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Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: 2055.08.24 Tuesday
« Last post by Mr.F on March 25, 2019, 03:22:03 PM »
Ruth "Drone" Rigga
Mess hall

For some odd reason Scarlet actually looked serious when she said "Yes. Really.". With most anyone else Ruth would have assumed it was just an act, but she knew Scarlet as an impulsive hearth-say-body-do kind of person and acting didn't seem a skill she would be very good at. Still, what she had said made no sense, leaving Ruth to think about how that misconception could have come to be.

Poachers comment "Honestly she likely panicked when you flipped out on her <...>" made Ruth switch her focus to her, mouth opening as if to reply but catching sight of Janus seeming to walk up to their table gave her pause. Curiously he decided to sit down with them despite their off to the side table, joining in on them by sitting down next to Scarlet.

"Seems our conversation is done." Ruth commented flatly. "Poacher, Scarlet" She gave each of them a polite nod. "Lt." Lance didn't get much of a nod.

Ruth collected her plate with her half finished meal and rose to leave, heading out and back towards her bunk unless anyone did anything to stop her.
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: 2055.08.24 Tuesday
« Last post by knight on March 25, 2019, 08:13:48 AM »
ENS Zeliha "Knight" Kragl

She had been mostly asleep when her pilot decided to join her. Whatever. Zeliha had been back asleep within moments; ugly-sleep sort of asleep, complete with drooling and awkward positioning. It was amazing that she didn't have a crick in her neck nor sore muscles given the funky position she woke up in. She blinked several times, finally clearing the sleep from her eyes as she rubbed them. Lance had said something in Zentradi before he left, but she couldn't remember for the life of her what he had said.

A smirk crossed her lips, then a fit of giggles hit her. Hearty laughter replaced the giggles as she fell out of her bunk, landing with a thud and an "oof" that was quickly replaced by more laughter. She flailed at her desk, yanking at the cord charging her PDA which promptly jerked the device down onto her face with a smack. A grunt left Zeliha's lips, replaced by a smirk as she snatched up the PDA then began a message to Lance.

"Where'd you go," She spoke aloud as she composed the message, "Senpai? Kissy-face." She hammered her thumb down harder than she needed to onto the touch screen, "Send!" Zeliha was very proud of herself for remembering the human term senpai, and given how complex life had become with her pilot she thought it was apt to apply. Weren't there animated shows with similar premises?

The sort of melodramatics Lance was experiencing were supposed to only happen in movies and holo-dramas. Zeliha was understanding, but that didn't mean she wouldn't give her pilot a hard time. That was the cost of the close relationship she had with him; they were there for each other, but they were worse than siblings when it came to teasing. It was a good relationship, she mused, if atypical for humans and zentradi.

Zeliha looked at the time on her PDA, swearing to herself as she sprung to her feet. She needed to get her run in and still have time for at least coffee in the mess. She'd snag a shower in the gym, she told herself, as her sleeping clothes became airborne while she donned her gym attire. Fucking-fuck! She should have been up an hour ago. She jogged to the gym, near leaping onto the first free treadmill. Four quick kilometers should be good, double-time. She'd hate herself, but she'd get in that cardio with enough time to spare for coffee. As the machine set its pace, Zeliha got into her grove-- it'd be a good day, because she'd make it good.

If nothing else, the post-workout cold shower would be stellar.
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: 2055.08.24 Tuesday
« Last post by arvanna on March 24, 2019, 11:21:38 PM »
Ens Baressa *Poacher* Chardona

As she butters a biscuit she looks from Nilke to Ruth "Honestly she likely panicked when you flipped out on her for getting her hair cut after seeing you lose it earlier Drone."
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: 2055.08.24 Tuesday
« Last post by Azazel on March 22, 2019, 02:18:29 PM »
ENS Nilke "Scarlet" Dalkarn
Nobel Peace Prize Candidate 

Nilke rolled her eyes as Drone let her know in no uncertain terms that she thought her to be joking in regards to her EWO's apparent newly found interest.

The red-haired pilot shrugged as she set the can full of soda back on the tray. "Yes. Really." She stated flatly, her eyes fixed on Drone's. Part of her wanted to add something in regards to how she would've started singing praises about Drone's flying skills had she been in a joking mood, but Nilke settled on maintaining the diplomatic veneer that Baressa'd set earler on for their impromptu meeting of sorts.

"Just a tidbit I thought you'd like to know before the whole CSI routine gets you in trouble."
Picking up the spork sitting on her tray, Nilke went back to her food, glancing at Baressa as a second -and most likely final- assault on her pasta began.
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: 2055.08.24 Tuesday
« Last post by Mr.F on March 22, 2019, 10:35:18 AM »
OOC: Also before the entrance of additonal company, as indicated by the GM.

Ruth "Drone" Rigga
Mess hall

Ruth gave Poacher a sceptical look as she suggested Tweak had cut her own hair, voluntarily. That didn't seem like Jayla at all after all.

"Why? Did she say someone forced her?"

Ruth looked taken aback. "Well no... She doesn't say much at all. But come on, something like that... that isn't something normal people do to themselves just like that." she replied, shaking her head.

"Just so you know, my sister was at the barber shop too."

As Scarlet added that piece of information, Ruth's expression lighted up at the mention of a new lead, but soon as she leaned forward to get up Scarlet interjected with more information. Though really it was more assumptions on Ruth's behaviour rather than any worthwhile information. Still she did need to get at least some of her food down before going, so she decided to stay a while longer, taking another bite of her food.

