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Character for  the VFA-364 "Purple Foxes" / 4th SOAR "Nightstalkers" game.

Yeah... I know. Better late then never they say. But anyway, for the most part, all personality stuff, character background and stuff, have been filled out. But I need a second opinion about this character before heading into the fray of skills, In case I missed or screwed up somewhere.

Player Name: Nekoboy
Player E-Mail:


Profile Shot:

Character Avatar:

Name: Brant Ingram (Originally named: Robert Krauzer)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Lineage: German
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Hairstyle: Droopy, roughly shoulder long hair.
Eye Colour: Royal blue
Handedness: Right
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Build: Athletic
Physical Description/Distinguishing Features: Have the typical dark and hunkish bad-boy look all over him. Some small cuts and scars from his rough life cover his body.

Disposition/Personality: Brant is a mischievous, smug, hard-to-trust cynical person. His mischievous smile usually means he is up to something. Despite his harsh life had taught him to be independent and self-sufficient, which is the reason for his confidence and smug personality, Brant can be of a ladies’ man and reliable comrade if ever got through the cynical nature of his.

Birthdate: 13/10/2001
Birthplace: Berlin, Europe
Blood Type: AB-
Marital Status: Single
Current address: Building E Barracks. Former NAS Station, Pensacola, Florida.
Occupation: Pilot

Rank: Ensign
Branch: UNS (Navy)
Current Assignment: (N/A)
Affiliation: UNS
Position: (N/A)
Callsign: Raven

Awards and/or citations:
Bronze Star - Awarded after had shown outstanding courage and determination in the battlefield, despite the great odds against anti-UN rebels.

Service History:
2021 Completed Flight School / Graduation.
2021 - 2027 Tour of Duty / Served with the SVFA-117th Omega Raiders.
2023 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for had shown outstanding courage and determination in battle.
2025 Demoted to Ensign for had refused to follow direct orders from his superior officer.
2027 Reassigned to Former NAS Station, Pensacola, Florida.

Additional Information:
“Do not trust me, for I won’t trust you.”


Character Interests: Hand to hand combat and fighting tournaments, women, and fast commendable objects such as cars, motorcycles, planes and fighters.
Best friend: Emma Reinehart
Worst enemy: Probably himself
Turn ons: Dark humour, exotic women, smoking, drinking, and the rush of adrenaline, occasionally likes solitude among all things.
Turn offs: Overly curious and obnoxious persons, as well as chatty ones too.
Worst secret: Former criminal gang-member
Worst secret (bis): Assassinations; hit jobs
Goals in Life: To stay alive.
Extended Family Information:
Father: Robert Krauzer. Metal factory worker
Mother: Helena Krauzer. Cargo transport driver

[Important Fact] Brant's original name was Robert Krauzer, but he changed his name right after he had come to a part in his life he had to get away from his earlier criminal life no matter what. The specific reason behind his decision can be found in the background below. To avoid confusion, Brant's new name (Brant) will be displayed in his background instead of his old one (Robert). [Important Fact]

Brant’s life was far from the ordinary or the idealistically secure life many should had when he grew up. Most of his upbringing had been in the violent suburb side of Berlin where he lived a rough life with his poor parents.

While life could be harsh at home brining food to the table, Brant’s upbringing at his local high school, could be brutal. While the school tried to maintain a proper and clean educating appearance, there was much going on underneath its façade. Fighting and small gang-activities were a common thing, and Brant learned at young age to fight. Bullies, rivalling school members and delinquent school or young gang-members, cluttered his schedule and no one seemed to care to stop it, even less to try. While not every fight ended in a sheer victory, he eventually would become good at it, and it would make him Brant infamous. Nobody dared to oppose him, for he was known of to be a quite dangerous fighter who had little to loose but much to gain. Many became dependent on his skills as a fighter he soon would be a person you wouldn’t dare to ask for help, but also a person you couldn’t be without.

Ofcourse, Brant did what he wanted to do. He had not sworn any loyalty to anyone but to himself. His own survival was his supreme goal.  Brant didn’t care what happened to others but himself, but… despite his bruised and harsh fist swinging style of life, there was one he did care about. A child-hood friend named Emma Reineheart, someone he grew up with in the suburbs ever since the elementary school. Emma had in opposition to Brant’s life been nourished by her wealthy and kind parents. Although their lives were different, Brant found Emma’s cheerful and optimistic attitude a refreshing breeze in his cynical and bruised life. While he was indeed a cynical and not the most talk-active person to socialize with, Emma did however found him, despite his cold attitude, kind and very honest person to talk with.

