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Lance Callaeros
« on: January 31, 2019, 02:44:27 AM »
Play Information:
Players Name: Mark Pratte

[Photo provided by Lance's Manager]

Character Information
Character's Name: Lance Callaeros
Alias Name: Ranmaru Asakura
Nickname: Lan
Gender: Male
Age: 20 Years Old
Height: 157.47 cm or 5 foot 2 Inches
Weight: 57.83 kg or 127 pounds
Hair Color: Light Blond
Eye Color: Azure Blue

Birth Place: New Hope City, Buthridas, Scorpii 18 System
Birth Date: 12:00:32 AM June 7th, 2035
Western Zodiac: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Belief System: Christianity

Description: Beauty.  If there is one word that describes Lance's looks it is simply  Lance has 'looks that can kill' as the phrase goes the young man often the desire of modeling groups when they need a gorgeous male model.  Thanks to the years of building himself up from scrawny to physically fit Lance just finally seemed to shed the 'boyhood' cuteness that had plagued him over the years.  His light blond hair is always styled just barely within regulations on length and cut, his nails filed and actually cared for in a near professional fashion, and even his clothes incredibly neat; these are just the details that add to Lance's impressive and charming looks.  His smile is something even a dentist can't complain about when he flashes those pearly whites to others.  People swear that they've seen him on the big screen but can't quite put their fingers on it.  His movements though are the most curious thing...they're practiced almost.  As if someone had drilled into him how to walk and do certain things with a little bit of flair.

Relationships - Family
Father: Alexander Callaeros (Age 42)
Mother: Jennifer Callaeros (Age 40)
Uncle: Joseph Callaeros (Age 38; A Construction Business Owner. His main work focuses in the commercial sector.)
Manager: Melody Winters (Age 29; The closest thing he has to an older sister, Melody is his manager and often looks out for him.)
Closest Ally or Friend: Arthur Ryland - A retired commander, Arthur Ryland was extremely pleased by Lance's dedication and willingness to work back when Lance was in the ROTC.  He helped shape and build up Lance when he was lagging behind on the PT aspect of the program.
Worst Enemy or Rival: His Parents - Lance has always been used by his parents as a source of income, they were fully expecting him to support their lavish and wasteful lifestyle by continuing his acting career.  They're extremely jilted by Lance suddenly leaving and heading for the military following his finishing an acting school.

Basic Personality: Dedicated and a professional when it comes to his work.  Lance goes that extra mile to make sure the work is something he is satisfied with even if it goes above and beyond the required expectations.  He's not one to just stand out and voice his opinions on a matter unless he just has that gut feeling telling him he needs to say something.  His etiquette and his manners are polished to a shine, in fact they almost stand out a little too much suggesting that he was involved with the military before he officially signed up.  Lance is hesitant on the whole trust issue, while that won't stop him from trusting his squadmates and those he's working with because of his professionalism, that doesn't mean he's one to just accept friendship at face value.  Lance thinks before he acts knowing that impulsiveness would probably bite him in the ass and get him in a whirlwind of trouble.

Stage Personality: On the stage or from time to time another completely different personality flares up within Lance.  Responding to either Lance or Ranmaru he has a stunning level of confidence and even a bit of justified arrogance from his constant successes.  A powerful and stirring voice and charisma that captivates others and surprises them immediately as it seems so different from how Lance usually is.  They are partially right that it is very different.  Lance under this name is a dominant stage performer who shows steel nerve and adores the lavished upon attention of millions of fans. He treats ladies the right way, is quick to voice a confident opinion, and has a powerful charisma that just can't quite be ignored.  He is well aware his looks can get him many things and isn't afraid to flaunt them as neccessary.

Likes: Blues and jazz, being treated normally, strategy tabletop games, wide open spaces.
Dislikes: His parents, being treated as a movie star, people who treat him differently when they realize who he is, brown-nosers.
Hobbies: Firing a rifle on the range, routine exercises, reading, board games.

Biggest Secret: Lance's extreme dedication to physical fitness stems from the fact that he's terrified of old childhood sicknesses catching up to him.  He's afraid that one day it'll spark up at the worst possible time and he'll get someone hurt.
Short Term Goal: To have people acknowledge him as just Lance, the person, not the actor.
Long Term Goal: To develop a set of skills that Lance himself can take great pride in.
Reason for Joining: Lance is trying to get away from his parents over-reliance on him as their ticket to a life of luxury.  Lance wants to develop new skills and build-up his self-confidence.