"For what it's worth, my sister did tell me that Tweak was wondering about what kissing a girl felt like, though."

Ruth gave Scarlet a tired look. "Reeeeeaally? Come on, I'm trying to be serious here..."
Magister (Game 2 Active) / PvP Hacking War Dice rolls and skill checks
« Last post by Zed on March 19, 2019, 07:42:41 PM »
This thread is specifically for hacking attempt skill checks in the PvP category.  Players wishing to post a hacking attempt effecting another player character will need to first post a hacking or other computer skillset roll here allowing for the opposing player to make a save roll.  Both skillsets and rolls will be compared before the initiating player may make their post.
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: 2055.08.24 Tuesday
« Last post by Azazel on March 19, 2019, 03:19:19 PM »
OOC: This post is meant to take place before Lance and Keiko make their way into the mess hall. :D

ENS Nilke "Scarlet" Dalkarn
Hungry, hungry hip...pilot.

The red-haired pilot sat down next to Baressa at the table Drone directed them to, setting the tray down before her. It wasn't long before she picked up the spork sitting next to the plates full of food, digging into her meal with a hungry soldier's gusto.

After all, if Drone's behaviour earned her a face full of tray within the near future, the red-haired pilot settled on not allowing all that mouth-watering food from going straight into the waste bin.

Her eyes fixed on Drone as she poked at her own meal, a moan nearly escaped Nilke's lips as her stomach took note of the presence of food within. The red-haired pilot settled on taking a deep breath instead as her fellow pilot began talking.
Nilke couldn't help but arch one eyebrow upon listening to Drone's apology, not really expecting to hear anything along the lines of that, and turned to look at Baressa as she voiced a reply.

Interpreting Baressa's editing of past events as an attempt to protect Alma -her comment on Tweak out-butching Drone wouldn't have been well received either-, Nilke quickly decided to set things straight. She didn't know Drone very well, but she knew that she'd keep asking and probing around as she tried to figure out what'd made her EWO lose it. Keeping her from knowing that Alma'd been present at the time would most likely end in trouble down the line.

After all, she knew first hand just how attached pilots and EWOs were, a fact that her single-seater friend probably wasn't all that familiar with. 

"Just so you know, my sister was at the barber shop too." Nilke then set her spork down so she could point her index finger at Drone before continuing. "But... before you storm off out of here and try to track her down so you can start yelling and threatening her, which is something I would definitely advise you against doing, I can tell you for a fact that she doesn't know what made your EWO lose it."

A brief pause ensued as Nilke turned to taking a sip of her soda, giving herself some time to phrase what she wanted to say next without sharing any more information than absolutely necessary.

"For what it's worth, my sister did tell me that Tweak was wondering about what kissing a girl felt like, though."

Yay. Go diplomacy.
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: Magister OOC
« Last post by Zed on March 19, 2019, 03:03:13 PM »
Also it seems we're all a bit rusty, and Arvanna isn't the only one to ignore the dining menu =p Feel free to keep her Carbo loading, but please edit in the next 48 hours or I will GM edit her into having a pile of spaghetti as tall as her plate is wide. ;)

For future posts, any of you can contact me for bits about culture and setting. I usually can respond on discord within 30 minutes and on the boards within 8 hours.
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: Magister OOC
« Last post by Zed on March 19, 2019, 02:50:15 PM »
Making a quick GM ruling for any replies to Lance or Jenny, its would take 15 minutes to get the weapons turned back in and get up to the mess hall, get food, and sit down to ask if things with Nilke are cool. So the conversation with Drone/Poacher/Crimson can play out.
Magister (Game 2 Active) / Re: 2055.08.24 Tuesday
« Last post by Lance on March 19, 2019, 02:41:16 PM »
Ensign Keiko "Fluff" Skylark

She was surprised at the enthusiastic response from Mjuiri but brightened just a hint and gave her own happy Keiko approved, this girl belongs in an anime, smile right back at the zolan now.  Keiko nodding as she hopped off the lift and grabbed the trash before heading with Mjuiri to the cafeteria, foooooood, yessss, we needs it!  Keiko was definitely in better spirits from the conversation as she moved almost with a little bit of a bounce to her step. The girl really did wear her heart on her sleeves and it was clear something had triggered her worries.

Once the cafeteria destination was arrived to?  BRUNCH PLATE!  Waffles, delicious and lovely waffles that were BURIED in syrup, butter, and powdered sugar.  Ooooo was that scrambled eggs?  Yes please which Keiko added more cheese to it yes melted gooey cheese goodness.  A couple hashbrowns with those awesome onions in them, seriously those were delicious.  GASP!  There was still a fruit parfait!  Happy Keiko!  Add that to her tray, some bacon, some sausage, no less then two kinds of juice, and one strawberry milk.    Is what she wanted but....


Yes sweet innocent Keiko was betrayed!  And now initiate full SULK KEIKO MODE!  Stupid fish, stupid pasta, stupid fruit, and there wasn't even a strawberry milk anywhere!  How is a girl supposed to get her carbs if there is no carb options!  She was going to go get a case of instant ramen smuggled in for this betrayal of trust the military had on her stomach!

She joined the table where the crowd seemed to be growing and sat her PDA on the table.  Buzz buzz...hmm?  She glanced at a private alert on it.  Tch...Code Monkey was nosing around again...maybe she should hack his alarm for giggles....nahhh to mean spirited....oh oh wait, what if she changed his alarm preference and put in a sound bite instead!  Yessss brilliant Keiko!
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