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Joining Board / Wildcards Roben "Ro" Janos
« on: December 14, 2011, 01:44:29 AM »


Roben "Ro" Janos

Registered as 39 year old Roben Janos; only daughter(natural birth) of Nedd Janos and Pika (Meltrandi) from Earth, raised aboard a Macross Emigration fleet for 2 years before settled in sector 4 on a colony planet of S-4 C-53 (private sponsorship.

Roben was accepted into the NUNS in the Intel department through a challenge to see if she could stand par without having to return to Basic.  She was accepted on the bases that her experience as a private investigator and private mecha pilot would suffice with only a few months of refresher, updating and indoctrination into the Military System of Command.

Roben has a record of having spent some time on the Macross Galaxy fleet before it disappeared, very early on in the fleet departure. She received there a Direct Neural Interface on subsidy (of which she still owes approximately 160000, on record anyway).  This advanced cybernetic suite made it is easy for her to receive a full body skin replacement of high quality with full tactile senses.  She has registered 3 devices recently implanted through private clinics.  An advanced processor, and internal storage,  audio/video recording,  physical enhancement (dexterity increase), sub-dermal interface (left arm, "keys" appear through light just below the skin.), cable jack, advanced communications router, advanced power-cell (left calf), computer suite OS, cyberspace front-end, back-end, security software, low light and bright light visual modification,  combat connection(works with equipped VFs)

Roben "Ro" Janos also suffers from massive amnesia, does not know her true origins, name, history, marital status. She has halting memories of being in the recovery clinic when she first came out of coma and all events from that point.  She does not suffer from skills memory, though many are lost to her until she attempts to use them, and the skill returns with the memory of action.

She is frustrated at having no past, but fate shone on her kindly, providing her with escape and a ship shortly after her kidnapping off of LV-426.  She has spent the last 2 years in Sector 45, travelling from colony to colony constructing her personage to suit her needs at the time finally arriving on Caesar looking to start a new life and a new history, inexplicably drawn to the NUNS Spacy.

Stats Discussion Board / MRG Board rules for Cybernetics
« on: December 12, 2011, 12:21:44 AM »
Despite the high falutin' title, this is just a simple list at the moment.

’m putting together this list of cybernetics/bionics that may be available to the common public, civil servants and military personnel.  This is not by any means the be-all end-all list of the cybernetics that may be present in the Macross universe; many cybernetic technologies lie within other cultures and groups that are simply unavailable to be had, or banned governmentally from being utilized.  Technology available for implant and modification also varies wildly from location to location.  Most out-worlds, including the UNG planets are not likely to have the services available; many emigration fleets ban their use, and until the formation of NUNS cybernetics in the military was largely non-existent (those Zentraedi that came with implants already, those who had private operations outside of their posting and those who were illegally implanted, by the military or not).  Generally all cybernetic enhancements and modifications are required to be registered to the local prefect/government/military; and many combat orientated modifications are required to be shut down on penalty of imprisonment or worse if they are used.  Note that plastic and cosmetic surgeries are not included here as cybernetic modifications; although there are some implants that mimic the processes involved with cosmetic surgery, they are not the same.

Typically high tech levels of equiptment included the capabilities of the lower tech levels to the same or better degree.
Processorsmall-weakmicro-averagenano-system control
Direct Neural Interface Brain Tap
Physical TerminalExternal wiredMounted Wiredremovable wireless
Control Matrixtactile(keyboard)Verbal Voice controldirect Brain Imaging (Requires a DNI)
Operating SystemSimple-partialFull intuitivelimited AI - predictive
Cable JackstandardI/O portcommon and typically free with any other implant
Directional sound You can communicate using a laser-thin sound beam Base range is 100 yards in a direct line of sight
Communications (radio - cellular connection) (cellular, pcs, wi-fi) electrostatic, magnetic field
Science Suite DNI connect full suite of high end sensing equipment via the humans 5 natural senses bent to the extreme

 This softs come in low, med high, and unique qualities.  The high the quality the faster and more capable the program is (and secure)  note that high and unique softs require DNI.  Softs are typically run by themselves unless a Suite is used

SOFTWARE (Base price 7000, *2 for complex/advanced, *20 for high, *200 for DNI connect)
Translator single languagemultipleinterpretive
Navigator land/sea/air+space+foldspace
Computer Suite Simple OSintuitiveSimple AI
cyberspace front endsimpleadvancedSimple AI
cyberspace back end simpleadvancedSimple AI
Communications PublicGervernmentmilitary

