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Re: Wildcards - William "Wolfie" Archer
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Conversion of existing character from the existing PC sheet (don't have the modified one on my HD any more) with some of the modifications discussed above:

Player's Name: Pierre Courtemanche "Halley"
E-mail: djpierre(a)

Character's Name: William "Wolfie" Archer

Attributes: CHANGE
INT: 7 (14)
COOL: 6 (12)
EMP: 6 (12)
BOD: 7 (13)
REF: 7 (14)
ATT: 6 (12)
MA: 8 (15)
TECH: 7 (14)

Derived Attributes
Base Loyalty 90%
Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 105%

Hit Points: 32
SDC:  54

Derived Attribute-like Skills
Charm/Impress/Seduction 40%
Get Noticed 90%
Perception 78%
Sense of Balance 7%
Trust/Intimidate/Leadership 40%

Language: English INT 8.0
High School INT 5.7
Communications TECH 9.0
Electronic Warfare TECH 7.3
Cook TECH 6.0
Sing COOL 6.2
Aircraft Mechanics TECH 7.3
Basic Repair TECH 5.7
Electrical Engineer TECH 7.3
Mechanical Engineer TECH 7.5
OverTechnology Electronics (H) TECH 7.3
OverTechnology Mechanics (H) TECH 7.3
Tracked/Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics TECH 4.5
Impersonation INT 4.5
Intelligence INT 6.4
Pick Locks TECH 2.6
Climbing BODY 7.1
Running MOVE 8.6
Zero-Gee REF 9.6
Hand to Hand Basic REF 4.7
Navigation (H) INT 8.0
Read Sensory Equipment (H) TECH 9.4
Weapon System (H) TECH 7.7
Aircraft (H) REF 7.2
Parachuting (H) REF 7.0
Mecha Combat - Power Armour (H) REF 4.9
Mecha - VF (H) REF 9.5
Mecha Combat - VF (H) REF 6.7
Wheeled Vehicles (H) REF 5.3
Math INT 9.0
Computer TECH 7.7
Language - Zentraadi INT 4.6
Knowledge - Airplane/spaceship video games INT 2.6
Knowledge - Spiritia warfare INT 4.3
Research INT 5.1
Survival INT 2.7Personal Firearms REF 5.4
Long Firearms REF 7.7
Required: Physics

2 attacks
Kick Attack 1D6

Variable Vehicles Combat:
+3 actions

EX-Gear Combat:
+3 actions

Usually wearing a belt pouch with some small tools, comfortable clothes and a cap.  Wears glasses for reading but they are low power and his helmet are polarized to compensate.
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Handedness: Right
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 176.64 cm
Weight: 40.83 Kg

Birthplace World: White Flora Satellite City (Jupiter)
Birthplace Settlement: rural
Birthplace Class: lower class
Family Origin: Originally from England, emigrated to space.  Human clone (Grand-parents were clones)
Birth Order: 1st of 15
Mother: Emma
Father: Rupert
Brother: Jonathan 23; No contact with him for more then a year, expected to be a smuggler.
Sister: Scarlet    22; accountant
Sister: Amy   21; bridge bunny
Brother: Adrian   19; school: football team
Brother: Josh   19; school: working in a "Macdonald"
Brother: Shaun   19; school: addicted to video games
Brother: Alec   19; school: want to be a lawyer
Sister: Fiona   16; school: theatrical acting program
Sister: Hermione   14; school: in the Chess team
Brother: Dean   12; school: soccer team
Sister: Guenievre 9; school: wanna be writer
sister: Ada   7; school: hobby: taking care of flowers
Brother: Nigel   5
Sister: Celtina   3

Who do you value most: brothers and sisters
What do you value most: your word
Basic Personality: stable and serious
World view: I like almost everyone, but machines are wonderful!
Current outlook: I crave more romance and passion.
Belief System: Meritocracy: if you work hard, you should get what you merit. (Learnt in University)

Likes: His mother's meatloaf, bacon in his pizza, green and grey colours, taking his time, dismantling things, playing video games and fishing.
Dislikes: Getting drunk (will drink, but for the taste of the liquor), sports, the taste of military rations, and cheaters.

Closest Ally or Friend: Belinda "Mindy" Laframboise
Worst Enemy or Rival: His brother Jonathan

Biggest Secret: Had a love story with one of his sister.  They both decided to try to act like nothing happened, even if they may still feel something.

Short Term Goal: repair his car, find a wonderful girlfriend and move into a bigger apartment.
Long Term Goal: Buy a house with a garage, and get his hands on a new VF-29; even if only to change the oil, would be great...
Reason For Joining: Get into the military to pay his scholarship and to protect his family.

Childhood: A boring Childhood.
Life Events:
1 Friend: partner or co-worker: Belinda "Mindy" Laframboise
2 Friend: old enemy: Bartolomeo Mancuso, mechanic who was in his classes.
3 Lover went insane: Melly Franchiz, who didn't supported the death of his little brother who was crush by a car while going to school.
4 Lover committed suicide: Hou-Yang Sanders who jump from a bridge when she learnt she was pregnant after she had cheated Wolfie with another guy.
5 Nothing happened that year .
6 Friend: old enemy: David "red eye" Chang, other pilot/electronic warfare officer.

