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Joining Board / Re: Wildcards Roben "Ro" Janos
« on: April 23, 2012, 01:34:13 AM »
First up:
Roben has a record of having spent some time on the Macross Galaxy fleet before it disappeared, very early on in the fleet departure.

This implies that she's fully a "Type 3" cyber-grunt.  Thereby precluding anything external that indicates that she's a cyborg.

Also, as the Macross Galaxy Fleet is indicated as having left Eden in 2031, that'd make her no longer compatible with the Black Wraiths back story.  Even if the liner note launch date of the MGF is a typo, and it was only 10 months (not years) earlier than the Macross Frontier Fleet, that'd mean she was on the fleet in 2041.  Again, incompatible with the BW back story.

Now, ways around that:
1) Macross Galaxy is a galaxy spanning company.  There's bound to be other emigrant fleets created by them or other fixed star-systems controlled by them.  Janos could be from one of them.
2) Janos is not a product of Macross Galaxy (company), but is a cyber-grunt made by one of the colonies in the sector.  They create sub-par cyber-grunts (combination of types 2 and 3), as they don't have the full range of Macross Galaxy's technology.
  Registered as 39 year old Roben Janos; only daughter(natural birth) of Nedd Janos and Pika (Meltrandi) from Earth, raised aboard a Macross Emigration fleet for 2 years before settled in sector 4 on a colony planet of S-4 C-53 (private sponsorship.

   You know her real history and the events that shaped her life.   This part of her past is manufactured,  Roben used some her funds and connections gained within the sector to create this so she could join spacy.   Nedd Janos and his Wife exist, on the Macross Galaxy fleet; both completely unaware that they now are registered with a daughter.  Roben has never been to the Macross galaxy fleet, nor had Leiagh Klein Moss ever been there, like you say there are gaps in time and space that would have prevented that.

Worst Secret:her heavy memory loss and cybernetic modifications

This works if she's a type 3 cyber-grunt (nothing external is visible).  However, it conflicts if some aspects are externally visible.

    I never assumed that work had been done professionally and imagined that reinforcement of the joints; and placement of organs would have left some of the internal modifications still visible on the outside. if this seems unreasonable I can change it. your call.

With all of her major structural skeleton rebuilt; skin and other soft organs replaced, Robens body is slightly “supernatural”  and her physical appearance has suffered for it. Her pasty white skin, bulky joints and nerve grafted muscles give her body a very artificial look under close inspection (which never happens!!)

Aside from the externally visible or not thing, I was thinking about how these things would happen in Macross: as humans have access to Zentraadi micronization technology, they don't have to go to the trouble of ripping apart and rebuilding bodies.  All they have to do is create the robotic parts, clone the living tissue around it, and transfer the consciousness of the person into the body.  There's also the possibility of reverting the process by cloning a new body.

Nevertheless, the trade off of using that technology is that the consciousness transfer process isn't perfect.  Memory, especially for those with great intellect (E.g. Exedoru) is sometimes lost in the transfer.

This would be a great explanation for why Janos has lost her memory or isn't able to remember it easily (a botched transfer that either lost or scrambled her memories).  I can't remember if she had brain damage, but if so, that's another factor.  But in this case, the memories are most likely permanently lost (this is more an RPing question: struggling with lost memories, or struggling with "Borne Identity" style flashbacks and eventual total recall).

I don't have anything against the non-human look, other than the conflicts with the rest of the PC sheet ;)

I assumed that her body had been modified directly; the information in her head being too valuable to risk a transfer.  I dont think that she had brain damage physically per say (though it is likely in that 90% of her body was 3rd degree burnt), but there has been psychological damage there ever since her capture by the pirates, furthered by interrogation by the purple bubble, and further by her actions has a double(triple!?) agent. 

Since her "escape" she has gone through several personas to stay alive and suit her needs, without her core personality of Leiagh to keep her stable, her training may be "over writing" her real memories.  maybe?!?

personally I think that a Borne like flashbacks scenario is best; but I really dont think that she will ever attain full 'recall', even if she manages to dig up her old personal files, learn her history yes, remember being there for the whole, no.