HARDWARE (Base price  15000, *2 for complex/advanced, *20 for high, *200 for DNI connect)
enhanced physical attribute+1 -1 looks+2 -2 looks+2 +0 looks
Enhanced Audio30’300’3 miles
toolkitexernal mountedinternal mountedexpanding compartment
Medkitbasic(self only)paramedicparamedic subdermal
Magnetic Repulsor/Grapplefeet+hands+hip and shoulders
Respirator / Gillsimple(terran atmos)advanced (toxi atmos/pressure)High pressure resistant + oxy recirculation
CameraEye replacementsubdermal implantRetinal receiver (requires DNI)
Vision enhancementlow light/bright lighttelescopic/microscopicmulti spectrum + infrared/thermal
Skin pigmentation glanddark/light+single strong colourmultiple colors + translucency
Synthetic skin(full body)low tactile, sensory dep controlledmid tactile + extrasensory pick up(temp, wind speed etc)+DNI full tactile appears totally real, all controlled
Vocal shiftsimple(change tone/pitch)complex (mimic others)ultrasonic
facial morphingsimplecomplex
Dermouflagepigmentationmirror/diffuserefract (requires DNI, approximate invisibility)
Bone/Organ Tougheningendure stressdouble strength10 times strength endure high pressures.
Artificial Organlowmedhigh quality
EMP shieldinggold plated implantsautmoated EMP volt-sinkDNI connect absorbtion field
Full limb replacementugly simple, low tactilefaux appearance, double strength endurance, tactile okappears real, tactile is high, military strength/endurance

WEAPONS(Base price  50000,*2 for complex/advanced, *20 for high, *200 for DNI connect)
Hand Razorsingle nailall nailsretractable
Combat limbreinforcedhigh strengtharmored
Hand Scythesimple bladesonic edge/retractablemonofilament edge concealed
Limb WeaponizationSingle shot pistol -3 to hitmultiround pistol no modifyerDNI connect, semi auto + 3 to hit
Dermal ArmourObvious, +21% micro scales, seen on inspection +18% sub-dermal scales, not visible/tactical +15% armor/endurance
Breath Weaponsleep gastear gaspoison/toxic
Conbat ConnectionZentraedi Standard (nouszadle-ger)Human advanced TDI connect (yf 21)Full conversion (ie vf 27)
Cyber Space Combat SuiteAssault/Defense SimpleAdvanced tagging/piggy backDNI + AI assist

Quote from: ”old work of jesters & celebmacil + others from 2002"
2.0 Skeletal Reinforcements
The skeletal structure of the Nous-gran'diel (hereafter named ITA**) will be reinforced with a latticework of boron-silicate fibers. This lattice will increase resistance to breakage by almost 200%. However, should such a reinforced bone break, it will heal at an accelerated pace (see section 5) but not with the boron-silicate lattice intact. This is only possible if the ITA ingests the needed elements (boron, certain silicates) because the ITA's body does not store these.

(** Translator's note: "nous" is Old Ein'liba for "person" - c.f. Nousjaedul-Ger or "Personal Body Suit", "gran'lare" is Tiresian for "to infiltrate", and "diel'are" Tiresian for "to extinguish". Thus Nous-gran'diel is best rendered as "Infiltration and Termination Agent, hence ITA.)

3.0 Internal Toughening
To lessen the impact of concussive blasts on the core and head of the ITA, the internal organs and, to a lesser extent, the brain are to be equipped with toughened muscular layers and reinforced internal structures. The latter can of course only be done to a small degree, as full strengthening would interfere with the functioning of the organs.

This does not give full protection to the internal organs, but it does limit the damage of those blasts that are powerful enough to do damage. In cooperation with the enhanced healing (see section 5) this greatly reduces the danger of concussive blasts to the vital organs.

4.0 Dermal Toughening
The skin of the proposed ITA incorporates an organic equivalent of the fre'kas dra fiber (note of the translator: the Tirolian equivalent of Kevlar) in the epidermal layers of the subject. This once again forms a close lattice work, since full coverage would preclude the breathing and thermoregulatory functions of the skin. Impacts will be spread by this lattice over a much larger area, and so decrease the chances of a puncture.

However, the same disadvantages apply to this fiber-lattice with respect to regeneration as apply to the boron-silicate lattice in the bones. A regenerated puncture wound will not retain the fiber lattice unless the needed elements are ingested by the ITA.

In addition, the skin is equipped with a far superior temperature control system (using

subcutaneous fat layers and increased circulation) than the humanoid norm. This enables the ITA to operate in a wide variety of climates with only a standard body covering.

5.0 Recuperative and Immunological Enhancements
Typically assigned missions will often result in damage to the ITA, despite the protective enhancements (detailed in sections 2-4). The ITA's proposed genetic structure therefore incorporates several changes which will limit the impact of wounds on the ITA's mission-availability.

