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Re: VIFA-3 Black Wraiths Chapter 3: The Original
« Reply #30 on: October 04, 2006, 11:39:30 PM »
Late Thursday, March 31st, 2050 - LV-426

Generals McAlester, and Lisle, enter the room along with 1st Lt. Moss, Commander Yoshimoto, and a purple-faced, presumably Meltraendi, Lt. Colonel, with the name J.H. Kim on her uniform.

The generals, remaining standing, clap in congratulations at the Black Wraiths.
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Re: VIFA-3 Black Wraiths Chapter 3: The Original
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OOC: Haven't really heard from Zed in a while (probably busy with the move and all) and since he haven't replied yet I'm leaving the 'Nam part as is for now. Its in a somewhat suitable breakpoint now anyway. had been fun to play around at with a high zolan in a night club but if there is no time there is no time. ^_^


Well the debriefing went rather well in Mjuiri's oppinion. Much better then their little talk with the now confirmed sultan clone on Eden. There was just something with this squadron and disgusting organic thingies, and Mjuiri could do without those. Only major surprise during the debriefing was how Yoshimoto managed to make her incineration of a team-member sound like intel gathering (She had to cough a few times to cover up her surprised/embarrassed look).


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Re: VIFA-3 Black Wraiths Chapter 3: The Original
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Now go get moderately drunk, its good for you." Void said.

"Well if getting moderately drunk is good for me, then getting completely smashed must be even better."  Quinn said, grinning broadly. 

R&R time

Quinn does go out to some sort of drinking establishment, probably whatever place the majority of the squad is going to.  Once there, he does not dance, or play games or anything, he just drinks.  As opposed to Mjuiri's moderately drunk, Quinn gets close to Heavily drunk.  He stops close enough so he can walk something coming close to straight, though any squad members helping him get home will be appreciated.