Brant would eventually come in connections with criminal gangs as his graduation came closer for each day. Become a member in a small criminal organization since jobs were hard to come by anyway, and he grades was quite poor. Although he was a street smart and intelligent brawler, the pay in the organization was above acceptable considering the mafia-like jobs he had to do to earn it. It shifted from debt collector, bouncer, brawler, to interrogator, and occasionally he was sent out as a hit man. And every time his fist did the job, he shut his senses out to not feel any remorse for what he was doing. And he did his jobs flawlessly, really getting good at not getting caught or into troubles with the police or other officials while get the job done. According to Brant, life itself could be as cruel as it’s host holding great power; therefore he had to do these cruel things to ensure his own survival, even if he eventually started to have second thoughts of his life when he rammed his fist into someone’s jaw, or squeezed the trigger to his gun.

He kept in touch with Emma, who in other hand had a respectable job and not a rough like and violent one like Brant had. Though their lives were different even after the high school, Brant never spoke of his life, which was constantly filled with drugs, prostitution, money, guns and violence. While Emma enjoyed his company and shared her experiences of her own world, she found no problems in Brant of not speaking of what he was doing in his life. Brant himself found comfort in this none-hostile and secure world Emma lived in, shame though he knew he never could be any part of it, even if wanted to. He was too much of a reserved and anti-social, insensible outcast. In the long run, it wouldn’t work out for him to come back to a peaceful life after what he had gone through.

Brant enjoyed the anonymous position in the organization, which he could unhindered work in the shadow and get his job done. But eventually his work would shortly make him have seconds thoughts when he was sent to break in and steal a large quantity of hospital drugs at a pharmacy. The heist went flawlessly, as always under Brant’s command, but it didn’t make his life any easier when the shipment of drugs he was sent to steal had Emma’s name on it. He later would find out after a cold evening by Emma that the shipment was meant to be sent to a local hospital in the ghetto of their old home they grew up in, and distribute the medicines and health care to the poor, for free as charity campaign she was in charge of. Now that the organization got hold of it, it was not going to happen. The organization was going to sell the medicines for a high price, sucking out the poor even more who needed the medicine the most.

Brant asked the organization to return the loot to it’s rightful owner. But his criminal superiors couldn’t allow this. Knowing Emma was deep in trouble because of what Brant had caused, he couldn’t allow her world come crashing down because of his sake, he went against his own motto and secretly started providing information and data about every heist, deliverance, assassination and robbery made by the criminal organization he was in to the authorities. Brant disappeared just right after the key persons of the organization got arrested. Knowing he had to disappear from the criminal world he long had lived in, he was given the chance to start over. This is where Brant changed his name to his new one: Brant Ingram, and applied for the military to get away as far as possible from his earlier life, and Emma’s as well.

Brant signed up for a long tour of duty in the UN military service, and was recommended a occupation as a fighter pilot because of his quick ability to learn new things, proving himself to have a excellent physics and knowledge about military combat systems and to utilizing them to it’s full potential. He was directly sent to the military flight academy in Germany and graduated.


Die roll for Brant Ingram
Rolled on: 2009-06-05 19:30:18.021781
1d10 ? [10] = (10)
1d10 ? [9] = (9)
1d10 ? [4] = (4)
1d10 ? [3] = (3)
1d10 ? [7] = (7)
1d10 ? [10] = (10)
1d10 ? [10] = (10)
1d10 ? [2] = (2)
1d10 ? [10] = (10)
1d10 ? [5] = (5)

Intelligence: 7
Education: 5
Cool: 10
Reflexes: 10
Attractiveness: 10
Empathy: 2
Tech Ability: 4
Luck: 3
Move Allowance: 9
Body Type: 10


Kills: 3 [((1*6)/2=3)]

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Re: VFA-364 "Purple Foxes" / 4th SOAR "Nightstalkers" <> Nekoboy
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Nice character concept. I like it.  :D

However, I would advice for 'Brett Ingram' to be the name he's given by the UNG after he blows the whistle on the higher-ups to the organization he was a part of at the time.

Else, it's likely for Brett to have people gunning for him wherever he goes. ;D

Pending completion of stats, this character has received a provisional GM Seal of Approval.

- A.

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Re: VFA-364 "Purple Foxes" / 4th SOAR "Nightstalkers" <> Nekoboy
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That is a very good point. I do like his original name though so I'll madea few changes in the background. ;)
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