5.1 Restorative Enhancements
To increase the rate with which the ITA recuperates from wounds, the normal restorative functions of the body (wound-closing, regeneration of destroyed tissue and such) have been accelerated with over 800% in case of soft structures, while non-major bones can mend in just one night. This does however mean that the caloric requirements of the ITA, when this rate of recuperation is implemented, will also increase many fold. For example, complete healing of a triple puncture to the body core will occur in 12-16 hours, but the ITA will be extremely hungry afterwards. If the initial wounds are serious enough, lack of sufficient calories may interrupt the regeneration process, leaving the ITA wounded and drained. In extreme cases this accelerated healing can drain all the body's energy and kill the ITA.

5.2 Immunological and Prophylactic Enhancements
To counteract the effect of biological/chemical weapons on the functioning of the ITA, as well as the occurrence of wound-inflicted illnesses as gangrene and the like, the immune system of the ITA has been strengthened. The entire system has been made more robust, to the point that it is capable of preventing the ITA of becoming ill from 98% of all known pathogens, and of overcoming most other illnesses in a period of 3-20 hours, with an average of 6 hours.

This immune system is identical to the one proposed for use in the new series of clone bodies for all the higher castes of our civilization.

6.0 Musculature Enhancements
While it was not possible to structurally enhance the muscle structure of the ITA much because of the undetermined identity of the pre-ITA subject, it was possible to use an overload effect, in which the muscle groups for a very short time can reach very high tension levels. After such an overload, however, the ITA needs some time to rest the overloaded muscles and regenerate any muscle or bindings damaged during the overload. The proposed ITA will be capable of accessing this ability on a conscious level. However, the use of a slightly more efficient muscle template will make the proposed ITA on average somewhat stronger than a humanoid of the ITA's size and build. In addition, small glands containing a mildly alkaline liquid have been distributed throughout the musculature, modeled on the natural lymphatic system. Because extended use of a muscle group depletes the muscle's oxygen reserves quickly, anaerobic metabolism begins to take place, producing the lactic acid responsible for muscle tissue breakdown and fatigue. The alkalines neutralize this acid, making prolonged feats of anaerobic muscle activity possible. But because the growth of new muscle mass is triggered by the damaging effects of the lactic acid, the regular training regimen for the development of muscle strength must be dramatically lengthened. The muscle template is also reasonably robust, and can sustain concussive shocks better than the already reinforced internal organs.

7.0 Reflex/Coordination Enhancements
Rather than retaining the pre-ITA reflex and coordination abilities, all ITAs will be equipped with a more advanced version of the nervous system as implanted in the latest types of Bioroid pilots. This nervous system, which we believe to be the best possible system, will increase all reflexes and eye-body and other coordinations to almost the maximum possible for the humanoid body without the benefit of cybernetic implants, a yet unreliable technology.

8.0 Sensory Enhancements
This area is the only one in which we must report a less than perfect result. It was relatively easy to extend the visual acuity into the infrared, and use a double lens in the eye, so that the ITA has a built-in heat and telescopic vision option. It was, however, not possible to create a true night vision function in the brain cortex. The alternative, a yrallain***-like mirror behind the retina, was rejected by the tactical consultants since this would have made the ITA's eyes light up in the dark, decreasing the surprise-attack options in the darkness. The only noticeable improvement in this area was the inversion of the ganglia/rod nucleus/rod mitochondria/rod photodetector sequence, so that incident light falls directly on the photosensitive region without having to pass through partially opaque tissue. The increase in sensitivity is, however, marginal. Coupled with some minor efficiency improvements in the photosensitive protein chains, light sensitivity was improved a mere 12%. In addition, the rate of the onset of night vision was improved, the typical time scale for the production of the chemical responsible for darkness-adaptation now being one minute, and not the usual fifteen.

***(Translator's note: The yrallain is a large nocturnal predator believed to be indigenous to the F'rran jungle region of Tirol. It has an eye structure similar to that of a Terran feline.)

The auditory and olfactory senses were also easily increased to about three times the humanoid norm. No difficulties were experienced with this.

Unfortunately, a natural radio data-transmission system modeled on the example of the Opteran Invid species could not be incorporated with anything approaching the required levels of efficiency and reliability. The best that could be achieved (at this time) was a rudimentary radio sense and projection, usually sufficient mostly as a voice replacement. Higher-order data transmission is achieved in 30% of the test subjects, but is unreliable in its operation as well as its activation.

A passive radio detection and ranging sense is not available, despite stringent efforts on our part in boosting reception and pattern-matching abilities. However, some subjects did show a subconscious use of this sense, as described below.

9.0 Dietary Options and Additional Changes
To increase the flexibility of the ITA, the digestive system has been made more flexible. If the ITA were to be forced to forage for its food, it could subsist on far more possible food sources than the normal humanoid. In addition to this increased efficiency in extracting nutrients from organic material and heightened immunity to poisons, the olfactory and taste senses can be disabled during the ingestion of food when the hunger is large enough, so that the ITA can sustain itself with half-rotted meat if necessary.

