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Re: mission communication
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"I'll go 'play' with the data" Knyght said with a smile "see ya!" then he went to the lab and unceremoniously appropriated a terminal and began the analysis.

1 Analyze data
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Re: mission communication
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Up to the fold she continued to sing:

" just want to be sure
When I will come to you
When the time will be gone
You will be by my side
Cherry Blossom Girl

Tell me why can't it be true

I'll never love again
Can I say that to you
Will you run away
If I try to be true
Cherry blossom girl

Cherry blossom girl
I'll always be there for you
That means no time to waste
Whenever there's a chance
Cherry blossom girl

Tell me why can't it be true"

Her thoughts continued to focus on Theresa, and she sighed. At least when they landed they could be together in more than just a cockpit. The trap on the XV was effortless for Irina, much like the rest of the mission. Her tailhook caught the regular three-wire for an "OK" landing.

Rina looked at Alaras like he had two heads as she dismounted after parking in the hanger. "I don't know what you mean. Our fighter had fast packs. Yours had the booster, but it was your choice to fly the Kai. I've some ideas to boost your speed, but I can't see you wanting more ordinance."

As she spoke, a familiar ball of fluff recognized the different paint scheme of Rina's fighter and knew who would be flying, even though her owner had her helmet on. The sly little cat darted out as soon as the door opened and met Irina at the boarding ladder, circling her legs with a purr almost audible above the sound of turbines.  Rina removed her helmet and scooped up the cat in her free hand nuzzling against her cool grey nose- nearly purring back.

"Well hello Miss Minka. I hope you were a good koshka while we were away. And yes, I have missed you as well." She continued to snuggle her faithful companion, silently praying for thanks that all returned alive and well, even though it had been a milk-run of a mission.

"You have fun Alaras. The Hard Rock Cafe never appealed to me. I think Reese and I have a plan to go someplace a bit more homey. Perhaps we will stop in for some espresso later." She didn't really want to include anyone but Theresa on her evening, but said as much to be nice.

The mission had been mundane, but the music sent her head spinning. Never had she put so much into a few songs, and realized just what her best friend had come to mean to her. She snuggled Minka again and decided to head up to her flat for a shower and to prepare for the date.

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Re: mission communication
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"I think I need to do some refelction on those creature we saw out there I'm going to my room."

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Re: mission communication
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"Funny, I always thought of it as more of a diner with karaoke, but to each their own.  Besides, I meant the FAST packs for the legs, which only have extra flares and chaff, not the ones with missile launchers.  The extra propulsion would be helpful, but I think your ideas would probably work better, Miss Irina.  I guess I'll see you guys at the debriefing, then.  Bye!"  Alaras walked out, took public transit back to the Newton subdome, and headed to Cafe Bomber to sing his frustrations away before drowning them in booze at home.

OOC:Cut to my posts in Cafe Bomber thread, expect him to come in drunk or hung over, depending on when he returns.