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VFA-364 Purple Foxes <> Yuu Takeo
« on: June 08, 2009, 09:45:55 PM »

Yuu Takeo
Player Name: Mark
Player E-Mail: See Profile

Name: Yuu Takeo
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Lineage: Human
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Forest Creen
Handedness: Ambi-Dexterous
Height: 170.31 cm
Weight: 80.14 kg

Build: Athletic Build
Physical Description/Distinguishing Features: Standing at a few inches shorter then six feet tall, Yuu Takeo stands out in the crowd of average faces.  His good looks and his solid tan aren't exactly common in a military environment, in fact many wonder why he didn't shoot for a modeling career or something similar.  His body has an athletic build to this thanks to the time he spent playing sports and the hard work he put towards getting through basic.  Yuu's hair is a light-brown color that is often-times messy, though it falls into place naturally so he doesn't have to mess with it; Yuu quite comfortable with the way his hair is.  The most distinguishing features to note are the silver earrings that he wears and the long scar in his left palm.

Disposition/Personality: Calm and easy on the eyes with a voice that you just yearn to hear more out of.  Yuu has a natural charisma to him that makes him a born leader.  A quick calm smile is often put out to relax any tense situations since Yuu doesn't care for people stressing out over things and wasting energy.  He's devoted to his friends with a strong loyalty and conviction, becoming Yuu's friend means that Yuu will always watch your back and be ready to help you when you need it.  There's something to him almost like his smile sometimes is a little forced, like he doesn't want people to be worried about him since he is keen with helping others.

Birthdate: January 24th, 2005
Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Blood Type: O-
Marital Status: Single
Current Address: Building E Barracks. Former NAS Station, Pensacola, Florida.
Occupation: Pilot

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Branch: UNMC/UNS (Navy)
Current Assignment: VFA-364 Purple Foxes
Reputation: (TBD)
Callsign: Paladin
Awards And/Or Citations
[%]Suma Com Laude - Cadet Yuu Takeo was awarded Suma Com Laude at the Naval Flight Academy located near the historical Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Yuu had not only the highest grades in his class, but also went often-times above and beyond the requirements in his courses.  He is also noted to have helped his fellow cadets in various topics from getting through basic to some of the rougher written-tests.
[%]Bronze Star - Lieutenant J.G. Takeo was awarded this honor while serving with with the VFA-120th Thundercats, he braved enemy Anti-UN fire and rescued a fallen comrade who had been shot down by enemy fire.  Yuu's utter loyalty to his fellow pilots and refusal to leave anyone behind no matter the risk was noted during this action.  Yuu was awarded the Bronze Star for the rescue.
[%]Purple Heart - Lieutenant J.G. Takeo's rescue while daring was also a bit reckless his own craft heavily damaged in the process with Yuu suffering injury when one of the shots from enemy AA fire punctured the cockpit.  While it wasn't serious Yuu had to take a couple weeks medical leave to fully recover back to one hundred percent.
[%]Disciplinary Action - Lieutenant J.G. Takeo was put in the brig for one week following a fight with a few army troopers while on leave in Berlin, Germany.  While the fight was not his fault and he was jumping in to help his squadmate who started the fight, Takeo's action did not show the clearest of thinking and the Lieutenant admitted he was a bit intoxicated.

Service History
Graduated from Flight School in / 2024
Served with the SVFA-207th Imperials /Tour of Duty 2024-2026
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade / 2026
Served with the VFA-120th Thundercats / Tour of Duty 2026-2027
Transferred to the VFA-364 Purple Foxes / Fall 2027 (Present Day)

Kills: 18

Character Interests: Electric Guitar, Spicey Food, Anime, Tasteful Manga
Best Friend: Javier Wattkins
Worst Enemy: Seiko Takeo
Turn Ons: Loyalty, Honesty, Good Humor, Cute Girls
Turn Offs: Quitters, Cheaters, Hypocrites
Worst Secret: His father murdered his own mother and is incarcerated for life.
Goals in Life: Wipe the stain of his father's sin off his own name.
Extended Family Information
Father: Seiko Takeo (Father currently in prison serving a life-sentence with no-parole)
Mother: Mina Takeo (Mother; Deceased)

Not all families are picture-prefect.  At first glance you thought the Takeo family was.  A pair of young parents both with steady jobs, living in a quiet suburb and they had just had their first child.  With humanity working on the new technologies that they had found in the alien-ship and doing extensive studies of what secrets it had to offer, jobs were on the rise.  Many people were working all over the world on what was discovered at 'Macross City'.  Yuu was living a normal and a quiet life he had friends, and went to school a hard-study his parents both having high-expectations for their first son.