General Announcements / Acadamy GM needed!!
« on: August 21, 2006, 06:17:18 AM »
Wanna boss around the new members? We need someone to replace me in the Acadamy!!  There is Standard Training Program availble for use, and just about any experienced player with the interst in helping our community grow can take up the position:  Jsut fire a response here or in the PM box of me or any other Staffer if you are interested in the position!!

General Announcements / The MasumiX is leaving!!
« on: August 21, 2006, 06:14:07 AM »

Yup that

Open Discussion Board / The DaVinchi Code
« on: May 21, 2006, 11:24:29 PM »

who (besides me, who drove 4 hours, and ended up getting home at 2 am to get a theater on opening night) has seen it?

General Announcements / Avast Ye Idiot
« on: May 18, 2006, 10:36:14 AM »
 and onward through the FOG!

yup, posting night, and this will be my only post.. sorry folks, tomorrow or bust kinda deal.

Stats Discussion Board / Target Locks and Combat AI
« on: February 26, 2006, 11:43:27 AM »
What are/arn't the capabilities of system here.  This question is prompted by a house rule in the Wraiths Game.  While I do not dissagree with the ruling made there; I don't see myself applying it to my own games, personal choice, yes, but why the confusion is my foremost thought.

   Each VF is outfitted with a Combat Computer, this computer is capable of tracking up to a whole bunch of targets and maintaining that target until the target was lost due to range, destruction, interferance etc etc...

    ...or are they really so outfitted, do we see any evidence of this, certainly we see targets showing up on a scanning/readout of some kind but...

Stats Discussion Board / Very Light Carrier Class
« on: December 28, 2005, 06:28:55 AM »

everything a small group of pilots need to get by in deep space on their own by the skin of their teeth..or thereabouts.  Made for a game that in all likelyhood will never take off... VOTE!

Open Discussion Board / I'm an attention hound
« on: December 15, 2005, 08:12:23 AM »

Joining Board / Levi SF pilot for Black Wraiths'
« on: August 22, 2005, 08:43:43 AM »
Concept Arc...
  Most people don

Stats Discussion Board / VB6
« on: August 16, 2005, 08:15:20 PM »
[quote "VB6 thread"]


Bwuahahaha I'm taking over! Anyhoo there has been no activity here lately so I'm trying to get things rolling again.



This VB needs some serious work done on it to bring it back to "reality" the few stats that are written up as game materials sport many flaws, the Bomber itself is mysterious in many aspects and could use some serious TLC to work out whats its really capable of. You have the Floor Kasumi.

Jet Jocky

You know the more I look at the VB-6 the more convinced I am that "Fighter" and "Battroid" mode serve no other purpose but to make travel easier.


Works for me; I'm a little snowed under offline ATM. Hopefully it'll settle out when school gets started.


Jet Jocky wrote:
You know the more I look at the VB-6 the more convinced I am that "Fighter" and "Battroid" mode serve no other purpose but to make travel easier.

the fact that this bomber cant "bomb" while in fighter mode always quirked me out; I think that the battloid mode is kind silly (unless one is bombarding targets in space/high atmosphere...

Jet Jocky wrote:

Well look at Macross Zero and even the Monster (not VB-6) line art. There's the part of the Monster that drops down to support it while firing. What's to prevent the VB-6 in battroid from falling over when firing the big guns? Now I haven't played VB-6 but Gerwalk/Destroid mode looks like the most effective. The other modes are still very good. Bomber will allow it to travel across oceans. Battroid will allow it to travel in difficult terrain.


:nod: that makes sense, its a mobile turret.

Jet Jocky

Just a thought am I giving away too many tips?

I should shut up in front of you Masumi.[/quote]

you were saying!? Giving away tips huu huu? :p

I have an appreciation for tactic that involve using the units once have availble to them at 120% their capacity. I relize that inevitably inccurs uneccessary fatalities, but its work:D

SVFA-291 Archangels / Dragons' Angels
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:22:03 AM »
The archangel were treated to a full week of no duty and no mission, it seemed pretty clear that who ever was in charge hadn't accounted for there even being a unit to replace the Angels when they left the fleet. However, the archangels aren

General Announcements / regular posting
« on: July 12, 2005, 10:15:24 AM »
from tomorrow; appologies to the archangels (once again) and JJ and Apeman;

General Announcements / Change in Posting Dates
« on: April 11, 2005, 06:24:56 AM »
I will now be posting on mondays and fridays; this is to match my wifes work schedual and shoudl remain constant; for the duration of this year anyways.

  I have a new email address if you have personal mail you wish to direct to me; please send any game related topics to

General Announcements / Teeth Pullage
« on: February 01, 2005, 11:51:29 AM »
First molar comes out tomorrow, 2 pm, next one in a week..if I seem bitchy, touchy, grumpy and spotty (more so thatn usual) for the next two weeks, now you know why.

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