  Although she has increased her extrerior stability and endurance; what remains of her organs and brain have endured huge trauma, and their ability to recover or even survive further damage is almost nonexistant. Her body is not Capable of withstanding and MDC blow.

Given the technologies involved, I think her organs and brain have the capability to endure further damage is not applicable.  Of course, given her lost memory, any further brain trauma may very well be irrecoverable.  But that's not due to any cumulative weaknesses in the physical structure itself. 

I was going to tackle the implants themselves with this post, but as there's so much to chew on already, we'll save that for after clarifying some of the above in the PC sheet.

   Ok, it has been years (10 in a coma, and (2?) since then for her body to physically rebuild itself.  too many demerits, I was she trying to keep her delicacy in the face of her new found strength.  You know like an Achilles heel, or kryptonite, everyone gotta have their weak spot.  A good reason for her to shy away from physicality, despite her capability at it.

I'll play follow the leader with the body mods, like you say its a lot to tackle, there's' probably a way to simplify it.

SVF-484 Wildcards / Re: Wildcards Year 1 Act 2: Brutus's Dark Side
« on: April 23, 2012, 01:14:59 AM »

  ....char....   thunder
  ....char....   dark skies
  ....char....   heavy clouds

  Roben rolls the memories around her mind trying to make sense, but like the forboding cloud of a thunderstorm on distant hills, the feeling is simply confused and ominous, a tinge to the air, but no drop of rain to relieve the tension.

 ....pirates.....   lightning!

   "What?!  what did you say!"  she grasped at the words like a drowning seamen grasping a fragment of wood. ...pirates ...   there was enough of her past here in the sector that she had not told the man sitting in front of her.  Part of which might have been the way she arrived, in the hands of rouges and pirates. She repeated herself with less force, and more curiosity.

  "Pirates?  I think I have been involved with them, one way or another."  her memory flashed a scene to her; an enclosed space, technical, it was a ship or hanger bay, she was on a listening station, her partner was there, blond, confident. they were monitoring the actions of some men, listening to their conversation and recording them, she saw the insignia on her partners uniform SPACY!
   Back from the memory flash she focused hard on what mak was saying.

SVF-484 Wildcards / Re: Wildcards Year 1 Act 2: Brutus's Dark Side
« on: April 13, 2012, 12:25:48 AM »

  Ro squints at Mak, "yeah, real tuna. Been to DeMoins, bug meats' better just as it is..."  Ro scratches her chin at Maks ominous presence.

   "Terra-forming,hmmm. I know I was involved in, or on, or around it, and its pretty recent memory as far as I can tell."  Roben is bluntly honest, her tone is not open but reserved, and her answer is not really and answer at all. ... I don't remember, do I .... ? she left her puzzlement internal.

Joining Board / Re: Wildcards Roben "Ro" Janos
« on: April 12, 2012, 03:36:14 AM »
I think that a combination of 2/3 would be okay.  By the description she is the third type described, but she is self conscious of some obvious body modification that are visible. The Slave Circuit implant is a great GM device :D

SVF-484 Wildcards / Re: M15-3 NUNS Side OOC
« on: April 11, 2012, 12:07:01 AM »
HI boss; I'm wondering if you ever had a chance to go over the character sheet.

SVF-484 Wildcards / Re: Wildcards Year 1 Act 2: Brutus's Dark Side
« on: April 10, 2012, 08:08:47 PM »

  "Mak mak mak mak, " Roben mumbles to herself as she logs and closes down the search she had running. Then restarts on her internal network with an auto log and 30 second ping notification when it was done. Then promptly forgets all about her lovely friend the space cowgirl goodness knows what on earth is in her head anyway.

  "I wonder what he found..."  Roben was feeling more and more like her past had become someones else book. Written with all her names in the places where the action happened. An inner, unbidden, voice warned her away from searching too hard sometimes you get what you wish for..

