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Character Profile: Jacob Medley
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:54:24 PM »

Character Information:
Character's Name: Jacob Medley
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'3
Weight: 192lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Birth Place: Desdemona, Agrabuamelu, Scorpii 18 System
Birth Date: March 26th, 2035 10:37pm

Family Relationships:
Mother: Natasha Khurgan-Medley
Father: Darwin Medley
Grandfather: Ivanshenko Khurgan
Other Influence: Coach Ryan Patterson

Jacob's personality can shift from being cooly distant to a genuine friendly warmth, sometimes without warning. This may make him seem bi-polar at times and it comes through in how he acts or treats people until he gets to know them. This sudden personality shift can sometimes be disarming and put people off towards him. Jacob may not be seen as overly ambitious but what he lacks in ambition he makes up for with a single-minded determination to succeed no matter what. Some may see moments of self-doubt in Jacob but when mentioned openly it is something that he will easily joke away or play off.

Music, Jacob likes listening to Punk Jazz bands, a true enthusiast.
Musicals, Jacob enjoys musicals and shows with a music heavy emphasis.
Sports, Jacob was on the gymnastics team in high school and continues to work out as often as he can, he also likes to play lacross when the opportunity presents itself.

Unbeknowst to Jacob there's zentraedi blood in his family line. It's not discussed amongst the family.

Jacob was born with high expectations. As high as any parent with the greatest of expectations of their children could have at any rate. He was a bright child, though never seemed to want to excel at anything. Growing up he was quite average, doing the average thing children did and while his parents tried to impress upon him their own understanding and desire to live life, it always seemed to fall short of true understanding with Jacob. Then again, Jacob did have his own understanding, the understanding that he could never be as great as his family, that expectation of tradition and lineage wasn't within him to follow in their footsteps and so it was a perfect breeding ground for self-destructive habits and constant disappointment in himself as he does anything that's necessary to seek the approval his family and make them proud.

If asked, Jacob would tell anyone to look at who his family is, and wonder themselves how they could live up to such grandiose and lofty ideals. Lineage is important to Jacob and it hurts him as much as he thinks it hurts his family that he cannot live up to it. Oh his family may not be galaxy-wide celebrated heroes but they are his heroes and he wishes he could be like them. Like his grandfather, the venerable Ivanshenko Khurgan who served in Space War 1. Long are his stories about those early days where he left the Russian training academy and joined the new armed forces which put him in the seat of his equally venerable MAC, where he met and fell in love, and the tragic tales of losing love and finding it again in the most unlikeliest of places. Then there's the moment of silence for grandma, the dirty family secret only mom and grandpa know about, so no one ever talks about what happened to her. Grandpa loves to tell the story though of relocating him and his daughter to The Three Spheres. He would make it a harrowing adventure with pirates and operatic space combat, at least until mom would correct him and talk about the boring journey and the endless paperwork.

Then there's mom and dad.

Now parents can be a nightmare for any kid but did they do their best to make it worse or better? Natasha Khurgan is a lovely woman, according to dad, and she is about as great a mom as they come but she carries the lineage too. Natasha, of course fell into the armed forces to grandpa's chagrin when she was younger and had become quite the adept VF pilot. Medals and commendations galore flooded the household to join with grandpa's and nothing seemed to stop her, except marriage and a child. Oh the crushing knowledge to a child that you ended your mother's active military career and made her take up the menial unexciting role of an atmosphere-locked aviator who had to suffer a transfer to the Dragoons after having served with distinction in the Expedition Fleets.

Of course then there's dad. What's to say about Darwin Medley? Some say better lucky than good and that's dad alright. He caught mom's attention, of course it has nothing to do with rugged good looks or handsome features, but an average joe quality and an unusual sense of humor. He's probably also one of the best civilian mecha technicians around, if he says so himself...which he does...a lot. And of course he learned his skills in the same place he met mom, banging dents out of military mecha with a happy-go-lucky whistle-while-you work attitude. A son though meant a transfer to the civilian sector, and while it pays well it's not exciting. Woe is him right?

