Author Topic: Steel Valkyries Game, Setting, & Joining Info (updated 2020.07.26)  (Read 1997 times)

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    Welcome to the Steel Valkyries.
Game homepage: Steal Valkyries PBP RPG Game Setting and Info

The game homepage contains:
  • Character sheets - with experience improvements, etc. updated  2020.07.14
  • Loadout and status - vehicle/equipment/PC quick reference sheet. updated  2020.07.26
  • Setting information:
    • Characters (PCs, NPCs)
    • Basic Setting (w/ Background Info, & Locations)
    • Game Setting Images
    • Agencies
    • Corporations
    • Game Timeline
    • Surplus Military Goods
    • Private Military Companies's active in the sector
    • Technology Abilities, Fold Speeds/Travel Times
    • Game Archives

Important Links (or This game uses...)

I'm aiming to make a GM post at least once a week.  Right now, it looks like it's Sunday, JST.
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Re: Steel Valkyries Game & Setting Info
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2016, 02:00:47 AM »
I like to have character interaction in my games.  Prospective players are expected to be able to play off of the details provided by other players and the GM.
If I am unfamiliar with your work, I may ask for a referral, a short familiarization side game, or both.

There are also certain obligations and restrictions attributed to playing in the game:
  • the player agrees to the joining terms (see below, this post)
  • the player promises to post at least once once a week
  • new players may have to wait for a suitable time in the story to join with the main group (your character will, of course, be engaged in a side mission while waiting)

Number of players: around 8.

Joining Instructions
Apply by PM (to me) or make a new post in the Joining Board.  In your PM or post, provide a one (1) sentence character proposal.*  If I'm unfamiliar with you, you may be asked to provide links to your PBP experiences.

* Why the 1 sentence/paragraph proposal?  To save both of us time and energy.  9 out of 10 times the proposals will be accepted.  However, there is that 1 time in 10 when the proposal doesn't fit with the game and needs to be tweaked.

Refer to the Creation Notes (next post in this topic) for further details on character creation.

JOINING TERMS updated 2017.09.17
By agreeing to play and posting in character in my games, you (the player) agree to abide by the terms of the game and by the following simple policies:

  • The player will not violate the MRG's terms of agreement and policies of use.
  • When the GM makes a post, it is final.  Baring exceptional circumstances, arguing over it may prove to be futile.
  • Submissions for changes in the rules (the Palladium Books RPG engine, and the house rules of the game), interpretations of the rules, and weaponry load-outs of either the characters or their vehicles are allowed and acceptable for discussion.  However, the discussion must occur in an OOC topic, and the outcome of any discussion will not come into effect until the current combat/mission has concluded.
  • OOC statements longer then one (1) sentence must always be made in the appropriate OOC thread.
  • Acceptance that though the events occurring in the game may be a part of the larger Group Campaign and/or the MRG and MRC universes, that they, the house rules, and the terms of the game are limited to this game.
  • If a player leaves the game, I reserve the right to write out their character in a manner that fits with the current story line.  I will, however, try to respect the wishes of the player.
  • Anything said in character or done during the game does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the GM, but if there is something that is not to your liking, contact the GM immediately.
  • The tone of the game is intended to be PG - like how violence and adult topics are presented in Star Wars.  You may be asked to tone down (= rewrite) any content that goes beyond the PG guideline.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the OOC board.
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Re: Steel Valkyries Game, Setting, & Joining Info (2019.08.20 ver.)
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2019, 09:53:41 AM »
Character sheet and creation notes:
Use the Palladium column in these character creation instructions.

  • also include an Alignment (as per standard Palladium rules)
  • before rolling attributes, choose your character archetype
Creation Notes:
You have a choice of either creating the PC's game mechanics using the indicated rules, OR requesting that the game mechanics be pre-made for you [or semi-pre-made - all the skills you need to play are included, with room for some customization by you].

They are being interpreted as vague and only loosely defined (with some exceptions.)  If there are any skills you feel your character must have that's not in the master list, create it using Lore: (skill name).

The job description for the Steel Valkyries PMC includes being able to:

  • pilot Valkyries
  • speak Zentrādi
  • pilot Zentrādi Mobile Weapons and/or have mechanical/repair abilities
Experience and local knowledge is preferable, but not necessary. Only honourable soldiers of fortune need apply.

Following is being saved for later editing (ignore for the time being):

Savings: ¥1D10x10,000.
Wage: ¥ (based on rank)

ID/Security Badge, 2 to 4 Work/Camouflage Uniforms (DPM Uniforms with 1 x Kevlar Vest & 1 x Kevlar Helmet), 2 Dress Uniforms, 1 Mess Uniform, First Aid Kit: 5 uses

CSW (Combat Survival Waistcoat): Rescue Radio/Emergency Locator Beacon (Encrypted), universal direction finder, Small packet of water (1 pint), 2 Signal Flares, Pocket Flashlight, Combat/Survival Knife.

Variable Craft, Armoured Flightsuit, Semi-Automatic Pistol, Flotation Vest (UN Navy VF pilots only).
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Re: Steel Valkyries Game, Setting, & Joining Info (2019.08.20 ver.)
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2019, 09:54:49 AM »
Sample Character
Note: game mechanics only.

Character's Name: Drakenstein van de Merwe
Occupation: mercenary
Rank: junior partner (2nd Lieutenant equivalent)

Attributes: (archetype: general endurance)
IQ: 10
ME: 20
MA: 11
PS: 13
PP: 11
PE: 26
PB: 15
Spd: 21

Derived Attributes
Luck = 11
Base Loyalty 55%
Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 125%

Derived Attribute-like Skills
Charm/Impress/Seduction 32%
Get Noticed 82%
Perception 67%
Sense of Balance 18%
Trust/Intimidate/Leadership 12%

HP: 38
SDC: 47

Non-combat focus
Level equivalent: (optional. To be filled by a GM)
Education Class: college

Base Skills
Math 73%
Computer Operation 71%
Language: English 111%
Language: Zentraadi 78%
Language: Afrikaans 63%
Hand to Hand: None 43%

Skill Programs - UN Spacy Basic
Climbing 63%
Running 63%
Zero Gravity Movement 63%
WP Pistol 43%

Security MOS
Prowl 43%
Pilot Wheeled Vehicle 43%
WP: Rifle 43%
Hand to Hand: Expert 43%

Variable Fighter Pilot MOS
Radio 63%
Pilot Aircraft 43%
Pilot Variable Fighter 46%
Mecha Combat: VF-1, VF-171 43%
Navigation 63%
Read Sensory Instruments 63%
Weapon Systems 43%
Pilot Power Armour 43%
Mecha Combat: EX Gear 43%

Mechanical Skill Program
Basic Electronics 63%
Mechanical Engineer 63%
Over Technology (mecha) Mechanics 63%
Aircraft Mechanics 63%

Play Musical Instrument 57%
Gambling 57%
Streetwise 57%
First Aid 57%
Athletics 37%
Pilot Boat 37%
Wilderness Survival 57%
WP Knife 37% ROF = 3

Additional Skills

Combat Bonuses:
2 actions

Mecha Combat Bonuses:
VF-1/171: 5 actions, Booster Punch 1 action
Others: 4 actions