Background: Lance had never been born healthy, in fact if you compare now to how he was as a kid you'd never expect him to have progressed so far.  Lance was born at a nice quiet hospital the first and only child of Alexander and Jennifer Callaeros.  His parents were just your day to day 9-5 office jockies so figured they were well-prepared to handle a child.  His mother shifted her career to work at home rather then reporting to the office every day.  Lance showed respiratory problems when he was at a young age often requiring to have an emergency inhaler on hand.  The city-domes for all their advanced qualities had one major failing people were more or less trapped in a giant indoor area.  The harsh environment outside the domes effectively meant  Lance couldn't just be taken outside and both of his parents were often too busy or worn after work and taking care of him to take him places.

It wasn't a bad life, yet at the same time there was definite room for improvement.  Around the age of seven though Lance showed one phenomenal talent and knack.  It was the field of acting.  Lance was discovered out of sheer luck his parents taking him in for an open screen-test the director wanting new talent for one of the supporting roles.  The quiet child at a mere age seven with no real acting preparation BLEW away the director and a few other major individuals who were sitting in.  Though Lance needed a bit of grooming for his acting he was a straight-out natural for the field.  Instantly recruited the movie thanks to a solid cast and the surprise entrance from Lance was a major box-office hit.  His parents were EXTREMELY surprised at the sudden influx of money.

Alas money does things to people, his parents eager for Lance to get more roles got him saddled with a manager because to be frank?  They wanted money, they used Lance to get things they never had before experiencing a lifestyle of semi-fame and definite fortune.  Each role that Lance performed just rolled in more cash, yet Melody soon figured out the home situation.  Lance's parents got more distant just calling to encourage him in his latest roles but they sounded so forced.  They didn't care how he was doing just as long as he was rolling in money.  His parents had even retired early from their jobs.

In this time Melody was older sister, mother, and best friend to Lance.  She was their during his screen-tests, she treated him to things to let him enjoy quiet moments, and she fiercely defended him to keep Lance from being overworked by producers.  Lance would never be an open normal kid, he lost that chance the moment he entered the world of acting, yet when melody was alone with Lance she gave him something that he valued dearly.  A little bit of peace and quiet...and just being treated as any other person.  Melody had done one extremely smart thing however, she gave Lance an alias stage name that he acted under and banked everything with that to ensure that he could attend school without people rushing to get his autograph or swarm him for favors or money.

It was 'Tragedy of Space War I' however that effectively solidified his acting career into that of a legend.  Lance portrayed a young child one of the survivors who witnessed the terrible destruction of the Zentreadi bombardment of Earth.  His lonely gaze his yearning just for even a shred of companionship after so many had died as he wandered a blasted wasteland that was once a wonderful city was so real it was heart-breaking to many audiences.  Critics raved that it was his best performance, so real that it gave people a somber reminder just what war could bring and why space defense fleets were a necessary thing.  Lance was given all sorts of modeling offers to help show off the latest brand-name stuff just quick commercials that all added up to his total screen-time.

Lance eventually entered high school entering at a private school that worked around students work schedules and focused on animated voice acting for awhile wanting to escape the pressures of being in front of a camera.  Melody neatly arranged things so he could earn quite a bit of money while in school.  In school Lance joined the academy's ROTC program, and had one defining problem.  While Lance easily grasped and handled the bookwork he had extreme trouble keeping up with the physical aspect of the program.  Arthur Ryland the Commandant of the school's ROTC program saw potential and something...else within Lance took Lance aside and privately built him up.  It was a hard regime with  Lance's breathing problems flaring up time to time but he worked doggedly at it.

At sixteen years of age and graduated from High School, Lance did something that shocked his parents to the core.   He severed ties with them completely, while Melody had been cutting off their money flow Lance was tired of them coming to his school begging him for more money saying it was his 'duty' to 'take care' of his parents.   Lance in front of quite a few classmates at his high school graduation bluntly told his parents he was no longer supporting him, that he had endured enough of them using him.  In a surprise move rather then go for the acting school his parents had gotten him accepted to he enlisted with Intersolar Lookout to follow a career in the military.