So here we are, one great big family living on Agrabuamelu. Money hasn't been an issue in the family, while we cannot be considered rich, well-off is can be applied to us. It affords the ranch house on the rural outskirts of the city of Desdemona and affords grandpa's hobby of never fixing the stripped down MAC he first bought while mom was in the academy or spending hours at a time at the local veteran's club. Life near the city isn't so bad either. Desdemona could boast a population of maybe a couple hundred thousand people, many of them working in plants or factories that create the city's primary export, parts for star ships and automobiles. An odd combination to be sure but it had an advantage of an early education in driving an automobile.

This of course lead to some great education opportunities. Opportunities that should have been well taken advantage of but well, the need to prove oneself can often be the most destructive quality in a person. Mom used to say never fly with a wing-man braver than yourself but what can you do if you'd be considered that wing-man? So here we are, at what we could call the crux of a life's journey. It all started a few years ago of course as the beginning of any journey of self-discovery would entail. In yet another effort to seek parental approval the young Jacob would pull out all the stops to try and meet what he considers his failure in his family's expectations. To support their hopes for their son, he was enrolled in a private school, the Layarman School for Boys. There, Jacob found it hard to find reasons to excel or exceed for himself, always doing so with the thought of being a family failure in his mind. Even with high qualifications in the school's gymnastics program, good performances in lacross, high marks in a majority of his other classes, nothing seemed to be enough in Jacob's mind to earn his family's approval. That was when he had "the great idea": why not make things easy? Why not edit just a few scores here or a few points there? Why not break into the school's computer and peek at simulations, copy tests, know the requirements for passing some of his courses before hand so he can turn those high marks into a possible graduate as a valedictorian? Maybe if he could be the top of his class they would be proud, they would notice.

It took weeks, months, for Jacob to learn how to work the school's computer systems in ways it shouldn't have been done. With the help of an ambitious and someone shady dorm mate he was able to get books to learn from, a bit of help from some a classmate, and of course hours being up late self-teaching himself the coding and pathways of the school's computer systems. All good plans though have their flaws and someone did notice. When Jacob got caught he thought it was over. In many situations it would have lead to serious consequences and expulsion, but Jacob's coach, Ryan Patterson, was a second chance kind of fellow and in this instances this man became one of the first influential adults in Jacob's life. The destructive path that could have lead to more serious consequences was headed off before real authorities would get involved. Sometimes it can only take a minute to shape someone or alter a life course, it took twenty minutes for the Coach to give Jacob a glimmer of his own self-worth outside of that of his family. Life's journey had forked and standing at that crux, Jacob had the choice of fight or flight. Second chances did not come often and with that in hand the young man had found someone to open up to, to tell things that no friend or acquaintance would learn or know of.

Jacob didn't graduate Valedictorian or with any notable recognition other than his diploma. What he did graduate with though was a glimmer of self-confidence that took an adult that wasn't family to show him. A new decision was easily made after he left school, not even three months out and he found himself in the recruitment office for the armed forces. While his mother and father served in the Expeditionary Fleets, Jacob set his eyes on the Intersolar Lookouts. When he signed the paperwork it was not because there must be a legacy in the the military, but because his heroes created their own stories and shared them with him, and he wants to be the hero of his own story.

Jacob's dorm roommate Mikhal Harrison, a historic film buff, would later remark to the young man his own amusement of this, "Jacob, like Remo Williams, the adventure begins." While the desire to prove himself and earn his family's approval is still strong within the young man, that sense of failure is lessened by a sense of developing self-worth.

The Academy.

The first few weeks at the Academy seemed to be something of a mystical journey that was part dream and part wide-eyed surprise of reality. Jacob never had problems making friends, even if some found him a bit distant or stand-offish. At the Academy a new young man appeared different from his high school design though and that distance lessened, true warmth would enter his smiles and happiness would creep into his voice. In fact, it was the same new friends and classmates that saddled him with the handle "Kass" after he was caught in the library studying one day while listening to Kassady Melon and the Two Tones, an indie punk-jazz band who's music could be considered inhumane torture by rights activists, according to his dad.

Jacob. The young man graduating from the academy stands before his life, with a sense of self-worth, a sense of self-doubt, and that chasm of fear, in the back of his mind about meeting his family's approval is still there. There's new elements to him though, a richer outlook on life with less cynicism and more hope, more desire to find excellence in what he does for himself. Life will go on...and what happens is always ever a mystery.