William, the first of fifteen child of Rupert and Emma Archer, was born in White Flora Satellite City in orbit around Jupiter.  The Archers are a big and proud family: the captain of one of the first Earth star ships was from the family, and Rupert named his second son with the same name.  When the 15th Large Emigration Fleet searched for residents and personnel, the Archers decided it was a good idea, mostly because their job on White Flora wasn’t paying enough for their growing family, since Emma was pregnant again.
After emigrating to the M15, Archer passed a simple childhood trying to have good grades to makes his parents proud.  Now as the oldest of the children, William had to help his parents take care of them, and he became more motivated to do something with his life. He discovered that he liked repairing things, and was fascinated by the VF that were protecting the sector.  When the M15 dropped them in the Caesar System.  He tried to study to become engineer, but his parents, having all the family to take care of, didn’t have the money to pay for his education; and he wasn’t good enough to get a free scholarship.  So he decided his best chance was to apply to the NUNS, so that the Forces could pay for his education; and at the same time, he could continue to take care of his brothers and sisters.
His friend called him “Wolfie”, because when some new VF or other mecha (and was particularly fond of the older models) came to the garage where they practised what they learnt, he ran to it without anyone noticing, jumped on it and dismantled it, like what a wolf does to a rabbit.  He was passionate about how things worked, but couldn't build new ones from scratch, so he specialized in repairs, upgrades and maintenance, particularly with older VF models.  He sometime tried the plane, too, to see if it worked nicely.  After his study, he worked in the NUNS on the 5th battalion mechanical engineer of the 15th fleet, but after a year of always doing the same maintenance on the same planes, he was ready for a change.  So he applied as a RIO and became specialist in communication and electronic warfare.
In the 11th Elint Squadron, he was jumbled to David "Red Eye" Chang, another pilot.  At the beginning, they where like cats and dogs, arguing about how things must be done, but they eventually became friends.  Then, a year passed, and Wolfie became tired of watching his screen trying to finds enemies in the sky.  He ask for reassignment to a VF combat squadron and was reassigned to the Wildcards.
Sadly, if the work life of William have been full, his love life was lesser fantastic.  His first girlfriend was Melly Franchiz, a fellow student he meet in his university’s last year, and she was a very lovingly person.  Sadly, one day she was sleeping at his apartment, her beloved little brother went to school alone (she was still bringing him to school herself) and became victim of a traffic accident.  She blamed herself and her relation with William because she didn’t go with him to school and rapidly became insane, not wanting to see Wolfie anymore.
A year later Wolfie met Hou-yang Sanders, a friend of one of his co-worker and they began to go out together.  Sadly, Hou-yang met one of her old schoolmate, whom she had a crush on, and she began to cheat on Wolfie.  One day, the police came to his house to tell him that she committed suicide, after having discovered she was pregnant by her lover and that the situation was too much for her.
Wolfie became very depressed after that, and his brothers and sisters tried to make him feel better.  His sister Amy come each day to his home, trying to comfort him.  One evening, hugs became kisses, and they realized that they had loved themselves more than as brothers and sisters for a long time.  That night, they consumed their love, but the next morning, they realized they should not have done it; and decided to not do it again, whatever there feeling about each other.
Now, things in William’s life have changed.  Amy recently graduated from the academy to become a bridge officer and is awaiting her assignment.  Most of his brothers and sisters are still in school, but they are mostly in a good way… the only dark spot on the family photo is his brother Jonathan, who last year had been accused of illegally passing things, due to his position of spaceport transport unloading supervisor.  His brother Jonathan is now wanted with accusation of being involved in illegal traffic (drugs, illegal weaponry and technology, some say genetic materials too).  No one in the family know if it's true or not, and the views differ from one family member to another.  Being so close to his family and trying so hard to merit what he got, or what he wanted, this incident was hard to swallow; and William still has a solid resentment against him.
Now a full member of the Wildcards squadron, Wolfie pilot a RVF-171 in combat to protect the sector from any menace.

Savings: ¥70,000
Wage: ¥240,000/month

Accommodation: small 1 bedroom in high-rise in the Megaroad-01; & small bachelor suite in ship
Transportation: Old car that needs frequent maintenance.

Personal items

ID/Security Badge, 2 to 4 Work/Camouflage Uniforms (DPM Uniforms with 1 x Kevlar Vest & 1 x Kevlar Helmet), 2 Dress Uniforms, 1 Mess Uniform, First Aid Kit: 5 uses, and CSW (Combat Survival Waistcoat): Rescue Radio/Emergency Locater Beacon (Encrypted), Compass/Hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) or universal direction finder, Small packet of water (1 pint), 2 Signal Flares, Pocket Flashlight, Combat/Survival Knife.

Access to:
Variable Craft, Armoured Flight-suit, H&K PD8 Semi-Automatic Pistol, EX-Gear
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