War is a funny thing though.  When the Zentraedi attacked Earth, his father just snapped.  Not just any normal snap he officially went nuts.  His father killed his own mother in cold-blood, and was incarcerated by the police after a three-day man-hunt looking for him.  Yuu wasn't aware of the death of his mother and what his father did for two days having stayed over at a friend's house for the weekend.  Yuu...didn't know what to think of it.  He was shocked, he was horrified.  He was sickened at the loss of his own mother and how his father could do such a cruel thing.

Yuu became a ward of the state, and went through the system that was a tad overwhelmed with what had happened during the events of the first Space War.  Still Yuu applied himself at his schoolwork, he worked hard trying to keep himself distracted.  He delved deep into his schoolwork and developed a key was with a friend who had a dream.  He showed Yuu that dream, and Yuu saw what he really wanted.  Even as a pair of VF-1s roared overhead the two friends watching, both knew what they wanted to be.  They wanted to be pilots.  They wanted to help others.

Javier and Yuu both applied after finishing up High School and was accepted into the U.N.S. and slowly worked there way through the tough classes, through the harsh training requirements to be fit to be pilots.  Yuu at one point was about to give up...but it was like a mental slap seeing someone quit.  Seeing the shame that they had in quitting...the regret after leaving.  Yuu didn't ever want to live with that.  He was spurred with a fire his training officer never saw before.  Yuu Takeo working harder then all the other cadets, putting in those extra hours to get the work done right.  Sure he missed vacations and breaks but he worked.  He didn't break under the stress the academy put on the pilots.  He went through basic, went through flight school and when all was said and done, Yuu graduated top of his class.

Yuu would serve two tours of duty performing valiantly in them and showing a deep dedication and loyalty to those around them.  He has earned three noticeable awards during his service and has achieved a modest number of kills.  Yuu however is only human and did get in a little trouble during shore leave at one point, he has otherwise kept his nose clean.  

The Thundercats were a patrol squadron back on Earth they were sent to some of the roughest and toughest parts of Earth clearing out Anti-UN and Renegade Zentraedi elements that have been giving the locals trouble.  The Thundercats given their status as an experienced unit was constantly in the thick of things and Yuu raked up more kills in that year then he did in his two-year stint with the Imperials.  Many superiors suspect if he had stayed on a bit longer he would have hit Ace Status.

It was during one shore leave while serving with the Thundercats that he met someone.  Ina Khan.  She was working to be a bridge-bunny and was a cute and witty girl.  She was spirited and Yuu encountered someone who just...made him feel something different.  He couldn't explain why the shallow and finnicky girl appealed to him still he spent time with her while on his leaves.  Before he even realized it he and her were dating and he didn't realize how deep in he was with Ina...and of course he didn't realize one thing.

Ina was going to go after him.

Love is crazy like that ain't it?

Yuu recently was transferred out of the Thundercats to the SVA-364 Purple Foxes what happens there remains to be seen.

RPG Stats
10d10 Dice Roll = 76
Intelligence <> 8
Education <> 7
Cool <> 7
Reflexes <> 10
Attractiveness <> 10
Empathy <> 6
Tech Ability <> 10
Luck <> 6
Body Type <> 6
Movement Allowance <> 6

Mecha Jock 2
[%]Mecha Fighting, Mecha Gunnery, Mecha Pilot, Missile Weapon, Awareness
Mecha Jock 1
[%]Mecha Fighting, Mecha Gunnery, Mecha Pilot, Handgun, Awareness
Mecha Jock 1
[%]Mecha Fighting, Mecha Gunnery, Mecha Pilot, Mecha Melee, Awareness

Skill List
Awareness/Notice 4
Cook 1
Handgun 1
Hand to Hand 1
Dodge and Escape 1
Leadership 1
Mecha (VF) Fighting 4
Mecha (VF) Pilot 5
Mecha (VF) Gunnery 4
Mecha Melee 1
Missile Weapon 3
Personal Grooming 1
Pilot Aircraft 4
Play Musical Instrument 1
Wardrobe & Style 1
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Re: VFA-364 Purple Foxes <> Yuu Takeo
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He's pretty than me.   Don't you be stealing my eye liner.
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Re: VFA-364 Purple Foxes <> Yuu Takeo
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Don't be jealous of his looks JJ :P
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Re: VFA-364 Purple Foxes <> Yuu Takeo
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2009, 01:03:26 AM »
Hmmm... I must say that I like the character. He's well-rounded and I'm glad that JJ's character now has a boyfriend. I would only ask you to add a bit more of ground-pounding training and experience to the sheet and stats since they won't be inside a cockpit at all times, my friend.  :D

Pending the requested skillset changes/additions, this character has received a provisional GM Seal of Approval.

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Re: VFA-364 Purple Foxes <> Yuu Takeo
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This character has received the GM Seal of Approval.