Occupation: VF Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Callsign: Kass
Assignment: Chaerilidae
Affiliation: Intersolar Lookouts

IQ: 14
ME: 14
MA: 13
PS: 20
PP: 20
PE: 16
PB: 15
SPD: 12

HP: 21
SDC: 55
Level: 1

Language: English 118%
Language: Zentraedi 85%
Math: Basic 80%
Pilot Automobile 80%

MOS SKILLS Computer Hacker
Computer Operations 90%
Computer Programming 65%
Computer Hacking 60%

OOC SKILLS Variable Fighter Pilot
Pilot VF-4 90%
Mecha Combat: VF-4 70%
Plot VF-5000 90%
Mecha Combat: VF-5000 70%
Pilot Jet Fighter 90%
Radio: Basic 75%
Read Sensory Instruments 65%
Navigation: Air & Space 75%
Weapon Systems 70%
Tactics: Air & Space Warfare 70%
Military Etiquette 75%
Parachuting 62%
First Aid 75%
Swimming 70%
WP: Automatic Pistol
WP: Automatic Rifle
Hand to Hand: Expert

Hand to Hand Upgrade - Martial Arts 35%
Pilot Power Armor Ex-Gear 81%
Pilot Jet Aricraft 75%
Pilot Civilian Valkyrie Aircraft 75%
Cryptography 70%
Intelligence 57%
Aircraft Mechanics 50%
Radio: Scrambler 55%

Basic Electronics 50%
Impersonation 50%
Computer Repair 45%
Surveillance Systems 55%
   Sense of Balance 70%
   Work Parallel Bars/Rings 80%
   Climb Rope 90%
   Back Flip 90%
   Climb 45%
   Prowl 50%

+0 Initiative
2 Actions
+4 Strike
+4 Parry
+4 Dodge
+6 Roll w Punch/Fall/Impact
+5 Hand to Hand Damage
Critical Strike 20
Knockout/Stun 20
Kick Attack 2d4 SDC

+0 Initiative
5 Actions
+5 Strike
+6 Parry
+6 Dodge Battloid, +8 Gerwalk, +9 Jet
-5 Tilt Dodge For Mode
+8 Roll w Punch/Fall/Impact
Critical Strike: 20
Body Block/Tackle/Ram 1d6 MD

+2 Initiative
5 Actions
+6 Strike
+6 Parry
+6 Dodge Battloid/+8 Dodge Gerwalk/+10 Dodge Jet; +1 to Dodge In All Modes In Atmo
+8 Roll w Punch/Fall/Impact
+2 Leap Dodge
Critical Strike: 20
Body Block/Tackle/Ram 1d6 MD
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Re: Character Profile: Jacob Medley
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"Francis Francis Francis...," Jacob mutters as he boots up his laptop. As the screen lights up on his face and reflects off his glasses he pauses to push the thin wire frames up his nose so they settle onto his face better. He hums to himself the opening of Night Train, an ancient bit of old earth jazz by some long dead musician. He cracks a smile as he begins to type and the cyber world opens up before him. He shifts and leans forward as he begins to tap out the beat with his foot, the music going in his head while the keys clack to their own rhythm. When he finishes while later he cracks a smile and leans back in his chair. He looks at the empty bunk where his frustratingly grating roommate sleeps. Or will have slept. As he begins his shut down procedure he shifts his head back and forth in a hum listening to the music that only he can hear. "Oh Francis. It won't take long for the decks to hear that you've had to be reassigned new quarters due to an inexplicable medical problem that causes terrible body odor....,"

He stands up and does a few twirls in a dance before he hip checks a shelf which brings him out of the reverie and he goes to catch the lamp before it hits the floor.  "Damn...," he straightens up and looks around before he smiles, "Oh. That gives me an idea...Squishykitty you will rue the next clash we have."
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Re: Character Profile: Jacob Medley
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So it looks like your callsign was never finalized!  Puck and Imp were suggested previously but we haven't had everyone else in the squad make a suggestion.

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Re: Character Profile: Jacob Medley
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So it looks like your callsign was never finalized!  Puck and Imp were suggested previously but we haven't had everyone else in the squad make a suggestion.

Okay :D
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