The academy was an entirely new place to Lance, there was people from all walks of life there but it was two very special dormitory members that got Lance to actually trust people just a little and even open up.  Their names were Alma Dalkarn and Nilke Dalkarn, twins who shared a dream and while so very different you couldn't help but notice some similarities.  They shared a number of classes together, and the twins pestered or ambushed Lance one way or another to get him to do things with them.  It was about the time that Lance finally managed to tell them apart (a process that took several months of being around them) that Lance suddenly realized something.

He had friends.

He had friends that he could talk to and relate to, to hang out with, to just be himself around.  It was a nice feeling that Lance savored for quite awhile till he got a bit more used to it.  He enjoyed spending time with the twins, never quite picked up on the feelings Alma had for him or why Nilke constantly showed up when the two had  been alone for anything longer then twenty or thirty minutes.  Lance began to notice other things to now that he was willing to give friendship a fair chance.  Gideon was a good friend though huge in size he had his own shining charisma and while playfully teasing Lance about his height he was a good person to relate to. Then there was Hayden a fellow classmate, their friendship is one that boggles people neither Hayden nor Lance chat much and still they developed a solid friendship that all started with Lance just sitting with Hayden at lunch one day and the two have since developed an unspoken friendship that never really required words.

There was one other confusion added to his life.  Arsene St. Louis, a very loud-mouthed braggart who insisted on some nickname for Lance that seemed to amuse him and tried to taunt him at every opportunity.  In physical training it was most obvious where Lance was running while weighed down or practicing his boxing, Arsene showed off at every opportunity almost like he was trying to prove he was better.  Lance just never understood why Arsene singled him out in the first place.

Lance would eventually graduate with honors from the Academy and receive a coveted posting with the Chaerilidae.

Current Line of Work
Occupation: VF Pilot / Ex-Actor
Affiliation: Planetary Defense Force Advanced Tactics and Training Academy (PDFATTA)
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assignment: Chaerilidae Training Carrier

RPG Stats
I.Q.: 21
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 9
P.S.: 15 (1d4 (4) + 2 + 2 = 23
P.P.: 11 (1d4 (2) + 2 = 15
P.E.: 12 (1 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 20
P.B.: 23
Spd: 15 (+10) = 25

Hit Points:
S.D.C: (Skill Bonuses +2d4+3d6+2d6+2d6+1d6)
O.C.C.: Variable Fighter Pilot
Level: 1
Experience Points: 0
Kills: 0
Skills and Equipment
Basic Skills:
Language: English 98%
Language: Zentraedi 98%
Language: Japanese 98%
Math: Basic +14%
Math: Advanced +14%
Pilot: Automobile +7%
Charm/Seduction 72%

Actor MOS Skills:
Acting +27%
Performance +54%
Public Speaking +17%

Criminal MOS Skills (Actor):
Streetwise +27%
Imitate Voice +22%
Lip Reading +22%

Model MOS Skills:
Lore: Fashion +22%

Musician MOS Skills:
Play Instrument Piano +42% (Professional Quality)
Music - Composition +27%

Student MOS Skills:
Research +17%
Writing +17%
Study +22%

O.C.C. Skills:
Pilot Variable Fighter +27%
Mecha Combat VF-4, VF-5000
Radio: Basic +17%
Read Sensory Instruments +22%
Navigation +22%
Navigation Space +22%
Weapon Systems +17%
Parachuting +17%
First Aid +17%
Computer Operation +17%
WP: Automatic Pistol
WP: Automatic Rifle
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

O.C.C. Related Skills:
Pilot - Jet +22%
Pilot - Hovercraft +12%
Intelligence +12%
Demolitions +7%
Track and Field
   -Sense of Balance +7%
   -Work Parallel Bars and Rings +7%
   -Back Flip +7%
   -Climb Rope/Rappel +7%
   -Climbing 33%
   -Prowl 37%

Secondary Skills:
Sing +7%
ROTC Cadet +7%
Wardrobe and Grooming +7%

Hand to Hand Combat Bonuses:
+2 to Parry/Dodge
+6 to Roll with Punch/Blow
+1 to throw an Object

Mecha Combat Bonuses:
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Re: Lance Callaeros
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Gymnastics PP Roll
Rolled 1d4 : 2, total 2

Boxing PS Roll
Rolled 1d4 : 4, total 4
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