Author Topic: Beyond the Black Wraiths character proposal: Alma Dalkarn  (Read 647 times)

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Beyond the Black Wraiths character proposal: Alma Dalkarn
« on: August 13, 2009, 03:59:39 AM »
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Name: Alma Dalkarn
Age: 22. There was a twenty minute lapse between Nilke and Alma's (her twin sister) births, thus making Alma the youngest sibling.
Gender: Female
Lineage: Meltran
Hair color: Red
Hair style: Loose and a couple inches above shoulder-length.
Eye color: Green.
Height: 5`8``
Weight: 55 kg.
Handedness: Right-handed.
Build: Slim.
Distinguishing features: None.
Birthdate: February 20th, 2036
Birthplace: Addenoh City, Girtabilu. Scorpii 18 star system.
Blood Type: B-
Marital Status: Single.
Current Address: Chaerilidae, Kiev-Class Space Battle Carrier
Occupation: Valkyrie pilot
Affiliation: Planetary Defense Force Advanced Tactics and Training Academy (PDFATTA)
Rank: Cadet (CDT)

Awards and/or citations: One letter of commendation on-file.
Character Interests: While Alma does enjoy most activities that Nilke gets a thrill out of doing, Alma is far more laid back and analytical than her sister. She loves wide, open spaces, but also enjoys solitude and meditation. Needless to say, Nilke finds the latter to be extremely boring.
Ever since her early childhood, Alma  has a keen interest on mechanics.
Best friend: Frank Woermann Jr. He has been friends with both sisters ever since grade school.
Worst enemy: Scott Renaud, a high-school kid that once tried to get Alma drunk at a party so he could have his way with her. Alma suspects that Nilke hates Scott's guts far more than she does at current time, though. It's been a while ever since they graduated from high school after all.
Turn ons: Intelligent conversations, good-looking guys equipped with a working brain. She also enjoys problem solving, a trait of hers that's proved to be quite useful throughout her EWO/RIO training.
Turn offs: While she's usually appreciative of Nilke's efforts at keeping boys away from her, especially those that come on too strongly, Alma's grown a bit weary of that since it makes her feel like a helpless little girl sometimes. Not to mention that Nilke beats (or scares) them all away, regardless of their intentions, or how Alma feels about them.
Worst secret: Aside from a brief incident that had both Dalkarn sisters set their home's kitchen on fire by accident as kids, Nilke and Alma switched places with each other while at high-school. It's probably the reason why Nilke managed to obtain her high-school diploma in the first place, since Alma took care of the tests in the classes Nilke wasn't too fond of.
Extended family information:
   Father: Lester Dalkarn (42)
   Mother: Coral Dalkarn (40)
   Sister: Alma Dalkarn (22)
Position: Valkyrie pilot
Callsign: ''Red Two"

Brief Service History:

Additional Information: None.

Goals in life:
  • Two year goal - Graduating and doing all she can to keep Nilke from getting herself in trouble with their superiors with the stunts she likes to pull off from time to time (the last of which ended up with her sister being put in hack).
  • Five year goal - While Alma intends to keep on following her twin sister wherever she goes, she's hoping to be able that their lives will have settled down enough by then so as to allow her to get a college education, even if the 'from a distance' kind. An engineering degree, to be more specific.

Character background:

===============RPG STATS===============

IQ: 22
ME: 9
PS: 8
PP: 10
PE: 10
PB: 12
SPD: 12

Level: 1
Experience: 0