   Tossing off her formal gear she pulled on a pair of lean jogging slacks and a tight t-shirt, then a loose jacket that would cover enough of her hard ware to make sure she didn't end up 'all back of the bus'.  Making sure to grab her credit stick, as well as gold dust and a fake credit stick, not worth much, but enough to get the right mouths talking if Mak had a solid lead. Then she hoofed it out the door.


   Into the busy habitat, really just a giant strip mall. It was like the 20th centuries dream design; the shoppers could never really escape from the mall. that's pretty cynical of you  "Shut up" she berated her inner voice under her breath, but out loud, just to be sure she actually said it.

   Three circuits around the sushi joint, each one a circumferential pathway closer, just to make sure that Mak was alone, relatively un-watched, or at least otherwise in such a fashion that Ro could take care of the situation if she had to.  She checked her bolt routes. She'd been here before and knew that there was a trash auto-dispense that lead to a cat walk around the corner, far from prying eyes. It stank.  The sushi bar didn't and she homed in confidently and smiling warmly and expectantly.

SVF-484 Wildcards / Re: Wildcards Year 1 Act 2: Brutus's Dark Side
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:47:07 PM »

  Janos blanks the trip, her mind drifting to lost memories and flashes of forgotten faces. Despite her silent treatment of her flight crew her mind had been buzzing with information; she had heard of blood crystals; probably dealt in them when she thought deeply about it.  Her shady past and shifting identity had provided her with all sorts of  experiences.

   "Blood for blood"  Ro finally spat out as the train ejected them at the barracks building, joining the light throng of people Ro headed towards their bunk.

   "Theres too much traffic here, all the surface systems are clouded with legalities concerning the price of trading blood crystals; I'm guessing an index of 10:1 vs legal trading, possibly more."  Ro was now convinced that Jacques-Burton was going to buy another crystal for herself, having had hers taken away.

   "I need to get off the Main grid..."  Ro tossed her bag down on her bunk and used the consol to pull up a holo-map of Brutus, zooming in a sectors likely to be free of direct NUNS/Gov control. Her instincts told her to go down; there was always a physical side to the so called "underworld" that would lead back up to the real movers and shakers. like pirates.. a vicious shiver ran down her spine at the thought of pirate.


  Saffrons apparent random ramblings brought Ro out of her own reverie, imagining interstellar communications with nothing more than a lump of crystal she heard the question posted to her flight mate and let her mind continue unraveling the possibilities; At least until the conversation got weird and then oblique.

  ...Did she just completely fail to follow any sort of structure and decorum...!?  Ro felt herself separate from most forms of common military structure, after all she was M.I. Structure simply bred in the inability to absorb new facts that could be mission critical if missed, leading to death in the worst instance, and political suicide at the other end of the spectrum.  ...really... a "hat-full".... w.t.f...

    Ro kept her mouth appropriately shut, but couldn't keep her lips from crushing into a thin dark line of embarrassment in the face of her team mates lampooning of whatever respect they might have had from their superiors. So taken with the flippancy she only registered the scientists title of "blood crystal" at the last second; she'd heard of it before, mostly as a hot target for down on their luck pirates looking for a quick payoff.


  "P`shw, what were you going to do with it? make earings?!"  Janos barks a short laugh, after giving a grimace to Stonewalls wink.

   "And whats the point of a debrief anyway.... " loosening off the collar of her uniform. She massages her left arm, concealing her activation of the broadband connection, she blinks twice pulling up some fold crystals for dummies files to get any details on the safety of handling the crystals.

   "...I mean, what are we gonna say;  Launched, performed entry, locate crash site, farted, then chased off by locals,  bah."  Ro shook her head. "I'm gonna grab a stim-juice before the meeting..." she didn't exactly leaving the statement an invitation, but it could have been.


   "Wow! is that thing real!?"  Roben immediately bent closer to get a good look at the Fold crystal, her hand instinctively reaching out to touch it.

   "Are they really safe to touch like that?"  The flash and colour of the crystal almost reminded her of something familiar, something lost, maybe fun, maybe dangerous. The memory was too tenuous to hold onto, too vague to be worries about.

   "Hey can we keep it?" Roben turned to Stonewall. "Finders keepers right, those assholes got the rest of the crash landing, we didn't even have time to get ID badges or identify the ship."

