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Anyway, I'd like some fun non-restrictive play, so why not pull an old character from the old board? I have no idea what happened to him after I quit playing for a few years though. Anyway, I just need approval to use the character over here.

REAL NAME: Kevin Waldrop

Character Name: Alex Snyder
Character Age: 26
Gender: Male
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Religion: none
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 167
Handedness: Right

Distinguishing Features:

Dolores Snyder-45 (Mother; Secretary)
Bert Snyder-52 (Father; Military Commander)
Brad Snyder-19 (Brother; Military Helicopter Pilot, Deceased)

Former UN Government Agent
Police Detective (current)

Affiliation: UN Spacy
Rank: Cadet (unless SGM says otherwise)

Character Interests:
Crime books and television programs, mystery novels, boxing, motorcycles, modern weapons (any), going to the firing range, Italian(spaghetti, pizza, Lasagna and etc.) and Mexican (any) dishes.

Firearms (Revolvers, Automatic pistols and shotguns), Firearm disassembling/reassembling, Knife collecting (hunting, survival and combat), Military strategies, going to gun and knife conventions, targeting, voice impersonating and mechanical repair (cars and motorcycles).

Best Friend:
Bryant Montgomery-24 (deceased)

Worst Enemy:
James Stenbeck-56
David Stenbeck- 28 (Son of James; deceased)

Turn Ons:
People that want to learn, smart women that like to have fun and doing his job.

Turn Offs:
Loosing someone he knows, women that appear cute that have some bad or sickening secret/fetish, people that are scum and inconsiderate to others.

Worst Secret:

Character Goals:
**Two year Goal - Catch more criminals
**Five year Goal - Catch even more criminals and maybe become head detective.

Character Background:

Alex Snyder was born in New San Franciso, California. He was currently the only child as his father was in the military and very strict. His mother was also a secretary in the military.

When Alex turned 7, his brother Brad was born. Alex's father took it upon himself to educate Alex about the military. This included boot camp like activities.

At school, when he was 10yrs old, he met Bryant who was being picked on by a trio of bullies. Alex and Bryant teamed up to beat up those bullies. Bryant Montgomery would o become Alex's bestfriend. Bryant's father, Craig, was a rich man who did all types of business overseas.

When Alex was of age to join the military he did really care to but his dad wanted him to. Alex wanted to make his father proud.
Alex was going to join the military, while Bryant was going to train to be a UN government agent.

Bryant told him all about working for the UN government agent. Alex even became interested. This disappointed his father.
His father then gave up and told him to do whatever he thought was right and that he was still proud of him as long as he would still be doing good for others.

Alex was accepted to be an agent because his father pulled a few strings and he was knowledgeable. Bryant had to wait another 3 months before he finally got accepted.

A few years pass the agency catches news that David Stenbeck, the son of Smuggler James Stenbeck, is supposedly going to smuggle out illegal narcotics and weaponary at a pier in the middle of the night.

Alex and Bryant, with a team of agents, went to the pier, to see David ordering around quite a few armed men loading crates onboard a freighter.

When the agents order them to throw down their weapons the smugglers ran. The Agents went after David Stenbeck. Bryant and two agents find David who is armed with an assault Rifle. In the head of the fire fight. Alex killed David but his friend Byrant was dead.

A few week after the funeral Alex got a letter in the mail from James Stenbeck, telling him he will pay dearly for the killing of his son. A week later, Brad, Alex's brother, now a military as a helicopter pilot died after his helicopter took off. Brad friend a UN Marine told Alex someone had placed a bomb in it.

Alex believed that James was finally making Alex pay. He was angered his friend and brother gone Alex would take the law into his own hands and locate James Stenbeck.

On an island off the coast of old Thailand Alex found the mansion of James Stenbeck. Alex contacted his brother's friend Thomas, who was alos looking for payback. Thomas and his marine friends went AWOL to help Alex.

James fleed to his private jet amongst the marine attack. Alex confronted James at the jet. Alex then challenged James to a fist fight to the death.

As they fought James pulled out a small pistol. Alex is saved when Thomas running to help distracts James. Alex draws his weapon and shoots James to death.

For taking the law in his own hands Alex faced servere punishments, but due to his father pulling strings for him, he gets honorably discharged. Alex then took his skills to work at a more local level the police. Without hesitating, he accepts an offer to be an detective of the XV city Police onboard the Macross 15.
===============RPG STATS===============
IQ: 12
ME: 13
MA: 12
PS: 11
PP: 14
PE: 11
PB: 14
SPD: 11
HP: 16
SDC: 29
OCC: Civilian/COS Police Officer
Level: 1
Experience: 1

Maths: Basic 55%
Language: English 98%
Literature: English 98%

COS: Police Officer Skills
Streetwise 30%
Investigation 45%
Law 55%
Radio: Basic 55%
Pilot Automobile 70%
Interrogation 40%
Land Navigation 46%
First Aid 55%
WP: Blunt (Nightstick)+1 strike/parry
WP: Automatic Pistol 30% +3/1
Hand to Hand: Expert

OCC Related Skills:
Impersonation 30/14%
Automotive Mechanics 25%
Military Etiquette 30%
Computer Operation 50%

Secondary Skills:
Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons 26%
Motorcycle: 60%
W.P. Knife +1 throw.

HTH Bonuses: (other bonuses included)
+1 action, +2 pull, +4 roll, +3 parry/dodge, KO on nat 20.
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