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NPC characters
« on: November 25, 2007, 07:19:54 PM »
Major Mike Remington (VF-pilot) had to change him from a Capitan to a major
human clone
Mike is a commanding officer with a good record. besides being a pilot mike worked public affairs for a while so was selected to work with the civilian

1st  LT Jura  Gisborn (VF-test pilot)
young abrasive her attitude has kept her form advancing up in rank.  she was the test pilot used to give most of the units custom VF there first flight test.dose not believe in the power of song past confusing enemies.

Corporal  Lora pitcher (Spirtial Warfare Specialist) LT to a corporal
bright eyed youth very cocky about her position she is one of the M-15th newly trained spirtial warfare specialist a point of pride for her.

UN spacy Captain Mark Ryan (UN Field Scientist)
elderly man been researching power of music for several years on his home planet. joined Un-spacy to expand research to alien lifeforms. now heads research of spitrial energy aboard the M-15. maintains unit spitrial equipment and conducts research and experiments in spitrial energy.

Un spacy Captain Eva Gisborn(Medical officers former meltran advisor)
former fleet advisor to meltran battle fleet converted by song she then joined Un spacy and got a medical degree. she is helping with the research into spitraial her focus is on the effects on living creatures.
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