  Ro quietly wits out the interaction, letting her CO do his Job.  She not a little surprised to find something out of the ordinary. its not exactly like Safron was beaming for having pickup up the flight recorder She was suprised to watch the Major jump in Safrons face about it though.

  "Give it to me," 

  Ro stopped in her tracks, a pace or two behind Jacques-Burton, her hands in her pockets, curious to see how this would play out.  She took the opportunity to really size up Stonewall, still trying to peg why he seemed so familliar.

SVF-484 Wildcards / Re: M15-3 NUNS Side OOC
« on: March 05, 2012, 01:43:50 AM »
Hope its not too crazy for you. working 2 1/2 jobs right now, today was my first day off in 16, looks like I'm working every night this week too... but I'll post tomorrow...


    "  ...They got industrial buffers in the diamond district."
   how shallow can the woman be?! she thought viciously, she didn't even care what Saffron had gone down for, just that she'd jeopardized her life, Then caught herself thumbing the mic switch to fire back some scathing remark.  However, there were no words, Ro really didn't care enough to start a pitch battle across the monitors. Her thumb hit the switch, but instead of reprimand...

  "Hey, at least its just mud, another moment and those guys there would have covered you in lead...I hear its hard to polish out..."  Who am I to deal out discipline anyway..  Ro mind drifted back to her entry into the Caesar Military, junior rank, and only months ago.

Joining Board / Re: Wildcards Roben "Ro" Janos
« on: February 18, 2012, 09:52:28 PM »
Roben Janos  callsign “Ro”

Former Intelligence agent of the UNMC

 *Declared KIA/MIA due to injuries received in the line of duty. Her body was recovered, comatose, and placed into suspension. A variety of work was done to her to restore her body and help ease her back to consciousness. The value of the information in her head would far exceed the cost of expensive surgury and eventually cybernetics. it would be ten years before she finally wakes up, in the hands of the very people who her INTEL would put on the receiving end of a UNMC cannon. Her extended comatose state a plot by the axis of evil, her “escape” at their hands a ploy to use her against the UN and other major powers.  However, the extensive damage physically and psychologically has left the one previously known as Leiagh Klein Moss, mentally crippled, her memories have been stripped, mind scarred and body alien to herself. Having time travelled 10 years into the future, the mental breakdown is complete when she finds herself in the hands of the very people she fought to be free of. Nearly 6 months of captivity go by with her at the vicious hands of agents of the one known as the purple bubble, or space pirates, and a sinister elite business cartel. A twist of fate and hard luck sets “leiagh” free, with a ship, two dead criminals and no idea where or who she is.

Character Age: 27
Gender: Female
Birthplace: NewMacross City, Earth
Religion: None (Zen)
Hair Color: Brown with natural reddish hints
Eye Color: Off blue/green
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Handedness: right
Distinguishing Features: Leiagh has unusually dark eyes. Although blue/green, in low light they can appear almost black, Leiagh has dense furrows in her forehead when she frowns and deep dimples. Otherwise Leiagh is well proportioned physically, being midset though a little heavy for her height, she is fit and healthy looking.

Gloria Klein Moss (Mother)
Nathan Moss (Step Father)
Martin Haspeth (Genetic Father)
Brenda `Brezzie` Frost (1/2 Sister Deceased)
Eddy Moss (younger half-brother)

Occupation: Marine
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Rank: Captain.

Hobbies: Yoga. Kickboxing. Heavy drinking.

Best Friend: None, period. Ro distances herself privately from everyone, fearing her imperfect mind and artificial body will be exposed. The recent change in her attempts to re-connect with her past have connected her with a private eye named 'Mak', they are about as close to "friends" as Ro thinks herself possible.

Worst Enemy: Currently the shadowy presence of the peple who “kidnapped” her, though she really has no idea who either of them were. their dead bodies floating away in space still haunt her dreams.

Turn Ons:  Despite her memory failiure Ro never really got over the love for glitz and continues to be attracted to overly bright clothing and jewelry .

