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Re: Episode #10: Galaxy Patrol
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Emotionally exhausted now, Monique was happy to see the rag tag trio take over even though she didn't have the spare energy to cheer or give them a hug. She handed off the shotgun to one of the cooks as they passed by with Mr. Nona, no longer wanting to hold the bloodied instrument of death, and turned down the hall to head towards the hangar where her VF sat waiting for her return. A few steps were taken before the girl realized the weight in her hand, bringing the data pad in front of her as she quickly considered turning back and handing it off as well.

This consideration ended at the precise moment Monique's eyebrows raised sharply, the mostly quiet corridor echoing the yell of "Mais Quel Bordel!" before the sound of her boots took flight, Nickie racing to get back to her VF to see if she didn't have a little more magic in her. As she ran she considered the datapad and the software it held, all but certain that it held the same override commands to control the Museum ship as well since Yaz appeared to be sure her plan was infallible. Nickie was just hoping for two things to go in her favour, the first being that Yaz didn't think to remove that vulnerability since everything was going her way, the second being a hope that the datapad's signal range could be boosted by a quick link up with her VF-17's communications system. The technical parts of her plan were made up along the way, the plan gradually taking form as each step brought her closer to the hangar.

Her internal monologue switched almost as soon as her Nightmare entered her sight, her feet rushing her those last few feet into the cockpit and her small frame all but jumping into the seat as her fingers got to work opening a channel to the Museum ship, the back of her mind crossing its fingers and toes as she just hoped this would work.


1) Run back to VF
2, if time permits) Attempt remote override of Museum ship controls via datapad & comm link up as described above
'Free' - Give a quick 'Bonjour!' if Museum ship brings her on screen, followed by being giddy and smug if her plan works.
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Re: Episode #10: Galaxy Patrol
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"I guess this where you offer me a chance to surrender."

Taylor stares emotionless at the image of Yaz on the view screen. “Don’t be absurd. You have no intention of surrendering.”

"She's charging up her fold engines!"

"That's practically Suicide!"

Taylor is not shocked or even disturbed by Yaz’s move. What else can one expect from a trapped rat? He stands memorized by the entrancing gaze of his niece. This shell of a woman is no longer his niece. She only exists in memoires now and he has come to terms with what must be done.

“Captain Swan, please send the frigate that’s not holding Museum ship’s position to recover Magnum Squad and provide them with any assistance they need.” He breaks his glance shortly to meet Yaz’s eyes. “My niece was a remarkable woman and would gladly sacrifice herself if it means stopping a monster like you.”

1. Send frigate to assist Magnum Squad.
2. Ships hold position around Museum ship.
3. Taylor is determined to stare at his niece, not blinking, in fear that when his eyes open she will be gone forever.

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Re: Episode #10: Galaxy Patrol
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As Nickie found out Yaz indeed had made an error.  Fully certain in victory she neglected to have the override removed from the Museum Ship.  After capturing it she decided to use it as an escape vessel.  Even if the unthinkable happens Yaz was confident that her willingness to use hostages in the face of the UNSpacy could steal victory away from defeat.  Switch is what she was doing now.  General Taylor was calling her bluff or making one of his own?  Yaz would risk the entire Museum Ship.  Taylor would see that she meant what she said.  Yaz started holding a musical note for a few moments.  Should the ship be destroyed Yaz would channel her Spirtia through the Sound Boosters she had installed in the bridge.  A barrier of Spirita energy would protect her.   Noticed to her some of her Spirita control bridge crew decided to receive a signal broadcast from the Factory Ship.

Taylor's flagship have been waiting for the Museum Ship to blow up or fold away.  Nothing was happening.   A bridge operator started passing on the good but confusing news.

"Its fold engine is going in a complete reverse.   Powering down to 70, 60 percent power."

"What she's doing?   Could be they surrendering?"

On the other side of the monitor they had set up with Yaz she had stopped singing and kicked in a side monitor of one the bridge operators for some reason.  She then left the bridge in a hurry.

Yaz looked very angry as she destroyed the monitor Nickie's smug face was looking at her from.  One destroyed monitor couldn't break Nickie's control she had now over the Museum Ship.

The Museum Ship was both corned and under control of a teenage girl inside another ship.  Yaz was defeated and with no where to escape with the entire ship.   There was one more option.   Deuce's FZ-109F blasted out of Museum Ship's hangar.   Underneath it was an attached passenger pod and above it was fold booster.   The Museum Ship couldn't escape but one fighter could.
Coming fast from along side was Michelle's VF-17D.   She collided her fighter with Deuce's.  The explosion that destroyed her, deuce and passenger pod he was carrying prevented anyone else from escaping the Museum Ship.

The Battle had been won.

Feel free to make a finale post for this end and then read the following below.

We are now entering (or nearly entering) the rest of Season Two.  There is going about a week break of In Character posting while I do some brain storming and do some notes.  I said there will be a break of In Character Posting there will be some Out of Character Posting.  I'll be needing your help with these notes.   

  • There is going to be new storyline for the rest of the Season.  It is going to be Shorter Season.  Right now I have ideas for four more episodes.  Setting will be a bit different.  Can't talk about specifics.  Episode #11 will reveal more.
  • New Posting Rate will be Every 2 days instead of Every 3 days.
  • Episode 11 will likely include separating the Playing Group and reuniting them.  Separating a Playing Group is always a risk.  I'm willing to try it again.  Have to keep all the story lines moving when we do this. 
  • I think this season will allow more chances to introduce new characters.  That was problem with the last 3 Episodes.  If anyone wants to try a new character out this season you can.
  • I'll need your final IC post in Episode #10 to include your In Character Report of what happen.  This will be reviewed by the UN Government and Episode #11 might involve them questioning you about it. - 

Still Game for at least Four More Episodes of the Galaxy Patrol?   Have your In Character Reports posting by the time I close this topic on the 6th.

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Re: Episode #10: Galaxy Patrol
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Tuuva some how manage to limp back in his VF-17. After Landing in the hangar, he make sure the medical team grabs Gravis before leave for the locker room clutching his 8 Ball tightly. After a warm show Tuuva leans again the sink mirror staring at himself. "That was real close there Tuuva, maybe you should work a bit harder huh? All the luck won;t do you any good if your dead." Making a metal note to be more serious in his training, Tuuva leave the locker room shower for his temporary assigned stateroom, and crashes into the bunk almost immediately, 'Better get all the sleep you can, there is going to be an avalanche of paper work coming" He thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.


After a week long marathon under the scrutiny of OSIC Investigator Kevin Wilken, Tuuva was finally free to go. Investigator Wilken seems satisfied with his notebook filled with Tuuva's comments on the Huntington Battle, he even allow Tuuva submit a report in his own word and thankfully only gave him two pages to do it on. After all that Tuuva would be happy to never file another report ever again.

'When the hell did UNSpacy get an investigative office'   Tuuva thought as he left Wilken's office.

OOC I'm up for more episodes, maybe even a third season? or Galaxy Patrol Zeta? ~hint~hint~
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