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Title: Sector M45-3 Timeline
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Initial Timeline

- the M15 Fleet launches as part of the many 30th anniversary celebrations that mark the end of the First Interstellar War.

- the M15 fleet had to drop off half of the population on Caesar, one of the more inhabitable planets in Sector M45-3 because of an internal disaster.  Thereafter, the M15 continued on its way, promising to return for them.
- after losing too many messages because of things like Fold Faults, the Emigrants begin to settle down as colonists.
- shortly thereafter, due to the situation, large groups left to found the other major colonies in the sector.
- Caesar serves as the Sector Government, as it is the one established by the M15 to be in charge of the others in the sector.

- the emigrants have pretty much settled down on their respective planets
- it's been over a year since the M15's last garble message.
- the Unified Government has been growing through some changes into the New Unified Government.  Emigrant Planets, colonies, and Emigrant Fleets are becoming more and more independent.

September 02
(a year after the events of Macross Frontier)
- the colonies in the sector are divided.
Title: Re: Sector M45-3 Timeline
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Extended Timeline (2061 onwards):
Source (more regularly updated) (


        Disputes and border skirmishes between the countries on De Moins (Sector M45-3) increase in intensity and frequency. Hereafter, De Moins is considered to be unstable.


        01: Aertheold claims Nora [Sector M45-3] as part of their territory.
        02: the colonies in Sector M45-3 are divided.
        CG-420 H. Ito dispatches the Wildcards squadron to investigate a crash site on Nora. PMC SOIT is contracted by the planet's "new" rightful owners, Aertheold, to chase away the New Unified Forces investigation team.
        10: the Wildcards are dispatched to the Elephant Graveyard Planetoid [Sector M45-3] to prevent an armed conflict between Aertheold and Bo-yae miners who have discovered rich Fold Quartz seams in its crust. Over the next few days, they make trips between the camps of the two sides as peacemaking diplomats.
        16: a giant Fold Quartz is discovered on the Elephant Graveyard Planetoid. The two conflicting camps eventually get into an armed standoff with each other, and just as the shooting starts, the Wildcards intervene and calm things down to a tense standoff.
        18: a handful of Unified Forces spaceships arrive at the planetoid. They begin defusing the standoff between Aertheold and Bo-yae.
        20: the Wildcards are rotated off of the Elephant Graveyard Planetoid, and reassigned to the Zentraadi sector.
        24: The Battle For The Elephant Graveyard Planetoid explodes between Aertheold and Bo-yae with the arrival of their respective reinforcements. The New Unified Forces are unable to restrain either side, and get swallowed up in the conflict.
        05: The Elephant Graveyard Planetoid explodes due to an interaction between Reaction Weapons, Dimension Eater Weapons, and the Fold Quartz in the crust. It causes a net of expanding Fold Faults that spreads throughout the sector.


        The net of Fold Faults in Sector M45-3 expanding from the Fold Anomaly after the destruction of the Elephant Graveyard Planetoid reaches its peak intensity.


        The net of Fold Faults in Sector M45-3 expanding from the Fold Anomaly after the destruction of the Elephant Graveyard Planetoid have steadily dissipated to a level below that of the ambient Fold Faults prior to the destruction of the planetoid. It leads to the speculation that there is another planetoid laced with Fold Quartz in the Fold Anomaly that was acting in resonance with the Elephant Graveyard Planetoid, causing the high levels of ambient Fold Faults in Sector M45-3.
        The major colonies in Sector M45-3 begin earnestly searching for a Fold Quartz laced object in the Fold Anomaly - which is now strikingly less massive and disruptive to transport routes in the area. As a result, the tensions between the major colonies in the sector increase.