Turn Offs: deep space, cold, backwater male attentions,

Worst Secret:her heavy memory loss and cybernetic modifications

Character Goals:
**Two Year Goal - find her true identity, without tipping anybody off to the fact that she is still alive.

Character Background:
Birth: Born in NewMacross City in 2023 to Gloria `Glanda` Klein and Martin Haspeth,  (both sisters still alive with assorted cousins etc)

stepfather Nathan Moss was stuntman, and stunt director who also taught stunt work when not working as one.

older half-sister Brezzie (deceased at age 12)
younger half-brother Eddy (alive, 9 years younger)




  “Leiagh’s” Zen leanings have been a core of strength of her through many trying times and the echo of it still remains despite little memory of having practiced it.  She practices yoga now, but has had to relearn it.

Love : None, avoided like the plague

UN Spacy ; Roben "Ro" Janos

Registered as 39 year old Roben Janos; only daughter(natural birth) of Nedd Janos and Pika (Meltrandi) from Earth, raised aboard a Macross Emigration fleet for 2 years before settled in sector 4 on a colony planet of S-4 C-53 (private sponsorship).

Roben was accepted into the NUNS in the Intel department through a challenge to see if she could stand par without having to return to Basic.  She was accepted on the bases that her experience as a private investigator and private mecha pilot would suffice with only a few months of refresher, updating and indoctrination into the Military System of Command.

Roben has a record of having spent some time on the Macross Galaxy fleet before it disappeared, very early on in the fleet departure. She received there a Direct Neural Interface on subsidy (of which she still owes approximately 160000, on record anyway).  This advanced cybernetic suite made it is easy for her to receive a full body skin replacement of high quality with full tactile senses.  She has registered 3 devices recently implanted through private clinics.  An advanced processor, and internal storage,  audio/video recording,  physical enhancement (dexterity increase), sub-dermal interface (left arm, "keys" appear through light just below the skin.), cable jack, advanced communications router, advanced power-cell (left calf), computer suite OS, cyberspace front-end, back-end, security software, low light and bright light visual modification,  combat connection(works with equipped VFs)

Roben "Ro" Janos also suffers from massive amnesia, does not know her true origins, name, history, marital status. She has halting memories of being in the recovery clinic when she first came out of coma and all events from that point.  She does not suffer from skills memory, though many are lost to her until she attempts to use them, and the skill returns with the memory of action.

She is frustrated at having no past, but fate shone on her kindly, providing her with escape and a ship shortly after her kidnapping off of LV-426.  She has spent the last 2 years in Sector 45, travelling from colony to colony constructing her personage to suit her needs at the time finally arriving on Caesar looking to start a new life and a new history, inexplicably drawn to the NUNS Spacy.

Recent Education; Basic training, VF piloting updated, physical combat updated, computer tech updated, ????

IQ: 9 previously 10
ME: 8  previously 9
MA: 10 previously 12
     Physcial Abuse, scarring and trauma have taken their toll on “Robens” brain, and the effects are permanent damage
PS: (14) previously 10
PP: (17) previously 13
PE: (23) previously 19
PB: (8)  previously 12  \
  With all of her major structural skeleton rebuilt; skin and other soft organs replaced, Robens body is slightly “supernatural”  and her physical appearance has suffered for it. Her pasty white skin, bulky joints and nerve grafted muscles give her body a very artificial look under close inspection (which never happens!!)

SPD: 36 previously 28
HP: 6  previously  25
SDC: 150  previously 50
  Although she has increased her extrerior stability and endurance; what remains of her organs and brain have endured huge trauma, and their ability to recover or even survive further damage is almost nonexistant. Her body is not Capable of withstanding and MDC blow.


