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The Latest Macross Information (AKA: Scoop!)

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The Latest Macross Information (AKA: Scoop!)

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Post by Tochiro @ MW:

--- Quote ---The latest issue of Newtype Ace [2012 Vol. 09] hit bookstores today.

It contains another 'Document of Macross' booklet - this time its the 'Birth of Macross' and seems to have mostly a lot of the stuff that was shown at the MACROSS: THE DESIGN exhibition and Shibuya Parco.

As for Newtype Ace itself, there's a new Playback in Divas (Sheryl), small reports on the anniversary events from Golden Week (with pics of Kawamori and Tenjin), a double page spread on the DYRL BD box (some of the remastered colour looks considerably different), news on latest merch and, most importantly, the return of Macross The First in a BIG way - 30 pages of content this time around!!!! (compared the the anemic 8 pages we got last issue).
--- End quote ---

Dengeki Hobby July 2012 is out.  Macross content roundup:

Macross the Ride "Konkuuruderegannsu contest" winners.  Some of the designs are really sweet.  I'm drooling at the modelling abilities of the entrant who converted a VF-19A to a VF-19F.

Macross the Forefront: Macross: The Design @ Parco, 1:1 scale VF-25 exhibit, SDFM/DYRL remaster BD releases, etc..

Yamato VF-4: they've finished the transformation mechanism in the central fuselage.  First publicly released image of the CAD for battroid mode.  It's proportions look slightly different, but that's mostly due to the removal of the anime magic in Kawamori's original art.

DX Chougoukin VF-171EX.  Awesome. + some blurb about the VF-25G renewal version planned for fall.  Apparently there's going to be more news on that next issue.

And just in case you've missed it:

Picked up Newtype Ace 2012 Vol. 10 today (yeah... it was like "yowzahs! 3 days early!")

The MF tote bag is pretty nice. Though a bit small. It looks pretty solid.

Documents of Macross No.003: SDFM: the complete explanation.
Glancing at it - looks to be the next step in the development process after No.003. This time, we get Kawamori's and Mikimoto's image storeboards (and what looks like an early version of the Monster in an illo I've never seen before!) The back half is an interview with Mikimoto and Itano.
No. 004 is apparently going to be: DYRL: the complete explanation.

NA Vol 10:

Minmei and Sheryl on da cover! (Sheryl's bust revealing top isn't a surprise, but the heart shaped bust revealing cutout on Minmei's IS! Yow'zas.

Playback in Divas: Ishtar

Macross News:
- 30th anniversary events (1/1 VF-25. Coming soon to Nagoya. It'll appear in Osaka in the fall.)
- August: Macross 30th anniversary "Za Macross" genga exhibition
- October: Macross the Musical
- Macross 7 Project: 1) BR release, 2) Firebomber concert, 3) "Macross FB7" (tentative) advancing
- Haruhiko Mikomoto Artworks "Girl's Scenery". New publication. on sale NOW. ?3,150
- DYRL Hybrid pack:
- Games: PS1 SDFM:DYRL available for DL w/ the DL code included in the hybrid pack
- Games: new PS3 game: "My Boyfriend's a Pilot 2012"

Macross Goods express:
- DX Chougoukin VF-171EX
- VF-1A "Angel Birds"

Macross the First Vol 4 release: 2012.06.09

Macross the First: Laplamis and Miria! Though... it's only 16 pages. >.<

Macross Fortissimo (AKA Macross FF): just glanced at it. Not sure what to make of it. First few pages are Ranka and Sheryl in their underwear. Followed by a recap of the first arc of MF (Aruto joining SMS.) As Sheryl and Ranka are on stage singing together later in the story... really not sure where it fits into the timeline.

Great Mechanics.DX 21 is out:

Macross content is limited to a pair of interviews:
"Testimony 1" Hiroshi Oonogi
"Testimony 2" Masahiro Chiba

Otherwise, the magazine is well worth picking up. Lots of beautiful colour pictures of Yamato 2199, Gundam Unicorn Eps 5, Starship Troopers Invasion (I like the chainsaw they added to the Marauder Mk.II, next to the tri-barrel Gatling gun, of course), and so on.

Dengeki Hobby August 2012

Macross content has virtually disappeared.  T.T

Hasegawa eggplane series is expanding with two MtR themed units:
- Eggplane VF-1A/J Valkyrie Double Plus version (tentative)
- Eggplane YF-19 Nothung version (tentative)
Both SRP ?1,500

Macross the Forefront:
DX Chougoukin: VF-171EX, VF-25G Renewal Messiah, VF-171EX Armour Parts (due in December)
Yamato: VF-4G, VF-17D Super Pack, VF-19F
Hasegawa: VF-1A Angel Birds, VF-19A SVF-569 Lightnings
Metal Box: VF-1S Super Battroid Valkyrie (SD, of course)
Bandai Hobby: 1/100 Armoured Factory
... and the SDFM and DYRL BR releases.

And tucked into the last corner:
All night showings of the 3 Macross movies (DYRL & the 2 MF ones): July 6, 7 and 13. 23:30 to 05:45 @ Shinjuku Baruto 9. Tickets, etc. on the 30th anniversary home page.

... and a special documentary "from the birth of Macross to DYRL" on Tokyo MX, July 8, 20:00 to 21:00.

"Macross Super Dimensional Seminar" is now airing on Tokyo MX.

From MacrossWorld's SCOOPUDA!:

--- Quote ---Tokyo MX began its weekly broadcast of the "Macross Super Dimensional Seminar", a special series developed as part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations, educating younger generations introduced to Macross through "Macross Frontier" about the roots of the franchise.

The first instalment covered episodes 1 and 2 of the original "Super Dimension Fortress Macross" TV series, with heavily-edited versions of both packed into a single half-hour.  Unfortunately, unlike some other recent television anime reruns like "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water", the footage used did not look like it was the new HD remaster -- you need to get the Blu-ray for that.

The show is "hosted" by Sheryl Nome, who acts as your history lecturer and points out similarities with scenes "you may remember" from "Macross Frontier", such as the VF-1D mid-air catch scene.

There may be precious little content for hardcore fans, but for Macross newbies, this is a must-see!

Next week: Episodes 6 and 9: "Daedalus Attack" and "Miss Macross".
--- End quote ---

Macross the First #4 is out.

Collects all the chapters that have appeared in Newtype Ace (except for the most recent one), including the flashback of Minmei and her photographer classmate prior to the space launch.

The special files this time are:
character designs for: Hayase Misa, Vanessa Layard, Shammy Miriom, Kim Kyabirov, Bruno J. Global, Claudia Lasalle, and Jina Bartlow (the hot scientist).
Mechanic file: Armoured Valkyrie, ES-110 Cats Eye, VF-1 Valkyrie, QE-3000 Ghost, ARMD 1, and Lancer II.
Column: the inclusion of energy conversion armour w/ a nice picture of an Armoured Valkyrie.


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