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« on: May 21, 2008, 06:07:43 AM »
This section is for you to add a copy or summery of your character sheet.

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Re: Autobiographies
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2008, 06:42:57 AM »
Character Name: Marc Sabreman
Player Name: Alaras
Profession: Naval Engineer
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Build: Muscular
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: short on the sides, a little more on top

IQ: 7
Tenacity: 7
Strength: 7
Presence: 4
Agility: 5
Perception: 5


Languages (English): Expert,
Literacy (English): Adept,
Education (Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering): Adept,
Physical Sciences: Adept (Focused: Engineering),
Unarmed Fighting (Taijutsu): Adept (Specialized: Taijutsu),
Engineering: Adept(Focused: Mechanical, Electrical)
Observation: Adept,
Computers: Novice,
Communications: Novice,
Culture: Adept,
UN Military Forces
Etiquette: Adept


Marc Sabreman was born in Macross City to a single mother who died in childbirth.  Since his father already died in combat, Marc was adopted and raised by a Japanese couple in Macross City, and kept the name his mother gave him.  He didn't really want for much, and was loved dearly by his adoptive parents, who were unable to have children of their own.  He also became heir to their style of Taijutsu, and was trained in the martial arts by both of them from an early age.  He would often prefer to train with his father, who always insisted on pushing him beyond his limits, and wasn't afraid to prove a point by landing a good hit on him.  He also excelled in school, and showed a knack for using and fixing most electronics, machines, and computers.  Even as he continued to learn more about various machines and their inner workings, he continued to become stronger and better through constant training in Taijutsu, always keeping in mind that his abilities were meant to protect, and never to kill.  As such, he swore an oath to never kill, wrote it down, and signed it in his own blood, just to prove a point.  After high school, he went directly to college and got his degree in Engineering by age 21.  A couple of years later, he was scouted by the UN military to serve.  He refused, citing his pacifist blood oath, but after a very convincing threat against his parents, agreed to serve in a non-combative role as a Naval Engineer aboard the UNS Leander in exchange for a guarantee that all their needs would be taken care of, out of the UN military's pocket.  Now, he puts his education into practice maintaining the systems and analyzing unknown objects aboard the ship, working both in the engine room and laboratories as needed, and in the event that they are boarded, takes a quiet role in restoring order.  He used to be picked on as a child, as well, and developed a berserk rage that allowed him to defend himself.  He is aware of this aspect of himself and goes to great pain to deny it control.  Even though this condition enhances his efficiency in a fight and generally makes him stronger, he may end up harming allies or violating his oath involuntarily if not brought to his senses, and he probably would become unstable in a situation where someone dies from his actions, though he may only feel mildly guilty about harming someone who is merely injured.

Assets and Drawbacks: Truly Honest (2), Hemophobia 1 (minor revulsion towards blood) (1), Oath 1 (pacifism: must not kill) (1), Berserk Rage (increases all physical stats other than presence by 1d3, fighting skill=Master with Taijutsu specialization, add 1 insanity point if he kills a human or Zentraedi, Insanity check if he kills a non-humanoid, stats and skills return to normal when he returns to his senses) (2), Common Sense (-2)
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Re: Autobiographies: June Montegomery
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PFC June Montgomery
An angry young man
"I'll smash 'em! Let me at 'em! (First draft of the quote! I'm still working on it.)
Name: June Montgomery
Rank: Private, First Class
Profession: Marine Grunt

Background and General Fluff:
June's been angry as long as he can remember. He never like his name for starters. He always dreamed of being a pilot too, just like his dad, and his dad's dad, and generations of Montgomery's back through WWII. But when he enlisted, he washed out of flight school. Something with his equilibrium, he couldn't handle the G's. This made him extremely angry, and he nearly hit the instructor. His family had always been military, so he faced a tough choice, return home in shame or take whatever billet he could get. The Marines took him in and molded him into one of their own. Most of the time now, his anger is directed, but sometimes, sometimes it gets a little out of hand. So he's well acquainted with the MPs both on and off duty. His just out of alpha school and still very green. But he's big and strong, and that goes along way in the Corp.


Actions: 1
Hit Points: 32
Spiritia: 9

Drawback - Ineptitude Aircraft Piloting

Armed Fighting 2
Dodge 2
Fighting 2
Marksmen - Assault Rifle 2 (3)
Support Weapon - Machinegun 2 (3)
Thrown Weapon 1
Observation 1
Stealth 1
Survival 1
Communications 1
Pilot (Small aricraft) 1
- -
Education 3
Language (English) 4
Culture 3
Literacy 2
Lore: UN Military Etiquette 3
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Re: Autobiographies
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Flight Lt. Sammy Listern
A brash hot-headed youth determined to live up to her families heritage.
Don't worry. We just fly straight in, just keep your head down and watch out for the flak

IQ       7   
Tenacity      5
Strength     5
Presence     5
Agility      7     
Perception 6   

Hitpoints: 25
Spiritia: 11
Actions: 1

Etiquette (3) Adept
Lore: UN Military Forces (3) Adept
Literacy (2) Novice
Education (3) Adept
Languages(English) (4) Expert
Culture (3) Adept
Pilot (2) Novice (Shuttle, VFxx)
Computer (2) Novice
Marksmen (2) Novice
Observation  (2)Novice
Computer (2) Novice
Comms (2) Novice
Tech (1) Student
Armorer (1) Student
Dodge (1) Student

Commendation 1
Famous Event 1
Determination 2
Impetuous 2
Code of Honor 2 ( I will succeed in my mission or die trying, Never leave a comrade behind, Always accept a challenge.)


The Listern's have always been Fighter pilots or at least that?s what Sammy father always said. From as young as she can remember her father preached to her about the families tradition of service. She lapped it all up, she read about the great pilots of the past and dreamed to add her name to the roll of honor. Her school years rushed by and at last came the day that she entered the academy. She worked hard for the next few years, her grades while not spectacular where above average.

The day she received her wings was the happiest in her life, at last she had made it. What followed was not what she had expected, most of the time it was dull and tedious with only moments of excitement to break up the tedium. That was till the incident .

2046 the battle of thersus. A small UN fleet was making a standard patrol run when it was ambushed by a small rogue Zentradi flotilla, the fighting was fierce the UN was holding its own until a chance hit destroyed the Communcation system of the UN flagship, that was until a certain young pilot managed to rally the disorientated Fighter forces, through a display of hot-headed determination daring the other pilots to better her actions. For her part in the fight Sammy was awardered with a promotion and a medal, her name became know to many as the hero of Thersus. Yet shortly after this she found herself transferred to flying shuttles, unkown to her, sammy?s father had decided to use his influence and contacts to have her removed from the frontlines as he cared deeply for his only child. When a chance came to volunteer for a special mission she took it.