*Cybernetic suite (Direct brain interface, most cybernetics do not require physical actions to operate)
*Full body Pseudo skin: An advanced polymer body covering, self healing (roughly half the time normal skin takes)
*Nerve Imbedment (Full tactile senses through skin, with dampening and enhancing available up to 20%)
*Bone Coating (All her major bones are coated and strengthed to impact and torsion damage)
*Sub-Dermal Strengthing (All major muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints have an additional psuedo replica working in tandom with the naturally existing tissue, enhancing strength, dexterity and fine motor control)
*Organ Replacement (Kidneys, Liver, Gall, bladder, womb, uterus, small and large bowel, 1 lung, 2 dozen glands.   Heart, stomach,urinal tract, trachea, brain and spinal column are all original)
*Partial Ocular Replacement (low light and bright light visual modification, slight UV and IR capable ~20%)
*Combat connection(works with equipped VFs)

 Advanced processor
Internal storage,
Audio/video recording
Sub-dermal interface (left arm, "keys" appear through light just below the skin.)
Cable jack
Advanced communications router
Advanced power-cell (left calf)
Computer suite OS
Cyberspace front-end and back-end
Security software

OCC: UNS Marine Officer.
Level: 3 Intel / 4 VF aviator  @ time of death
currently, I dont know.

OCC SKILLS (No skills % updated or cybernetics taken into account yet)
Radio: Basic 65%
Land Navigation 75%
Pilot Tanks/APC's 54 %
Read Sensory Equipment 60%
Weapon Systems 80% +1 strike w/ vehicle weapons
Wilderness Survival 50%
Camouflage 45%
Swimming 69%
Climbing 59%, rappelling 35%
WP-Automatic Pistol +3 aimed, +1 burst, 42%
WP-Automatic Rifle +3 aimed, +1 burst, 42%
WP-Heavy Weapons +3 aimed, +1 burst, 42%
Hand to Hand: Expert *See below

Computer Operations 55%
(Military) Intelligence 75%
Interrogation 65%
Surveillance Systems 65%

Pilot Variable Fighter 70%
Mecha Combat: VF-19  *See combat stats
Navigation: All 50%
Pilot Jet 60%

Detect Concealment 35%
Computer Programming 40%
Urban Survival 45%
Computer Hacking 25%
Streetwise Networks 40%
Pilot Automobile 88%
Mecha Combat VF-11 *see combat stats 
Weapons Specialist 40%

Swimming competitive (synchronized) 96% +2 dodge underwater
Streetwise drugs 35%
Sports 40%

Math 65%
Language: English (96%)
Literacy: English (96%)

Military Etiquette (30%)
Lore: UN Armed Forces (30%)

Hand to Hand: Expert
2 Attacks
+2 Strike
+3 Parry
+3 Dodge
+2 pull punch
+3 roll w/ punch/fall
+2 roll with impact
+8% save vs. coma/death

7 attacks
+2 initiative (+5 w/ Active Stealth System)
+5 strike (+6 w/Active Stealth System)*
+6 strike w/ weapons (+7 w/ Active Stealth System)*
+7 parry
+7 dodge Battroid*
+9 Gerwalk*
+11 jet mode*
+6 leap dodge*
+6 roll with a punch/fall
+5 roll with impact

*The VF-19F and S versions get a +1 to dodge and strike in space, but suffer a -1 penalty to dodge and strike in a planetary atmosphere

6 attacks
+2 on initiative
+4 to strike
+5 strike w/ weapons
+6 to parry
+5 dodge Battroid
+7 dodge Gerwalk
+9 dodge jet
+5 to leap dodge
+6 roll with a punch/fall
+5 roll with an impact


    In a flash Ro sees the opportunity, with their guards so close it could actually Work, but Saffron would have to work alone.  Ro quickly sets up a tight laser communication band with Saffrons fighter and begin nattering away.

   "Whatever you are going to do you are going to have about 2 seconds or less to do it.   Open up your subsystems control on monitor F-delta, the coolant in one of your thrusters and jettison. You will get a super-cold cloud cover briefly until the coolant burns away, covers your repair BS and gives you cover to make whatever move it is you plan on.  I'll drop down and give you the extra boost to clear atmosphere as that jet ain't going to last for more than a minute without coolant!"  Ro desperately hopes saffron paid enough attention in the technical portions of her training to follow through.  Ro remembers  the lesson but not the teachers face.  She continues to allow her VF to drop in elevation to be ready to pull up Saffron and whatever payload she decides to take if any.

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