartment, she looked outside to see a small cream-coloured kitten sitting in the windowsill. She admitted the cat into her apartment suspecting she belonged to an upperclassman. Older cadets had tacit approval to keep felines to put a dent in the rodent population in the older buildings. Instructors cared little, as long as the cats remained clean, didn't make a mess of dorm rooms, didn't make noise or escape.
She decided that the cat had to be returned to her owner before this upperclassman received a demerit. She looked at the tag around her neck and learned that the cat's name was Minka, and belonged to a Fourth-Year Midshipman named I. Kovalchuk. She found that the Russian lived in the same building on a higher floor and quietly returned the kitten.
Expecting to find a burly Russian weightlifter, Theresa instead found a lithe woman with a friendly nature. She invited her in for tea and the two caught up. The woman, named Irina was a full aviation cadet and was worried sick about her kitten. She had only received the kitten that day, the first day of the term. Minka climbed through an open window and down the building to seek adventure outdoors. It seemed that the two shared a gunnery class.
Looking about Irina's dorm, Theresa found several books of music and an electronic keyboard. Both of them keyboardists, they bonded and played music together, earning invitations to play first at parties, then at major nightclubs in Macross City. Programming their synths for a full sound, the duo named themselves Aurora Sirens, given their childhood proximity to the extreme north.
Though many instructors saw the tandem's music as a distraction, Theresa and Irina seemed to have a synergistic effect on one another, with both performing to near-record levels on simulations and mock engagements.

After nine months, the older Kovalchuk graduated and received word that she would be posted to the Macross 15 immediately following graduation. Both knew that it was the life they chose and friendships would soon be broken by the expanse of space. They cried and moped for their last week together as Irina packed her possessions, and the beloved little Minka and headed for the stars.
The next day, Theresa planned to spend the summer at the academy, training. Instead, she received a summons to the training centre from a Lt. Jeath Walera, a flight instructor at the academy. Quickly, she finished the simple test and received a second summons to Lt. Walera's office.

"At ease. I understand that you have a friendship with a Ensign Kovalchuk, Midshipman Almond," the stern Meltrandi stated. "And that you played in a band with this woman. I have one of your demos. You perform well with her, musically and in the cockpit."

"Thank you sir." Theresa became nervous, wondering if this would amount to some sort of sweep for an inappropriate relationship between junior midshipmen and upper classmen. She knew Irina was bisexual, but their relationship had been one between sisters and kindred spirits.

"You look nervous. Don't be. Your scores in the cockpit with Kovalchuk were higher than your next two classmates put together. The exam you just finished was the final for fleet radar interception officers. You passed with flawless marks. In short, we have nothing left to teach you. Furthermore, your performance capability with Kovalchuk indicates a high level of spiritia creation. You make each other play better, so I offer you a choice. You may stay at the academy and probably grow bored as a student or accept an early commission to Ensign and take the next flight to the Macross 15, rejoin your friend, and fly with her in a new Sound Force Squadron being developed. The admiralty believes that two performers in one cockpit allows for higher spiritia potential to employ the sound boosters. Furthermore, you two have demonstrated your ability to fly as a team, even in the face of high stress. Had we known about Kovalchuk sooner, we would have made you this offer earlier to keep your group together. As it is, you'll only arrive a few hours later, if you leave now that is."

"Thank you sir, I accept the assignment to the Macross 15," Theresa replied, barely keeping her enthusiasm in check.

"I suspected you would, this is why I requested material command pack your possessions and load them on the transport. A car is waiting outside the building to bring you to the spaceport for an orbital shuttle to the frigate scheduled to join the fleet. They?ll wait for you, but you?ve no time to waste."

"Aye-aye, sir!" Theresa saluted and hurried outside. At the spaceport, she collected the possessions from her locker, including toiletries and her flight suit, helmet and some clean clothes, then joyously boarded the shuttle, eager to rejoin her best friend
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